Can women enjoy public beaches?


been driving around yesterday and saw a few very nice beaches. But as hardly anyone was in the water, and there were hardly any women on the beaches I wonder if I can go swimming here or if it's something I should rather not do.

I'm not talking about beach clubs where I have to pay an entrance fee but just nice stretches of coast with no houses nearby. What is common practice here? And if I can go swimming what swimming clothes are appropriate for women? Bikini? Bathing suit? Shorts and tshirt? Btw, the same question for a diving course as well.

Earlier this week we did find a very nice and completely empty beach where we took a quick swim. Another time we were just about to get changed when a local couple turned up and we decided to drive on.

Thanks for your advice.


u could swim in wakra beach or measied one to swim.........better wear t-shirt & shorts....i hv seen countless women swim..

You can swim if modestly dressed but don't wear a bikini or you'll get stoned to death..... of course I am joking but certain self righteous people will come on QL and bemoan the fall of civilisation and that you must be a prostitute.

but by yourself, unfortunately, only beach clubs or hotels would accord you that privacy you want. Shorts and t-shirts would do- even if you're not used to it. You know the culture here. Diving lessons are done by 5-star hotels mostly. But quiet expensive. Just wonderin though why they stopped that public resort on that island by the bay. We used to swim there. 15 riyals for the roundtrip Dow, and they have restos in the resort for your food, but we try to sneak in our own food, which were not allowed. hehe


"No one is in charge of your happiness except you"

you can swim in decent (full dress) any where in Qatar. but in bikni, u can go to far places where u do not find any one especially locals. I have been to Zakhira Beach and i saw several girls were swimming in bikni.

Bikni is not permitted in Qatar so u have to be careful until nobody see u especially locals.

Can I swim? Of course you can.. only if you know swimming.

went to mesaieed and to al khor during the holidays.. a lot of trash already. yes you can swim if you dare but theres no shower room. Better to just pay entrance at sealine beach resort.

Thanks for your answers. I'd rather not go to resorts as they are... you know... resorts. I don't care about shower rooms and bars, and there's generally less to see under water, be it a lonesome fish, bit of coral or some weathered rocks and instead lots of noise. We both don't like spending a whole day at a beach but rather go for a quick swim after having toured the desert.

Need to think about what to do I guess. Will only use my bikini at my compound pool though.

It's best to stick to private resorts such as hotels and Sealine. If nobody complains, you will be stared at by Indian men, the type that can rotate their necks through 360 degrees.

poolplan, Is it only Indian men?

hmm poolplan i cant rotate my neck 360 degrees

nomansland you can. poolplan has a first hand experience with this.

hmmmm may be i will try tomorrow night

especialy when i can enjoy with here

abomaid where ur going to enjoy

If nobody around you can try without dress..But as a common practice here better to have an abaya...

Don't listen to any of these people. I go to the public beaches all the time in my bikini. Nobodies ever said a thing or appeared to even give a crap. General rule of thumb in Qatar is not to listen to what people on QL advise you to do, frankly given some of this advice I wonder if any of the responders have ever actually BEEN to a beach in Qatar.

I saw many ladies in bikinis in I guess its OK.


Gypsy is right.. I often wear my thong to the beach. No one bothers me ..

Just let me know which beach you are goint to ..

even men go to beach in bikinis :D

General rule of thumb in Qatar is not to listen to what people on QL advise you to do. So don't listen to what Gypsy says and don't listen to what the others say.

So the conclusion is:

Do not wear Abaya to beaches

Do not wear T-shirt and shorts.

Do not wear Bikini.

So I would advise you to go naked!

But follow the thumbrule and do not listen to me too!

Day time at Wakra beach was beautiful for me and my family. Bikini, laughter and lots of sun.

However, stay away at nights!!!! Full of "certain" people who don't give a s**t about what they do. ie Spit, rubbish and completely take over the beach!!!

You're right edifis, she shouldn't listen to me. She should go to the beaches herself, see for herself and see how she feels comfortable.

Gypsy ur fav beach ? :)

Pajju have u got that disease called neckturnomania.

just avoid a very crowdy part of the beach...and just to be on the safe side, not in a bikini. because even if you were in a shorts and shirt, guys will definitely stare. and even snap a picture of you which is really annoying! grrrrrr!

edifis u know onethin .. when i was in nude beach n ibiza .. some gals came and told me to be nude .. i told them no sorry i cannot .. :) after they askd me r u indian ? i said yes .. then ok u enjoy us :P

I like the Inland Sea. But there's a nice one up near Al Khor as well.

So if you don't wanna be photographed too much,wear a bikini.

edifis i am really drunk :) and enjoin rain and thunder :)

Look, it is impossible for you

the Only solution you got


bring 1 kilo of salt


fill your bathtub


put the salt inside the bathtub


bring a heater


put your sun glasses


get inside the bathtub

step7 :

Close your eyes and imagine that it is the beach

we recommend the following to bring the reality to your enjoyment :

1-put some see fish 2 to 5 in the bathtub

2-get a poster of a beach and put it in front of you

3- bring some sands and fill the bathroom .

4-try to get some real sound of people playing in the beach "you can get for free from the internet"

Have fun ;)

sunflowergirl you better drop the idea of going to the beach. Take shower home and wear whatever you like.


LOL! Good try, pal. This turned into a rather funny thread. Will see what to do I guess. Empty beaches enough, and different types of swimming wear available as well. Anyway, resorts are out. I don't see myself paying entrace for some 30 minutes of swimming, and then driving on again. Tanning on the beach? With these temperatures? Some people must be crazy!

Oh, and btw guys: Please stop sending me invites. I am married. Happily :D

but exclusively for members only. Dress code: 3-parts suit: hat, pair of sunglasses, and flipflops. :)


"No one is in charge of your happiness except you"

Pajju, Can you turn your head 360 degrees. Oh I forgot Indians have this ECNR stamp on their passport, which exempts them from having to undress in a nude beach!

Last report in the newspapers about girls wearing bikinis....

Can women enjoy public beaches?

of course! I just did! just wear shorts t-shirt and your flipflops thats it...

'don't mind the'll get used to it!!..

"There is no need to be further hurt by the unpleasant event after it is over."

double post! 'sorry!

"There is no need to be further hurt by the unpleasant event after it is over."

Double post indicites that you were not saying the truth sammyblue.

so what!

"There is no need to be further hurt by the unpleasant event after it is over."

you ask if people can enjoy the beach? some say no, some say yes.. Id say dont ask around, just stay home. duh!!

So you are nice girl sammy

sterday i saw DUKHAN beach was empty by 8p.m no one was there except both of was good weather with cool breeze i enjoyed sitting on the beach for one the time and place like this to go for a quick bath but not for swim should b very careful...pyjama and t.shirt is good and comfortable for swim...don't bother about stares...we live for our happiness...but decently.t.shirt shouldn't b low necked...


OMG, now I have the picture of a sexy blond in my head, wearing baggy pajamas with a teddy bear on the top O_o

just i was kidding.... u wear what u wish ..if u expect from others u get all free advise of no use.our mind will accept what it wish....

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