Best Beach in Qatar?

Where is the best beach in Qatar? Maybe a silent and romantic bay? Where to go for it?


inland sea ... cant say anywhere else better than that. Then again just my opinion. I think Darude been to most beaches in Qatar.

it most probably is the area btwn umaab and dukhan or far in dunes some where umsaeed and khor udied


Pleeeeaaaseee where to go?Tell meeeeeeeeeeee!

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Its between umsaeed and khor udied



Big hug.

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spirituality.Every day is a new day.A new life.

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my ear drums are weak go hmm go take shower :D


I'll let you guys know once I'm back :p

I'm gonna plan a HUUUGE BBQ party on a beach. Might invite people from QL too :)


I Love Qatar -

The best beach is North Eastern part of Qatar. Unfortunately don't know the name of that area. You turn right just before arriving Madinal Shamal.

"Where is the best beach in Qatar? Maybe a silent and romantic bay? Where to go for it?"

----I have seen some nice beaches here, but none of them is good to "go for it"----


If you're looking for a problem, you're probably gonna find one.

Try Dukhan beach, last friday I was bored to death so I drove to there from Doha all by myself, sat on the beach beside a dead fish, and there was a couple making out near me...and that was it the four of us and the sea....sounds romantic, right? :D

did you treat the fish well though ????

do you need a 4x4 to get there? what about the majority of beaches, are they accessible by car?


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yeah Zyga we had a great time :(((((

no withnail you dont need a 4X4 you just keep on driving in a straight line from doha and you will be there, very simple, I also found the beach ok, (inspite of the fact that my only company was a a dead fish :((()

something sounds fishy ...............

sorry bad sense of humour day..............i blame the weather...

Dont know about the best beach but I go to the Wakrah beach every midnight and sit there and feel the cool ocean breeze, the smell of the rotting fish nearby,

see the people driving by and flashing their cars, hear the waves striking the shore, gaze at the twinkling stars and feel like a king (make sure to turn off your cellphone)

you will see the whole QL gathered at the dukhan beach this friday waiting to see the...............

:D lol, if only the dead fish knew how famous will it become....

I go every weekend to Al-Khoor beach it is fantaaaaaaaastic by all the mens of the word.

i recommend to go their.


couple of years back the russian troupe came to doha. it was probably the month of november and was still sunny and shiny not like russia. So they went to the beach next to the old Doha Club and were sunbathing (by wearing bikinis and shorts). It was friday and someone saw them there and called all his friends. Within no time there were like 1000 people all around their beach chairs and watching them with hungry eyes and open mouths with dripping saliva. The police had to be called in and they took the the performers to a safe location.

This was narrated by one of my friends to me.

darude, since u seem to know the surroundings pretty well.. i'm into climbing. any idea if there are any cliffs or rocky coastal areas which are accessible just overlooking the sea? even if they are 4-5metres high, its enough for me..just as long as if i fall off i land in the sea :) anyone who has any information please let me on flat land is going to be a bit of a challenge for me! thanks! K


Wouldn't have a clue!!!!! Maybe when i get there i'll be able to tell you.

I found this beach a few weeks ago and it is the best place I have been in Qatar. The beach is surrounded by rocks that jut out over the water on one side and when the tide is low it is the perfect place for a romantic picnic. The water is clear and is shallow for a few meters out. The beach is clean and the best thing is that there is never anyone out there. The first time I went there was a middle adged couple and that was it. The other two times we were the only ones there. It was nice b/c like someone else's not fun to go to beaches where the guys stared you down like a piece of meat. This beach is great. Here are the directions (I got them from teh Marhaba information guide and they worked for me)

"Using Landmark Mall as a starting point, take Al Shamal (north) road, past Al Khor turn off and continue for a further 44 km. Take a right turn at the Fuwairit sign, along a surfaced road towards a small village (the road has tons of pot holes so be careful) As you reach the outskirts of the town, turn left onto a rough track running parallel with the coast. Drive for approximately 1.5 km along the small dune edging the beach."

You will be able to take your car out to the beach but you won't be able to get that close. You will have to climb up over the rocks and then over to the beach. If you take a 4WD vehicle, you can get right up to the beach.

