I don't want to be a Qatari girl!!

I Wish I was a Man and not a Woman

I’m a Qatari, I was born in Qatar, raised, studied and currently working, even though I never liked living here! I had a different mentality than other Qatari girls in here, of course as a Qatari girl there are rules coming from religion, culture and traditions that have to be followed. But I never cared about any of it, I lived for me, for whatever makes me happy.
I always respected these rules, I don’t break any of them on public. I think everybody should have the freedom to do anything they want. I’m a Muslim but I don’t do everything Islam ask for, simply because I don’t believe in it, like Hijab, I don’t cover, alcohol, I drink occasionally . The conclusion is I do whatever, the sky is the limit for me it’s my choice my decision.
Why do Qatari girls have to be a copy of something that they are not. A copy of a perfect little girl that only exists in a fairy tale, in the fairy tale, this Qatari girl have to stay at home as long as she is not working or at school. She should only meet her husband couple of times before they get married and She has to do what her parents tells her to do and never takes a decision for herself. And god forbids she did something her parents don’t agree on, she will either be honorably killed or beaten severely.
What made me write this article is that one day I decided to go to a club here in Qatar I got dressed, got to the club then the bouncer at the door says: show me your ID.
I give him my ID he look at me then he give me back my ID and says you can’t go in.
I asked: why?
He said: because you’re a Qatari!!!!
I said: so…
He said: Qatari girls are not allowed in the club!
I said: Qatari’s can’t go clubbing?
He said: no only Qatari men, woman not allowed!
So turns out the government in Doha had posted a new rule which is “not allowing Qatari girls to go clubbing” I think it’s unfair I want to do it what the hell do the law has to do with it???????
Everywhere you go here, you will notice the double standards laws and regulations. It is totally sexist. I hate being a girl in Qatar , wish I was a boy


go for sex change.....Return your passport to the authoities or run away to a place and tear your PP...get another nationality.....GTH.... Unfortunate soul, shame on you!
Dear i this life aim is death and life after death so care of your death as much as u can and dont think more about this world because this always will show u worng way
imposter NEW QL ID....... MOD check here!!!
how much of u is true is the good question.
‘The most perfect believer in the matter of faith is one who has excellent behaviour; and the best among you are those who behave best towards their wives.’ The above quotation was said by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 278 Narrated by Abu Hurayrah
Agreed, from the looks of it you are no where close to being a Qatari woman, just a bitter person who wants to rebel against the laws of this State for some reason :P meet me and show me your ID lol. Good Fortune always comes knocking at your door...when you are sh*tting in the toilet!! :) _[]~SMoKE~[]_  
Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
well superwomen i also born here studied here but what i thnk is t8 here everythng r 4 qataris not 4 othr nationalities..but 1st time in my life i heard 4m u t8 the club iz only 4 qatari mens..hahahaha..amazing wat qatari mens r doing in a club widout girls?? da question raise here iz t8 if qatar ppl did not want 2 go their womens 2 club then y they think 4 da womens of other nationalities 2 go 2 da clubs.. y thy always think t8 beside qataris all other ppls r their servants..dear super thez rules,culture r made by your own self..so u ppl can handle thez better thn any1 else...
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u know her dressings very well :) lols
Options 1. start a women's lib movement/ fight for ur rights 2. Go and live in a different country 3. get a diff passport/fake ID 4. not go to pubs(take it lying down, i mean) whatever you do, it is indeed tough...sorry for you! Btw, I did not know they were honor killings in qatar too... Victor: why shame on her? coz she is a woman? coz she is a woman who wants to go to a pub? mind explaining? and whats about the GTH bit? when did you become in-charge of directing people there?
