Local Customs and Culture

In general, the Qatari Inhabitants are of Arabic origin and the culture is very much based on Islamic tradition. Islam is the dominant influence on day-to-day life. This rich cultural tradition is present in what they wear, eat and drink. Qataris are known for their generosity and friendliness, thus making Qatar a very welcoming country.

Traditional dress is evident throughout Qatar with the men wearing a long flowing white garment called the dishdha or thobe with a headdress called the gutra. Women in public where the black Abaya, a long loose black robe which covers the clothes worn underneath. Some women wear a thin black veil over the face, while some a burka, which sometimes can cover the cheek, bones and leave only the eyes open.

Pork is outlawed in Qatar and cannot be found anywhere- it is also illegal to bring it into the country. Muslims are forbidden to eat any meat that is not slaughtered in accordance to the Islamic code; this is referred to as halaal. Consumption of alcohol is frowned upon by Qataris.