I don't want to be a Qatari girl!!

I Wish I was a Man and not a Woman

I’m a Qatari, I was born in Qatar, raised, studied and currently working, even though I never liked living here! I had a different mentality than other Qatari girls in here, of course as a Qatari girl there are rules coming from religion, culture and traditions that have to be followed. But I never cared about any of it, I lived for me, for whatever makes me happy.
I always respected these rules, I don’t break any of them on public. I think everybody should have the freedom to do anything they want. I’m a Muslim but I don’t do everything Islam ask for, simply because I don’t believe in it, like Hijab, I don’t cover, alcohol, I drink occasionally . The conclusion is I do whatever, the sky is the limit for me it’s my choice my decision.
Why do Qatari girls have to be a copy of something that they are not. A copy of a perfect little girl that only exists in a fairy tale, in the fairy tale, this Qatari girl have to stay at home as long as she is not working or at school. She should only meet her husband couple of times before they get married and She has to do what her parents tells her to do and never takes a decision for herself. And god forbids she did something her parents don’t agree on, she will either be honorably killed or beaten severely.
What made me write this article is that one day I decided to go to a club here in Qatar I got dressed, got to the club then the bouncer at the door says: show me your ID.
I give him my ID he look at me then he give me back my ID and says you can’t go in.
I asked: why?
He said: because you’re a Qatari!!!!
I said: so…
He said: Qatari girls are not allowed in the club!
I said: Qatari’s can’t go clubbing?
He said: no only Qatari men, woman not allowed!
So turns out the government in Doha had posted a new rule which is “not allowing Qatari girls to go clubbing” I think it’s unfair I want to do it what the hell do the law has to do with it???????
Everywhere you go here, you will notice the double standards laws and regulations. It is totally sexist. I hate being a girl in Qatar , wish I was a boy