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Hi Folks:

I'm new to Qatar and I work in Education City.... I'm wondering if anyone can tell me about Scuba Diving in Qatar? I'm PADI certified with about 120 dives (Advanced Open Water and Rescue Certified). I'm looking for diving buddies and for dive shops and boat operators in Qatar. Also, is there a diving club here?




Of course there are diving clubs here. You might want to check out Pearl Divers - that's a PADI centre on Al Merqab street near Doha Clinic, 444-9553. They organize dives every week and are generally cool people :^) Ask for Abdul Latif and I am sure he'll be glad to help you out. Hubby is diving with them and he has pretty much the same experience and qualifications as you and he likes it, so maybe you could dive together.


There are several clubs and several diving shops/schools. Apart from the above mentioned there is Q-Dive, located near the gold souq (on the opposite side of Grand Hamad in a small square), world marine centre next to the Museum (when does it re-open?) and another near B-ring somewhere.

Perhaps the best/cheapest option is the Doha-Sub-Aqua-Club, although this is a BSAC organisation the social aspects are unmatched and they are the most regular divers. Conversion from PADI to BSAC is simpe and there are many that have done it. The DSAC is not just a group of "British" expats.

There is also an Al-Khor PADI club.

Still one of the best options is fly to Musadan/Oman for a dive!

Thanks for your reply.....BSAC? Is that a British diving certification agency? With my PADI cert. can't I just rent gear or must I obtain a BSAC credential first? It sounds like your saying that the folks are very fun with the BSAC -- do they "tolerate" North Americans? :)



Started diving just recently,

Along with 3 of my friends, we usually dive every week.

The biggest the group the funniest, you are welcomed to join ...


Eaton, just go to Pearl Divers and rent anything you need, they are PADI divers. They also organise diving trips.


Do you work for thr education city ?

I have some question for you, please email me at

Dear eaton,

I will move to qatar in SEPT. i really posted the same comment weks ago but no replies.. i am happy to know that someone do dive in Doha.

i will call you once i get there


Yes BSAC is the British equivalent to PADI. Yes you can rent their gear, but i think you need to be a member to do so. Yes all nationalities welcome even our friends from across the pond. PADI qualifications easily convertable to BSAC, or if you already have rescue or above then no rush to do so. This is a "club" therefore all money goes to improving your club.

I've been in Doha for 2 years and have been wondering about PADI dives. I'm glad to finally know some information.

Does anyone know what the jellyfish situation is like? I've heard they can be quite plentiful and painful...and this worries me a little concerning the dive trips.


OK glad to hear there is diving.. but is it shore diving (piers/rocks/sea breaks in harbor) or boat diving (reefs)? What's the vis like? What's the cost?

Hi Eaton,

Im also on the lookout for dive buddies. Im a beginner diver and want to do a padi course. Ive heard there is a sub aqua club here in doha and want to join. so if you want send me a msg and we can chat more.

slan, Cj

Jellyfish not a major problem if your porperly kitted out (yes that means a lycra suit in the summer so consider tonning those abs....

Diving here is a combo or shore diving and for the more qualified boat diving which is predominately wreck (10-50+ m ). Some offshore islands allow shallow diving.

There are very few true reefs in Qatar, those that exist are to close to sea border for people to venture there without permission and a "guide"

Viz ranges from 10-15 m on good days to 1-2 m. Site dependant aswell.

Boat dives cost 200-300 QR in a club scenario, shore diving is free... if you can get there.

Is it possible to dive with assistance from experienced instructor? I cant swim but I wanna try

You can get a try dive to see if you like it. BUT you are best to learn to swim first and master the art of staying alive in a swimming pool before you try the sea where there are currents, waves and things that scratch, bite and sting you.

lol, definately not scuba diving alone :D

Hi there,

does any one know how to contact Q-Dive by any other e-mail apart from what they have on their web page?


Thai e-mail isn't working

please e-mail me at wobb_ibo at yahoo dot com

Popped down to their shop, this is only Qatar - everything 1 hour drive away........ go from Dhow RA towards gold souq, stop at pedestrian crossing,if you know what one is but certainly not for pedrestrains.....park and it s about 50 m into the shopping complex infront of you, on a corner if i remeber correctly......


The problem is that I'm not in Qatar. I'm in Thailand and would like to contact them for some work.

(I understand what you mean about the pedestrian crossing, been to Qatar once before)

BTW, does anyone know how much it'd cost to rent some tanks and weight in Qatar

Tanks costs 20 QR per tank typically - try World Marine near the museum on the corniche, local dive clubs are around 14QR per tank. can't help you with the weights cost but they are quite cheap to buy, or if your desperate i can lend you some, i have a rather large collection of them since i am also a cold water UK diver...... where you need about 16 KG instead of 4 Kg......


ํYeah... tried that much weight before in Winter in Sydney, Australia...

Not so fun walking up the hill back to the car park

Anyway, thanks for the info

Can you please inform me how much is the membership fee for this clubs and waht are the other expenses that I have to pay.

For the Doha Scuba Aquatic Club, go to their website, yo. It lists the information there.

I am on the lookout for a 2nd hand tank would u sell a spare one... if so PM me the cost thanks

If you can't change your fate, change your attitude.


I am new in this forum as well as about Qatar. Well, sounded like diving is possible. But whereabout is the location usually?

I take a look the the geographical position of Qatar, it seems like down south could be the usual preferred diving location?

What can we get to see there? Good macros ? Larger perlargics?


i might have to have a look too as i have been in Doha now just under 3 months and i have my BSAC Dive Leader but i haven't dived for a while though

FYI your shore diving locations are typically south of Messaid Industrial city, several areas where divers have thrown in an assortment of junk for you rpleasure and furhter south in the mouth of the inland sea a nice (but rather dead) reef.

Other odd ball locations include Dhukan (west coast) reef ball reef.

For good diving its offshore by boat 1,2 or 3 hours to the wrecks 20-60 nm offshore. Typically here the deeper and further offshore the better the wreck dive for marine life. Deepest is around 50 m. Nearshore everything is boiled to hell.

For seeing and taking picces of marine life depends on what ur interested in.

Happy diving chaps

we have diving services in india and we need dive equipments all types .i need dive shop address or shop names in Qatar or doha. where it is locate. techinal dive equipment is also required.if any knows about pls


HI Eyhab

nice to hear that i am certified diver and i am usalluy go to dive in umsaeed with group but they are in vacation now so i am looking to dive on this coming weekend so if you are arranging any trip can i join your group?

Hey guyz .... i am a student in doha and i have just moved in ..... i am very much interested in scuba diving {i have had no experience before } . i dont have an idea of where to go or whom to ask for more information .if its a weekly course then i also might not be able to make it all the time . i just wanna experience the fun . can anyone provide any information for this kind of course ? Thank you.

Take advantage of the location and do dive trips to the Red Sea...Aqaba or Sharm el Sheikh. The waters of the Arabian Gulf (Persian Gulf to our friends across the water) are less than desirable. Maybe a short trip to Dubai and scuba dive in the Dubai Mall aquarium. Pearl Divers are great for all the PADI benefits such as rentals; BSAC has a great bar and social amenities in a club environment. You may have to do some familiarization training to work with BSAC. Some of their protocols are different than PADI. Good luck!

Hi Laksh,

I recently trained with instructor Osama Abdallah, he is good certified Dive Master Coach.

mob: +974 70 00 88 66

mob: +974 66 44 17 74

wish you luck


hello guys, pls tel me how can i get the dive certificate hear in qatar and how much it will cost.also i need to buy a used tank..tnx

join the Divers club, 55511047

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