Where can I get vaccination for Yellow Fever ?

Help. I am going to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and they need a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. I understand when I come back, Qatar also requires to see the cert because I had travelled there.

Which hospital, clinic or health centre can give the vaccination ?


National Health Authority - Vaccination Unit Musemair Area near Abu Hamour.
Doha Clinic at Farig Al Naser
cool.. enjoy your trip. I love that part of the world.. its amazing.. Dont miss to visit Tanzania.. Arusha.. sharangetti and ofcourse the beaches of Zanzibar.. cheers
Thanks everyone ! Went to the vaccination unit along Abu Hamour Road. Road construction on and you know how long it will take to complete. Slip road to front of vaccination unit is not accessible. So please turn into petrol station, go round the shopping centre and park next to villas. No crowd when I went at 12 noon. It took less than 5 mins, cost QR10 and you get a WHO internationally recognised card/certificate. Vaccination last for 10 years. There is male and female section. Wish me luck for the challenging climb up Mt Kilimanjaro. Promise to have a good time in Africa.
i heard there is a long Queue in going to NHA for medical exam or the vaccination area for yellow fever is separate from getting a medical exam for the permanent visa here in Qatar?
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