PIA booking office location?

Can someone help me with PIA booking office location please? I'll appreciate if some directions are also provided to reach there.
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Hi, I don't know the exact addres(as i am not good at it) but you can try giving them a call.. 4426290/91

hope it helps

It is infront of Sana building the place Muglina ...

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The PIA Office is address is

"Qatar Tours, Darwish Airline Centre, Ras Abu Aboud Road, Volkswagon Roundabout, Doha".

Contact No. 4426422 // 4426440 // 4426290-2

email address: dohuupk@piac.aero.

For Schedule & fares/ web ticketing & more information visit www.pia.com.pk.

Now PIA office is in Barwavillage Building No: 8 and shope No : 38

Please pia office contact number

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