Ask and analysis !

What a weird title i had choose


It is just a game, every one will leave a Question for the member who will be next.

So simple, Answer the last question and ask another

I will start.

who are you in 3 words?
Thread is back! :)

Iam QLER What is the future of this thread?
never ending ramble! who slept with Mary Jane?
Spider man How many kids you have?
2 whats your profession ?
Branch manager Why is fea always sad
operations manager why life is so boring these days ?
I don’t have children, I’m virgin: 0( What is the difference between a drug dealer and a hooker?
Life is never boring, you are boring. who came first the chicken or the egg? :O
Cuz she missed out her breakfast today :P Is Deadman still alive?
The difference is a drug dealer deals with drugs and a hooker deals with hooks Why did mursi visit India
yes living in QL where is dracula
he's a virtual user typically a virtual identity is lifeless. how do you like them big or little?
yes he is alive because he is commenting on QL Which is your latest crush
i think his body is what you prefer coffee or tea?
tea . why all are replyin to same question :P
cuz he learnt one of the cows was his reincarnated grandpa. what makes you go "OOH YEAH"?
cause they can't wait how do u spend ur time here in Qatar?
Just to keep the thread alive Do you like vodafone or oredoo
Last crush..... Please clarify :P You mean the crush which was the last or the crush with still lasts? :P Three people you absolutely adore on Ql?
I spend by riding a camel How do you find IKEA QATAR
hms hms
Ikea is expensive compared KSA & Abu Dhabi. Why all are ranting in QL always??
because its free ikea is expensive , which question u answered hms?
it is their habit How do you manage the hot summer in QATAR
put ac on high cool whats for lunch
Strom: We are in the middle of a highly intellectual conversation and you are about to hijack the entire post :P Damnnn.....I wish you didnt have those vinyl clothes on... Cuz i absolutely adore them :)
lunch could be Mandy What makes you beautiful?
Do you have the whip with you ?
yes i have the whip cream Your best holiday destination
because of jaundice
DM no hijacking u r born flirt or ____ ?
cause if it was red, you will ask why it is Red who is worse Yanni or Justin Beiber ?
Both are worse can you bake a cake
I can't bake a cake but I can eat one. what's your fix?
Strom: One can have a talent but it becomes an occupation with continuous hard work and effort. :P Ya i was born as one but had to really polish the talent :) So what is colour of socks that you are wearing today ? :P Damn i wanted ask about colour of something else... but ok for the time being! :P
You can kill a man but can't ask him the color of his socks! Complete this sentence: Life is a b-tch and you ……….
and then you die who is your favorite member here ?
First thread - About die Then here: Life is a think you are fed up of your own life
i have many :-) how many kgs overweight r u?
No girl friends Why do people edit their comments
Maconandoz is my favorite QL memeber When was the last time you shaved your armpit :O)
I'm 87 Why do you care why people edit their comments?
mine was MIMH do you think..Thursday it will rain ? Sorry I edited my comment later =D before it was how many gf's u hav
maybe he is curious what country have the Mount Olympus?
Olympus sounds Greek so...Greece? Why don't I recognise anyone on here anymore?
may be coz ur big single eye = D u like summer or winter
Winter :'( what was the best gift you've ever had?
The first kiss from my second gf...:) Would Doha hit 40Deg in next 2 weeks...
hms hms
probably it will not hit 40 degree is there anything special in Doha now a days ??
Depends what you define as special Where in the world would you like to be right now?
Thailand...desperately need a nice massage...:) Have you planned for your summer vacations.
hms hms
Yes already planned. Why do u like thailand ??
Because their beaches are beautiful and massages are fabulous. What colour are your eyes?
hms hms
Brown what is your opinion on this thread ??
Bollux :P Are spayed/non-psayed cat?
Spayed where did you born?
In qatar Which is the best restaurant near OLD AIRPORT to have light lunch
i don't know i live away from there how old are you
I was born in the Midwestern. what you doin right now?
I'm posting on QL MN-01 . Why did you lie about your birthplace ?
No idea Why do you always talk in riddles?
I am not , he is who is your Godfather ?
no one What do you love most in the whole world?
My mother who is the father of osama bin laden ?
My mother who was the father of osama bin laden ?
I love my wife the most Where do you work or which company do you work
FATHER is BIN LADEN Who is the mother of obama bin laden
Umm Osama of course! What's on your plate tonight?
Grilled Chicken What could makes you happier now ?
from one of those random hypermarket competitions! What is your most critical concern as of now?
Critical concern is sometimes thinking why the ummah is not united Whom would you give half of your wealth or property
first let me build one... why are you just reading what others are saying in this post what is keeping you away from posting here
work :( what is day today ?
Tuesday If you were me what you will do?
would have tried to post more of interactive posts nice or naughty ?
nootie nootie noootie nooootie nooootie nooootie nooootie! Do you look at your poop before you flush it?
O i am naughty but many say its nice :P Would jump of a plane, if given a challenge?
looking at your own classic poop is nothing wronge Why is MN interested in poop
MN-01; Yesterday you asked "Why human poop turn yellow?" and today "Do you look at your poop before you flush it?" Whats wrong dude, just say it, all of us are with you in this time of pain and anxiety. Speak your heart out :)
Deadman: nothing wrong in admiring your own work :P
It could be childhood problem or love from the first see If you have a knife whom you would kill ?
