Does anyone have any experience at any massage parlour in Doha ? Where's the best place for gent's massage and what's the range

of the price like ? Massage for men are all done by men ? I've seen mushrooming number of Gents Saloons in they normally

offer massage service or just hair cut ?


I think SALOONS usually, if they are of the 1950s barber look they offer a head massage, shave and haircut for 15-20 qr, albeit I have never had the full tratment myself so cant advise which one; there are so many anyway.

What is the deal with them calling them SALOON. Did they think a SALON is for women and since they had seen (Western) films {i.e. cowboy ones) with men going into SALOONS that is the male name equivelant??? and everyone else has followed suit since.

Nice man saloon, pretty saloon, and my favourite BOEUTY (something like that) SALOON; the last one would be a good name for a strpiclub cum nightclub.

About massage parlours, i think most of them are men2men but there are a few exceptions check with the major hotels???

Hi, N-M, I recently posted a similar question ( Recently I visited the Chinese Health Center and they were quite inexpensive and did a good job. They work on both male and female (separate sections, of course). From what I understand men are worked on by men, women by women. My hubbie and I are returning tonight. :)

Being new here this is the only info I've scrounged up so far:

Filipino Massage Center - Gents - 4550600

Hitec Massage - 4667287

International Massage Center - 4421343

Kottakkal Massage Center - 4360061

Chinese Health Center - 465-4773

Also, try the different hotels in the area - Marriott, Sheraton, etc.

Good luck.

Thank you to both Laudgi7 and Practor.

It is wonderful here to see that we have varieties of barbers to choose from : Indian, Sri lankan,

Bangladeshi, Lebanese, Turkish, Philippino, etc, etc..........i guess we have to try them all to see the uniqueness of each. I guess the rest whom have had been frequenting each of these

barbers can share their experiences. I heard some people said Sri lankan is the best in Head Massage, not sure though if that is true.

Anyway, I tried the massage in Chinese Health Center, it is OK, can score 6.5/10. I tried both at their Main Center in D Ring Rd and the Branch in Gharrafa. The Main Center charged QR 100/hour and the Gharrafa branch charged QR 80/hour.....strange huh....for the same quality of massage.

I was calling the Thai Massage Center (got their number from their ad in local newspaper)....apparently they're closed for 2 weeks....when i asked why, the guy answered the phone was telling me "My Manager is on holiday in Thailand, so we have to close.".......sounded strange to me.



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It dun't really matter.

a male Massage Therapist for a female damn lady now watch ur inbox how many reponse u get from Male Massager non professional :D


I went to the berbers in Turkey last week and instead of the usual "Turkish Kebap" (burning cotton bud)round the ears, he used wax instead (inside and out).

They were stinging for days!

i know some lady, who does it-home service, 130QR. PM moi.


I can do for free but there are two hickups. 1st must get the appoval from the wife and 2nd must get the police clearence. what is your opinion to over come these two hurdles DaRuDe

Shav what kind of massage does she do? is it filipino massage? i missed that a lot!!!

for massage.. i dont know ... maybe pinoy massage only..

for bikini wax.. that's 130 (sandaan, siete mil lang... kasi yung sobra, pang taxi ba)

Is there any place that can do Ear Candling here ? It is supposed to suck all the toxin from your ENT.


Do u know some lady who is doing full body waxing.


Ear candling might be dangerous

Try the masseur at ramada cabana club, I found very good and professional, QR 120 an hour and 70 half ,sport body massage, but you can use steam and sauna included. What is the speciality of the chinese massage? how differs from others

barber, sry lankan or whatever, good for head massage, please let me know, I love that


zuz zuz

hi there, does anyone know a spa or massage center where we can find special anti-cellulite massages?


Hi shavonne. You know any filipina who does a home service massage? Can i have the number? Thanks!

Living my Pink Life dream...

I think a Pinay home massage would be in high demand and make lots of money...But I don't think its legal here...:(

Anti cellulite massage will increase the blood circulation to the affected areas..

Apply moisturizing lotion to the cellulite ridden area so your hands glide on with ease.

Start massaging at the lowest point and go up towards your heart.

Apply moderate pressure to the skin and alternate these moves:

Long sweeping strokes using your knuckles, fingers or palm of your hand. #* Circular motion again using your hand as above.

Kneading motion by grasping your skin with your thumb and fingers and massaging it in circular motion like it was dough.

Pinch the skin gently between thumb and fingers and pull it slightly away from the body.

Pinch the skin gently between thumb and fingers and gently pull it in all directions.

Always finish off with some relaxing broad contact strokes (Effleurage)

Do this every day for at least five minutes at a time.

For the gentle pinch technique it is sometimes easier to work without lotion.

Do not put too much pressure on your skin as this can damage your skin.

Kinldy note that above may vary from person to person ..

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Shut up Jeff

You can't teach experience...


can i get the contact details of lady who can do full body waxing including bikini, underarms, anal part

How about some kick boxing? it give more pleasure...

check with this ladyboy!

Is that with 'extra' services?


Who is that lady ?

Can i know

everybody loves massage i guess not just woman, men too.


can you do massage for me?

i can do massage for you?

could u please provide me the contct details

5 more days & this thread will celebrate 2nd anniversary a thread on how to get a massage.....

very funny Jack !

jackmohan2007 - I was the 8th poster behind Shavonne Clemments :)

Seems like everybody got the requested info through PMs as they have not repeated their

Call Boys R Us for an at home experience. Fabulous

"Boys R Us for an at home experience. Fabulous"

Sounds like you finished with a happy ending :)

how to call Boyz are us! do u have contact number.hahahaa

hi riazmeo. you want to have massage this weekend? please leave your number. i'm avaliable for you.

ambalath here iz my tel no .---> 999

Dial the number NOW !!!! LOL

hi all,

is thr any thai massage centre(body to body) here...

I had couple when i was in thailand & bangkok. WOW it's awsome..

I'm really curious to find out weather thr are any thai massage parlors in qatar.

plz help!!

I think till now no good information. Please let me know good massage parlour with their price. the price and information above are two years old. You can also email to me. incase you dont like to share with others.

yes there is Thai massage. For male customers it will be done by male masseur. enjoy :)



marry , get whole body massage from ur wife and also give her a massage FREE .....better for u than begging like jerks!

[mod note: stop asking for this service or you'll be banned]

[mod note: stop asking for this service or you'll be banned]


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If you continue making these comments you will be banned.


Till now no good answer.

Massage for men are only done by male masseuse. Women are not allowed to provide service it's against the law in Qtr. I am really not familiar with the best massage parlors there.

Massage Schools

i am available

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