Just move to Dubai.. ----------------- HE WHO DARES WINS
Winn - 'take it lying down' huh? Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
a member since 3 hours???? hahahaha i think it is fake ID of someone we know here in QL nice one --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
to understand, only a muslim lady knows very well what is she asking for at Public forum in Qatar? Good, she didn't ask for polyandry..... Are you superwoman? I know you ain't ;-) Don't feed the trolls!
if she is a super women , let her fly to Las vegas it is really silly fake topic by one who hate the rules in qatar and he is not qatari i have a list in my mind , but we will see --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
I can understand you, Superwoman. If I was a girl in Qatar, I would would have killed myself already.
Why dont you migrate to US or Canada? You sound more like a superMAN!
------------------------------------------------------ There are good people in this world, and they are not ONLY Muslims, you know. Geez.(last comments by alexa when she left Qiving)
Hun yes I am Im 100% Qatari and I'm not alone and I can come and show u my fucking ID but I will give u the benefit of the doubt. "Superwoman to the rescue"
i feel sorry for you. You should consider to live abroad and make a new life.
i wld like to see ur Ba ba ba bataka lols
..please. Btw,have you thought about my offer above. We are a bunch of very cultured guys and girls who get toghether and have lots of fun. Specially over weekends. The plus point is,you even get to stay back if you get too drunk. :). Think about it. Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
im unhappy because I dont have the RIGHT to make one simple decision I want to be free and I can meet any of u but I say it afraid I only registerd to let everybody about this problem in an anonymous way thats another thing our stupid culture taught us not to speak out"Superwoman to the rescue"
Not easy to relocate for a Qatari gal,, but keep flying for a change. :) everyone has a different mentality. ~noms~ ----------------------------------------- "Before God we are all equally wise ' and equally foolish" - Albert Einstein
u r free here to throw ur shit, every where u want. Yalla go, and enjoy ur life, even covered or under cover :P btw, dont' refuse FU offer.
Hey ppl..you seemed to be so offensive to her. She just posted what she thought of and what she faced. You have to respect her opinion and her dreams.
Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
I'm doing all these for my personal interest, i'm next to ur door ;)
Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
though not seem to be . couple of days before i didn't posted some offensive, but MOD didn't respect me, and i got ban. :P
i am willing to bring you home... i can change your nationality...you will enjoy everything in my country if you have money...check my profile and decide if you are willing...
wats bring u here to change ur point?
thank you "Superwoman to the rescue"
all true 100% "Superwoman to the rescue"
u must be an arab "Superwoman to the rescue"
ppl stop telling me to move or change my passport I have a family here I have friends here why do I have to leave my home to be free ??? I will stay here this will not be the last post I will talk about everything and after a while you will see more posts from more woman inshallah ;-) "Superwoman to the rescue"
superwoman, you can tavel regularly and do what you want abroad, as soon as you back to your home country you can be a 'good girl' again. if you cant mix with opposite sex why dont you give a ladies group a go. Start with mandilulur MMM group, who always do ladies days out for dinner / lunch.
I dont mind really but u dont see the real thing thats been bothering me its not clubbing its WHY A QATARI MAN CAN AND A QATARI WOMAN CAN'T ? "Superwoman to the rescue"
Your petition runs against your introductory paragraph, as every single word in your post is explicitly screaming out you're new to Qatar or maybe an impersonator. 1- Is this your first time to a club in Qatar? You're above 18 and have been "occasionally" drinking, a regular clubber must have been introduced to those regulations earlier? I heard about them and I don't drink. 2- Why didn't you use your family's influence -if you have any?- to get to the club, or even build your own, since your post implies your lovely family allows you to let your hair hang down in YOUR COUNTRY? 3- Would you speak Qatari to me please? لا تفشليني الحين! والله ما تعرفين تتحتجين لغة بلدتج؟ (forgive me, I'm so bad in writing colloquial) 4- Oh, you can undergo a trans.. surgery, no problem. Next time take your uncle with you to let you in, since I'm sure they all agree to your clubbing. Salam
superwoman, i am afraid you cant choose your parents and your background. Either you do what your culture said, or you do something about it if you want a change.