i would kill bill gates What's the meaning behind your name?
It is my real name money , happiness , fame ,,, order from first priority to the least
If I had a knife, cut a hole into my heart pull it out and place it at your doorsteps )-:
Now wis bucking one's own slobbering donkey good or bad?
happiness , money , fame ( fame not that important) did you ever had to do some work u know nothing about in front of many people ?
yes to act, but it was amazing :-) what do you do when you feel depressed ?
I go partying! .... What size are your shoes?
40 European What the most you hate in here?
lack of unmarried women ... what one thing will you change if u become president of USA?
hms hms
I will change the way in which world look at USA. DO u love rainy Day ??
(*_*) I am in love with rain Which is the best from the nine symphony of Beethoven?
the one from tom & jerry! Was Jerry a male or female Rat?
Busted male Easy death or hard life?
Don't use A/C at every time
both.. WTF is going on here??
Finding cat accommodation.. (: What do you do when you dont want to do anything?
LL: pull the trigger! did you pull the trigger, LL?
LL would answer that between it did rain today as I predicted why people mix signature with comment.. why don't they either remove the signature or put a line in between?
common sense is not tht common i guess r we going to end it here ??
God only knows what makes you angry the most?
What makes me angry ? Listening to music from Yanni :O( What music do you like ?
Classical music , and Yanni's music :-) what do you want to tell the world, loudly ?
I MISS MY CUBAN SHOTPUTTER :O( What is the laden weight of an Amazon Swallow ?
Heavy enough! why the Octopus has no blood?
What is the role of the Blood ?
To provide life to our own Dracula ... What are the Thirty Nine steps ?
The steps that leads to the yacht Why Aphrodite cheated on Hephaestus with Aries
cuz he wanted to /: now why are we asking these stupid questions :P
It looks stupid when you give "Aphrodite" the pronoun "he" what is your definition to Stupidity?
hahahahahahah Suliman "HE" ... lady of cyprus aphordite :-) trying to answer everything , when one has no idea what its all about ... if u r sent to deserted island , which three THINGS u will take along and why ??/
Oh let’s not get pathetically personal now stormy, it’s just a fun game (:
Water, food and a woman (I think it is easy to know why) From which song i picked my signature?
Hotel California! Now What was the name of the Egyptian cat goddess?!
Bastet How many QLs You've met in real?
None why to work on saturday :(
6... Now don't ask me their names! LOL Now, If a cow laughed really hard, would milk come out her nose?
smthg else will come out of the cow nose :P why only MN & Sulieman playin this game ?
I am also here. What is the colour of timebandit's favourite socks
Seems we liked it ,,, but there are others BTW what to do you prefer,, sunset or sunrise?
errrm pink and yellow? S: Deffy sunrise! What do sheep count when they can't get to sleep?
Humans How many laborer were working on the Titanic ?
Sorry .. Can't move on till you give te right answer... Clue - They are the same as his favourite toothpaste
Can sheep talk..if not then how can they count What did you have for breakfast today and what is your plan for lunch and dinner today...:P
i was not there for sure :P dnt knw ;) if man evolved from apes why do we still have apes?
the director did not mention in the movie titanic no idea Did you like the acting of KATE WINSLET in the titanic..:)
But thing is I don't even know what his favorite toothpaste is /: Neither do I know why I should : P
Mods: Please delete this thread. They haven't answered the question regarding timebandit's socks :O(
if man evolved from apes why do we still have apes...i leave the answer to babu which is the best dream of your so far...:)
colour of time bandit can we know that...i need to reach his house to ask that question...and personally do not even know him Brit...So can we continue with the the thread...Yes or no...:P
probably a red socks we shud go ahead with this thread
Hey! who said sheep can't talk? Just because you can't see them and you can't hear them, that doesn't mean they're not here and they are talking!
Thanks Would you love to be a supermodel like cindy crawford
Nay me happy the way i am :) Lunch time .. dal ghost :) How abt you whats for lunch today ?
Iam on diet...i lost 10 kgs in one month...:)...Aiming for next 10 kgs in one month..however for dinner will have pasta salad How was your friday yesterday..How did you enjoy it :)
hms hms
Yesterday, it was very pleasent weather, enjoyed in a Beach. Today night rain expected again ??
Just another sunny day in Qatar who is your Fav. singer? brit it think it is blue
favourite singer is Mohd rafi Mabrook on the stretch of this thread..Hope it be the longest one in ql...InshaAllah :)
Well thanks for the mabrook, but the Mods will not give me money instead, no? :)
Are you working today or is it off day for you :) Myself iam working today :)
I am working, boring day :( what do u recommend to do when you feel bored at work while you have done your duties?
thats pathetically self obsessed of you MN ... i just define stupidity ... every single time i m not Talking abt u ... cheers :-) facebook , and whatsapp even in between the duties ;-) what are three things u wanna try before u die ??
1) pray 2) repent 3) finally die Who you love the most in this world...Only one person :)
Take a walk on the Moon Drive a bouquet veyron Date Jenifer Aniston or Taylor swift
Can't stand Aniston. What is the cream that Rizks uses to keep his head shiny ?
icecream What is the price of karak chai in rizk emporium
Two riyals in a paper cup Three riyals in a cracked china cup with no saucer What colour is Marco's hair ?
Which hair...a male have hair all over his body with different design and shape What do you think Babu would be doing right now :P


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