HMC accomdation info

Need some info for a friend . Will a female on 110 grade get a single furnished accommodation when working for HMC.
Thanks in advance



If she is single and local hire then there is no accommodation and no allowance. While For overseas single female will be provided with a furnished room (with attached bath in a flat of 3-4 bed rooms) in girl's hostel which could be in medical city. Single females are not allowed to stay outside of girls' hostel. If she is married then she can get a flat of 2-3 bed rooms depending on her family members or she can get 5000 QR as accommodation allowance.


Thanks, She is overseas hire and the offer letter specifies accommodation not allowance. She is married but her husband will be joining her later.


I think grade 112 employees can only get the single furnished accommodation (for bachelors).. But if she is married and her husband will join her soon, I think she can apply for a family accommodation.. If she will get the HMC family accommodation, she will be given a flat (not furnished) and will be given a 45,000 QAR furniture allowance, provided she will sign a 4 year contract.. if she will not get the HMC family accommodation, she will be given a 5,000 QAR housing allowance.


Thanks for the info Faiz-ur-Rahman & ec0o0. Much appreciated.
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