"I’m a Muslim but I don’t do everything Islam ask for, simply because I don’t believe in it, like Hijab, I don’t cover" -- is it possible for them to go out uncovered??? i dont mean to go out naked, but in full abaya and covered hair
Have you not yet found someone around you to write to you an Arabic phrase to save your face? So sorry... Salam
no I want to almost every club in Qatar but this rule was dropped few months ago so they dont allow me anymore ! and dumb ass I cant tell me family to help me go clubbing yes they are open minded but not to this pint!!! واية اقدر اتكلم قطري يالثور الحمدالله والشكر انت وناس مثلك بتمون تحت ماراح تتطورن يالبدائيين! I dont need surgery I love being a woman I just hate ur government !!! 3lekum el salam hahahh "Superwoman to the rescue"
Superwoman, seriously, it's not like that.. There are so many successful Qatari women; just reach out for any newspaper and see for yourself..Maybe you don't see them, but opportunities are everywhere and possibilities in Qatar are just endless.. Work around the space of freedom you have and it'll do you wonders.. Honey, it's not that you don't accept being a Qatari, You don't accept being many other things I noticed. So it's not Qatar, it's you because you don't know who you are or what to belong or relate to other than what makes you "happy"; could be a phase you know with your age and all.. Maybe not.. work on discovering who you are in essence.. Ummm, you sound very bitter and unhappy, I'm sorry dear that you feel that way.. I really am.. Typically, Qataris, and people in general, take pride of who they are.. About the killing thingy, Oh my God, girl!! Like who does that, sis!! lol Have you heard of human rights.. like no one does nowadays.. ________________________________________________ Sometimes just watching Sheikh Hamad and Sheikha Mozah on TV gives me tears of joy because they are working hard on giving us the life we are living and encouraging us to work hard as well to serve our beloved Qatar. May Allah bless them.. Just chill, superwoman, and enjoy the blessings of this amazing place because sooner or later you'll realize how happy you could've been.. [img_assist|nid=7232|title=Dua|desc=Amen :-)|link=none|align=left|width=440|height=56]
try this song. it is good for you to emote!
ye its possiable hahahah man thats exactly why I'm here to EDUCATE ppl about the real Qatari nature nobody else has the balls to do it :-D "Superwoman to the rescue"
You are not alone. Many of you wanted to be liberated! But so sorry you are in Qatar!
hahahaha nice I was actuly gonona put this as a title as a sarcastic joke "Superwoman to the rescue"
You have nothing to do but to be desperate girl. Your law is made by men and yet majority of rights are on them! Sorry you can't enjoy being a girl of Qatar. You are bounded with your old customs and beliefs.
Imz Imz
It feels hard to believe.. but I hope you were not wearing what you have on ur display pic... I'm sure they wont allow you to enter... jokes apart they dont stop any1.. You must hav given them some vibes of you being qatari or u must hav been in hijab when you wanted to enter... try it again.. and see this time keep a low profile.. they will not ask your id... dress up like some morroccon.... lol! and let us all know!
This is not working. She wants to be wild! That's very nice and enjoyable! LOL
superwoman with no superpowers. better change your name from superwoman to poorwoman or helpless woman.
I'll forgive you for the bad language, and glad you could speak Arabic or had someone typed it for you. I see your only solution is to just go ahead with the surgery for fast results and ultimate solution for good. Umm, I'm not a Qatari nor am I a man, and proud to be who I am. Salam
RUDE "Superwoman to the rescue"
man or a woman one thing for sure ur an arab u have no respect for ppls opinion ! "Superwoman to the rescue"
as those securities who dont allow you in. hmmm nice let me think of a solution. there is always a way in.
superwoman do you like attending villa parties? If so we can always can add you to the guest list? ----------------- HE WHO DARES WINS
Oh, you bash all other Arabs too, not just your countrymen and women + your government. Try to find better ways to make your life fun in Qatar. And I do respect your opinion, I might not agree with it and will never accept it. That's all. Have fun and enjoy life. سلام Salam
Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
you took the words right out my wolfie mouth lol
Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
superwoman if you want to do all those things that other nationalities do then you have to mix with them. What I found in Qatar is that the locals like to keep themselves to themselves and never like to mix or mingle with the expats? I wonder why do they hate us so much that then why let us come her in the first place. Then they are people like you who wants to be like western expats and have more freedom and fun. ----------------- HE WHO DARES WINS
but they dnt act thats the prob......
