Sightseeing and Tourist attractions

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Places of interest in Qatar...there has to be something to do here!

The top 3 spots that we recommend everyone visit in Qatar:

  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • Souq Waqif
  • Katara Cultural Village

In addition to that, there are many shopping malls, parks, art galleries and museums. You can find more information on all of them in the Wiki section. 

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  2. PSG Handball Tour of Qatar

    In training in Doha since July 28, Paris Saint-Germain players took a delightful break to discover Qatari gastronomy and culture during tourist activities organized by the Qatar Tourism Authority, host of the Qatar Handball Tour. 

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    Please advice.

  4. Glowing plankton at Inland Sea

    This weekend we went camping at the Inland Sea - at around 11pm we saw something amazing in the water - when you put your hands in, the plankton start glowing in the dark!

    We went in the water to swim and it was even more amazing - all around your body you see the glowing.

  5. WeekEnD PhoTo WalK

    Beautiful morning to all.Am hobbyist photographer and wish to go for a trawl in downtown from corniche. Any one like to join is welcome .Drop me msg in Facebook.\Funkwaves
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    Dear All,


    Which is the best place in Qatar to enjoy the week end along with the family...i should have to prepare the food from the location itself. please share your informtion....

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