Hope someone takes my advice and visits this place b/c it is so beautiful.

saw ur post on the beach. souds cool....any idea what time od day the tide would be low or does it change frequently and how much can you swim offshore without it getting 2 deep or rough? ps am not a great swimmer lol

The first time I went there was around 9 or 10 a.m. and the tide was low. You can go out pretty far without it getting deep at all. I felt like I was going and going and it was still only to my waist (I'm 5'4). The water got more rough the farther I went out but it wasn't too bad. Also the water is VERY salty so it help keep you afloat big time. Still I brought an inner tube with me and just floated on that mostly. The next time I went was at 4 a.m. and the tide was up far onto the beach and rocks so waiting until a bit later is better. I went a third time around 11 a.m and the tide was a bit higher than the first time I went so I guess it changes a lot. Ok, after I wrote all that down it seems as though my times were not much help. I guess go around 8 a.m. Bring a floaty and you should be fine. ;)

from Doha is even better than Fuwairit(which has the most horrible access road to the sea, with potholes which would wreck your car). It is next to that ugly Motel/Hotel type structure by the water. No 4x4 needed. You continue on the exit road at Al-Ghariya up to an old pier, and right to it there is this big bay with sandy bottoms, with turquoise clean waters. By the way, all east coast beaches from Ras Laffan to Sealine and lower, are to be avoided, because the water is murky and dirty from oil and gas tanker boat traffic.

However like Alexa said, there are no trash-free, romantic beaches in Qatar. This is not Greece nor the Carribean. You have to live with the plastic trash bags and empty bottles of the people who were there before you. It is an absolute shame!

West coast waters are also clean. The best sheltered place would be QP's Beach Club at Dukhan, if you can get invited by a member.

guys how long does it take to drive from doha to fuwairit? and if i do go alone and have a breakdown, does enough traffic pass to ensure some sort of recovery or will i be royally done? appreciate comments. K


ok will do. looks like a potential good climbing spot.. will need to check it out. thanks

I heard frm someone in my office grapevine. Was wondering if there's one?

The only constant in this world is change

This was called plage 44. It means 44 kms north from the exchange to khor on the old north road.


Can't find it in Google Earth.

Ok i'll do more research on it. Thnx Aisha!

The only constant in this world is change

It means you turn off the north road, 44 kms after the Khor exchange and then drive towards the water. There was a small village, contour that and you will get to the beach. It has been around 10years since I was there last, things can have changed....


I wanna find out more about this French beach, and someone should document all these beaches with good directions and pictures, it's time for Qatar to imporve it's beaches.


For your info on the French beach and in Al Udied are spots where you can find cockles (vongole) for a good spaghetti dinner!. Fun to do with the kids. They are just under the sand. However if you use them for the spaghetti, you need to put them soaking in water untill they have spat out the sand, (rinse several times). If you do them on the BBQ, no need as they will spit out the sand while cooking. Bon Appetit.


Are you serious?! You wanna know where the best beach in Qatar is? I'm sorry...there is no best beach. You find a shore, you go to it, you sit there. If there's rubbish laying around, you pick it up before you sit down. In all honesty, you'd be better off going to the Corniche.

Are you still residing in Qatar?

I believe Umm Baab beach is one of the finest.Quiet..romantic..away from crowds.

You have to go for yourself and tell me I am right


Alghariyah...hands down, don't know about the swim there, it appears deep.

Swim id reccomend Dukhan


....visited the Fuwairit Beach (Shamal Road...just before Al-Ghariyah) last Friday.....really loved it.....not too much crowded...No Land Cruisers...Kite Surfing....Sailing....Swimming and much more fun. Must go there yourself to experience....highly recommended.

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ssplash, I took the kids camping there when they were small back in the early 90s and it was lovely. It had palm trees growing on sandy mounds with hard flat areas between. The shore is shallow sloping limestone, with rock pools and suchlike, good for kids to poke around in but no good for swimming in the bit where we were. One of the children found a knapped flint stone-age scraper there, I don't know what happened to it.

Whether it is still as it was, I don't know. Quite a lot of people went there even back in '92, but you could still find a quiet spot shielded by a tree.

i have small boat, so i can invite u to come with me to quite place away under people eyes.

i hope u agree

any beach for bikini babe

silkversion....are you the babe? or you want to see the babe in bikini?

@DaRuDe...the beach between umsaeed and khor is Al Wakrah beach... but its not good for swimming.

2nd best beach I've seen in Qatar is Al Ghariah beach near a resort.

i would go for fuwairit beach anytime...

Besides having a exciting ride on the desert safari... they have a good beach along their camp...

We have been to MTC Al Mazaya Camp. they have a very good beach wow!

where is it in Qatar?

Plz give some informations about that beach...

Fuwairit is also known as Al-Ghariah...

i'm sorry amigoz...

there is no best beach, we should be lucky to even find a decent beach here, let alone finding the best one. if u want to find the best beach go to dubai, bahrain or lebanon and egypt. you will not be disappointed.

there u will find the real beauty of beaches of the middle east and a truly good experience. in qatar u might not even find resources nearby to any beach.

Any body has any idea of Qatara Beach resort how mch they are charging per person for a day

Fuwairit Beach is the best.

hi there how are you guys atlast after a month in this new town i can find some place where i can chat with people who live here....................fellows, tell me how u guys pass time here....................i m soooooooooooooooo much looking for people to be friends and hangout with..............professionally i am an engineer doing job that is hell so need to enjoy atleast my week end...........what about rest of you guys??

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