Germany visa requirements

Hi all,

I am planning a trip to Germany for a week in August '12 to visit a dear friend.
I am an indian passport holder holding an Engineer's work permit (Resident permit)
I got the visa application form and other details online.
One of the basic requirement is a 06 month salary statement...i do have a bank account, but our company pays its employees in cash except for the very top management.

My company is wlling to give me the usual NOC/guarantee letter or any other related documents addressed to the German Embassy to facilitate my visa, i also have an invitation from my friend attested by the concerned authorities in Germany, apart from the reservations.
I am yet to approach the embassy...

My question is, will it be a problem in getting the visa since i do not have a bank salary transfer. My company can provide them with the salary details and can also attach 06 mnonths pay slip as proof.
How long does it take to get the Visa? Since i am planning my trip in August, i am not in a hurry.
Genuine advice is appreciated.


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