By anonymous • 7 years 3 weeks ago.

Hi how can i change my username in wifi connections because it appears barQ,one of my friends her name is on the list if i open the wifi connections..plz let me know..how?Thank you

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By t_coffee_or_me• 7 years 3 weeks ago.

Call Qtel 111 and tel them to change it.

By macgyver426• 7 years 3 weeks ago.
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1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Type on the address bar

3. Username: Administrator Password: connect2th

4. Click on Thomson Gateway

5. Click Wireless --> Configure

You can now change your wireless name and password. Don't forget to click on APPLY after the changes has been done.

By anonymous• 7 years 3 weeks ago.

how do you know the IP numbers 192.....why all here in qatar we have the same ip numbers is it ok i change my password

it would not affect the internet and the programme which install by the qtel technician...

By macgyver426• 7 years 3 weeks ago.

no, it will not affect anything. just make sure not to reset the modem itself

By sparun• 2 years 7 months ago.
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am using qtel huwai mifi modem. while using my modem,the network symbol is unstable that is appear "H","3G","2G".i will get speed when its having "H". other symbol came, it wont work.. most of time its having 2G or 3G only, i am struggling too much time,please help me to avoid this problem..

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