"Superwoman to the rescue" listen all, i just dont like the double standards for men and women, a man can get in clubs and a woman cant. it feels like we are in America 50 years back where they didnt let black and white eat in the same restaurent its nots a battle of the races but of the sexes in this case
Why don't you give the poor lady a chance? Maybe she is real and I am sure there are a lot more like her but do not have the bravery to speak out. The new rules were supposed to be implement in Jan but it was a long time after that that most bars and clubs started to actually enforce. Whoever she is, the rules are sexist. (and please don't give me the we are protecting women bull...)
"Superwoman to the rescue" most of my friends are NOT Qataris, and when we go to the club. they let them in but i cant get in, what the hell it is my country!!!!! i am all for cultural understanding and torlerance
Discrimination!!.. Sex discrimination against the women I guess? ----------------- HE WHO DARES WINS
‘The most perfect believer in the matter of faith is one who has excellent behaviour; and the best among you are those who behave best towards their wives.’ The above quotation was said by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 278 Narrated by Abu Hurayrah
I agree, both genders should be banned or both should be allowed to bars. Salam
Running is the best thing God ever created! - Rabbit
its really ignorant when people cant believe that a qatari woman is actually different that the typical image enforced upon them. anybody who dont agree with their extremist opinion is an islam hater i am not religous... accept it. and flash news... there alot of girls just like me... so live with it thanks for your support exiledsaint
"Superwoman to the rescue" i guess this is why we have alot of lesbians .... in most country its a matter of a sex orientation here its a matter of hating to be a girl and wanting to be a man... so we have girls dressed like men and acting like them
do we have those videos?
Running is the best thing God ever created! - Rabbit
ok , in some bars men have to pay money but women not this is racist --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
Running is the best thing God ever created! - Rabbit
and what benefit you are talking about my superwomen dear i think i can show you the results of what you are saying if you show your real ID silly Go and have a life --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
I disagree happy. No one should be banned, its a personal choice issue.
Respect the feeling of superwoman, but superwoamn with all due respect, are you a qatari woman really? " Winners are just ordinary person with extraordinary determination "
May I be so bold as to suggest that higher education is your way out, habibty. You will find intellectual stimulation, equality of opportunity and a mixed social life. You will be able t5o control your own future and make your own life decisions. Mandi
...what has education got to do with entry or ban which happens to be a legal matter. Running is the best thing God ever created! - Rabbit
None of my business, really. In my country both genders are allowed. Salam
go to Dubai and party well! LOL
Nope Qatar ladies are banned full stop. The Sheraton bar even had the rules outside the door for a while.
exiledsaint i am confused now really one day you call to ban some ID and the next day you call for free choice , you have to be man and stick to your decisions :P --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
I'm a man of extremes what can I say, either allow everything or everything should be banned.... We know the real reason women are banned and its nothing to do with alcohol...
Rabbit, Superwoman was discussing her unhappiness with her options as a Qatari woman. She used the clubbing example as one small bone of contention. I believe if she expands her horizons she will find her life very full and satisfying. Mandi
hahaha so it is not nice to make a fake ID to say that you are a qatari woman wants to enter bars you are saint after all loool 3aeb --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
Whether a troll or not, her point is valid.
Bloody expats have all the fun .. get rid of them and then the locals can use the facilities..
SW get along with anybody......a big list of proposal all tends to help her. She is 100% an imposter......check IP of all trolls/compare and take necessary action....(sounds like an englishcanadian lad/lady).... Exiled....If this would be a valid point then she must be aware of alternative routes as well, wouldn't moan at QL!!!
Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
You're probably right Brit the expats take up all the parking spaces outside the bars leaving no room for landcruizers...
but ... even those facilities are of very poor quality... she deserves a vacation to amsterdam...
exiledsaint Her point or yours??????? --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
"Superwoman to the rescue" i am qatari, what you think all qatari girls are the same. why would i lie about such a thing. why would i even care. i am a qatari and i am really mad about the situation...... if you have a sister, you would think she is everything that she shows you... but the truth is ..she only shows you what she can show you
superwomen , now you have to log in to your another account to support your idea , yallaa yalla!!! hahahahah the good thing in your aviator that you don't have to wear your underwear above the pants like superman only you have to do is wearing the underwear only :D --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
This 3 minute account user is attempting an obvious publicity stunt. What better comeback to the latest hype regarding the supposed new restrictions on alcohol for the expats, when all of a sudden, not just a local, but a poster who claims to be a FEMALE QATARI wants to drink and go clubbing! Maybe even a crude inside Qatari job by the people who are pushing the FIFA bid! As for you, the author of this thread, do what you bloody well want but DO NOT insinuate that other Qatari girls are what you claim them to be, FYI many sisters of very good men have nothing to hide and when they say things like I am muslim their lifestyle reflects that they are. Kindly refrain from defaming them, otherwise have the guts to come out and challenge them face to face of being just like you. Nice try NUCLEAR WEAPONS: IF AMERICA AND ISRAEL CAN HAVE THEM - THEN SO SHOULD IRAN.
I dont believe you...1000% youre not qatari girl. I bet with my landcruiser.
I symapthis with you and I am sure you are not alone.. BUT.....
a new troll try to showup in QL
oh dali... cmon u didnt actually think its a local did u? i m guessin its one of the frustrated expats who did not have much fun in the past events organized after the first Thursday past Eid... i.e. because of the no alcohol regulation followed by the set of rules (hoax or not) pasted by novita yesterday... these claims simply pass by... with a lil bit of fun for those who want to damage the Good locals image (agreed there are different types)... as for the locals who want to party... huh! if someone is not dumb they should know.. its a piece of cake to make it in... a lil bit of logic will help.
this young woman who has VALID complaints about the sexism that exists in this culture to GO TO HELL???? I am so disappointed in you. And frankly, I agree with her. If there is going to be a law that Qataris are not allowed in clubs then it should be applied equally. PERIOD.       I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM
but to think of it again... it could even be among those qataris who want to (so called) decorate qatar in their own (not really) vision in an attempt to modernize (actually westernize) but hey hold on... what about the european tourism industry..... dont you want a reason to get out of Qatar every once in a while?
I have had this exact same conversation with a number of QATARI WOMEN. You live in your own little world where you think all Muslim and Eastern women are happy in the golden cages you build for them, while you run around free showing your feathers like a peacock so proud of himself. You are CLUELESS.       I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM
ah the americans..PERIOD.. LMAO........hahahahahaha thats the end.
This is a better & brave step you have taken wait you can see more Qatari girls will come to this point and this rules will be moved be positive
YOU hear that anyone who's in power here in Qatar reading this?????????????????????? Lamm says "This is a better & brave step you have taken wait you can see more Qatari girls will come to this point and this rules will be moved be positive" Now deal with it :) Pandora's bloody box of tricks! NUCLEAR WEAPONS: IF AMERICA AND ISRAEL CAN HAVE THEM - THEN SO SHOULD IRAN.
actually ... given the new law that allows an expat to marry a qatari woman... i guess opening bars will simply increase the expat's chances. hmmm...
I am sure this is one QL members work; please friends do not follow it, some one playing with us.
