QP Offer and Site Interview --- is it a good one?

Hi Everybody;


I just got an invitation for a site interview from Qatar Petroleum for a Senior Systems Engineer Grade 15 after I've done a phone interview. I was offered a base salary + Car + Accommodation. I'm not married but Engaged and will be getting married soon and would like to ask you guys if they would treat me as a married package or as a single package? Also, my contract is one year renewable per management approval. I work in the states now but would like to relocate to the Gulf area. Do you guys think this offer is a good one ... my only concern is leaving my permenant job here in the states and go there for a one year contract and after a year they will terminate the contract and I have to begin looking for a new job again (Frustrating)... any ideas? Also, do u think there will be a room for negotiation for the Allowances with QP? I'd rather live in the company's accommodation appartments instead of getting the Housing Allowance since its not worth it to buy furniture and then they terminate the contract after one year ... I will be interviewing for 2 days? Can someone tell me please what goes on during the 2 days other than meeting the team, HR, and medical? .... I would appreciate a feed back from you guys ...

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