Boat charter advice

Can anyone recommend a good place to hire a boat with a skipper, to take 4 of us to Al Safliya island (near The Pearl development) for half a day?

Thanks in advance.


  there is a user here on QL if you send him email that might work. pmali or pmmali. he has some boats parked in ritz and IC. he might be of some help.    [img_assist|nid=73057|title=.|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]
Thanks Da. I'll give him a try. Any other suggestions anyone?
intercon or dip club have a boat for hire.  Otherwise you can buy mine, i'm fed up with it
InterCon want QR 2500, which seems a bit steep! The guy associated with the Sheraton (Bassel) wants QR 1000, which is better but still a lot for such a short trip. I'll try the Diplomatic Club. Unfortenately I can't skipper a boat, otherwise I'd have yours!
Mmmm.... Diplomatic Club is far more reasonable at QR 250, but it's members only on Saturdays, which is when we want it.
I read something in the Mahaba book the other day about boat trips to the island. Might be worth a look. 
Are you serious about selling your boat? Were looking for one!
My two sources of information in Qatar - QL and Marhaba! (though lots of stuff is wrong and out-of-date in Marhaba)
Just to let you know, the Diplomatic Club phoned back and said they'd take our booking for Saturday even though we're not members. For QR 250 he'll drop us at the island and pick us up when we need to leave, which is just what we want. Thank you everyone for all your help.
Call Capt. Abdul 55111684 or his charge is 500 Qr per trip to the island for 8 hrs or more including the cold drinks,mineral water, chairs(boat included with WC and shower) (check the price list with him, that was three months back) regards,
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