Job offer in Ras Gas

I have been offered a job at RasGas and was told that I would be in Grade 4.

I would like to know the following:

1. What's the pay difference between RasGas, QatarGas and Qatar Petroleumn ?? Seems to be there is quite significant differences in Pay.
2. I have been offer a basic of QAR16000. After the transportation and allowance and bonus, my take home per month is QAR 21000/mth. Is this good or are there room for negotiation ? What's the max salary for a Grade 4 ??
3. Is it true that Rasgas will only pay for standard children education and I will pay the differences ?? As I stay in Doha, I was told I need to find my own school for the kids. I believe different schools will have different tuition fees.
4. I will be living in Doha. How long is the travelling time to Ras Laffan ??
5. Is living cost of QAR4000/month sufficient ??
6. Accomodation is provided. Is the utilities paid by Rasgas as well ??

I am only given a few days to consider on this offer. Would appreciate it if someone can provide insights to my question. Thanks.

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