Where to do horse riding in Qatar?

Can anybody advise where to do horse riding in Qatar. I used to live in Bahrain and there were many private stables that offer free riding as well as riding schools. Is there any thing similar to this in Qatar and what would be the cost?


pls tell me as well as i am also intrested

is there jumping courses or school?



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hey YAG

i miss those stables really ... for 30 riyals you get a horse for an hour thats in Bahrain ... but here i'm not sure if they have the same activity going ... its good to spend an hour during your weekend ... if you find any, please let me know about the details


me too...

let me know too!!!

My kids were members at Al Shaqab Riding School. QR 350 annual membership, QR 75 for a group lesson. There is also a possibility at the Race and Equestrian Institution.

i no its somewhere near QF, but is it inside the QF complex or seperate?

is it open to every1?


Inside QF it's the Al Shaqab Riding School. You must have membership.

Hi... you can go and enjoy riding in Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club in Al Rayyan also for more information see www.qrec.net they have ridding school and a very nice race track and for racing season its from Oct. till May so have fun..

Al-Khor also have one class for this...

in Qatar thay raid Camels (come to my Home)

Where is it inside QF? Which gate do i need to take? Do they have an office there itself or do i need to go elsewhere to signup for the membership?


There was (and possibly is) a lot of construction going on there. The entrance was where you would enter to go to Cornell. Instead of going in you would go straight on over some sandy roads and then turn right. There should be signs. It is called Shaqab Riding School. Some guards there may be able to tell you the way.



yeah sm 1 has said right above.. try out the Equestrian club in Al Rayyan.

pls tell me as well as i am also intrested

My friend thank you for your sugestion with www.qrec.gov..... but it's kind of useless... the last topic "Riding & training" is EMPTY!!! Maybe you have another sugestion please?!?!?!

I've seen many comments here but still no one is capable to tell us WHERE can an amateur go for some horse riding sessions!!! Thanks for trying anyway.....

There is a advertising sign for a riding school between Al Khor and Las Raffan. Its says "We are now open to the public" I will make a note of the tel number when I pass tomorrow and post it here.

Since we are talking about selling a horse, click on 'free horses for sale'.If you are wanting to sell something other than a horse, you can come back to this page later and list it then.

just contact this person and meet them exactly.

Al Shaqab Riding Academy (5061649),Qatar Equestrian Federation ( 5810807 ),hope we will meet soon.Goodluck!

Riding lessons & hacks are available at al samariyah equestrian centre.

For more information email alsamariyahequestrian@hotmail.com


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^ ^....Fried!!! Are you inviting them to ride YOU? ;)

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- A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)

During the hottest weeks of summer, my daughter enjoys spending time at Grier Summer Camp in Pennsylvania. There are over fifty horses and nice kids from all over the world.


I'm living in Paris now, but I would like to live in Qatar soon.

I'd like to know where can i buy a horse for jumping in Qatar and if there a site where I can find some offers, please tell me.

Because I do horse riding here and I do competitions so I need a good horse to still doing that.

Thank you for your answers =)

Radisson Blu is good enough . :P

Hi ,,

Did you find a place for what you were looking for because I am facing exactly the same problem.

Thank you a lot.

Appreciate your feedback

There is one lady, who runs an equestrian club, her name is Peggy. On Sheikh Faisal's farm. The stable is perfect with a sitting area for families, refreshment area, and two covered rings to shield you and the horses from the sun. It is near the came race track. Im not sure about jumping, but if you are advanced, you can proceed to Al-Shaqab, but you can always ask her to arrange something for you.

She charges around 75 riyals per half- hour.

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