Oh yes , i forgot this thread is a Hoax lol Troll on till yer blue in the face NUCLEAR WEAPONS: IF AMERICA AND ISRAEL CAN HAVE THEM - THEN SO SHOULD IRAN.
against allowing women in clubs. And do you think every Qatari has money and influence? I can assure you they don't. I think you are being very harsh to someone who whether you like it or not has different o-pinions from you. I don't think that invalidates her point that there is sexism being applied to the law here.       I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM
They are in the minority but it is a growing minority.       I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM
back because she was talking on the phone to a boy. It still happens in Qatar so don't be so secure in your belief that the bad old ways have been left behind.       I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM
odd since you are an "American man".... hmmmmm.....       I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM
i think one of the prime qatari woman is being a very bad example for them... giving them all these ideas...
Why people say this superwoman is liar? Too many Qatari girls go Beirut, Paris,London , Marbella ,Cannes and much more different places for vacations. They wear nice clothes, they have fun and go to clubs. Only in home country they don't do because of family. This happens too much. This girls is normal people and have wish for fun and normal life. Why not? Only few people want to live witn no fun. Wallah! What comes around, goes around....
makes them "prime"?       I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM
My 2 cents: You don't have to look too hard to find Qatari women drinking alcohol in restuarants in the W, the Hyatt, the Sheraton, or the Sharq - it's hardly as if there aren't Qatari females who drink. (I personally know a handful who admit to liking a drink.) They may be a minority, but they exist, and anyone who says otherwise is naive beyond words. If it were up to me, either let all Qataris into bars (male or female) or keep them all out. I don't understand why anyone thinks it's okay to let in the guys, but ban the women. (And after seeing the behaviour of Qatari men in the Ramada bar, I would prefer it if they banned them all!)
Yes, PM I do , go read my input in the gay thread which reveals that my wife works very closely with alot of Qatari girls, some of their father and brothers ive met. BTW alot of domestic violence happens back home and all over the world, this lovely video is an eye opener &v=EKo0c_7_ZbY"> Enjoy! Interesting point Salax, her daughters dont wear Hijabs , I can guess once this growing minority that PM refers to becomes a majority of hejab removers then HH may finally remove her hijab too. NUCLEAR WEAPONS: IF AMERICA AND ISRAEL CAN HAVE THEM - THEN SO SHOULD IRAN.
exactly nomerci... those qatari girls can definitely fly away and have their piece of fun... and u will not see them whine about things that even they believe is for the better of this nation. take this fictional story as an example: qatari woman goes to bar and gets drunk under depression of disloyal husband... comes out of the bar... out of arrogance (its by birth) drives by herself and knocks off a poor expat cleaning the roads... or gets encouraged to cheat on husband and is lured to an expats home for the night for certain unspeakable activities... worst without protection... even worse captured in mobile cams and spread around the Qtel & vodafone network... and then u have youtube... or even grownbootytube (lmao on this one)... later its discovered she belonged to a renowned family who are attending her funeral... reason of death undisclosed... assumed suicide or murder. think about it... its safer in a place where u r a stranger
PM, you know that this is not a big problem for qatarian lady , because with their money they can travel all the world and in her case she can go t las vegas and spare us the drama . i am talking her about trollers , Imagine me standing in Bar in America saying this is wrong , and i don't accept all that? do you think that they will accept my opinion . all the time try to make the mirror opinion to know what the other thinks --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
Andrew "If it were up to me, either let all Qataris into bars (male or female) or keep them all out" You're so right on the above point, it's a pandora's box and the Majority here want it closed. So no need for double standards it just makes the country appear sexist NUCLEAR WEAPONS: IF AMERICA AND ISRAEL CAN HAVE THEM - THEN SO SHOULD IRAN.
violence in my country. I was just pointing out that it still does exist in yours -- I mean your "adopted country" :-)       I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM
@ superwoman, its not the clubbing rule that needs to be change here in Doha, there are lots like work related laws, International Labor law seems are not followed here in Doha. For example If you finish your work contract, and you have already apply for a new job, you have to ask your master/sponsor to release you, for the new master/sponsor to accept you. If the old master said no, you will be kick out of this country. And your salary will depend on your color of your skin and nationality. Salam
اطال الله تنظيف هذه الأرض المقدسة من الكفار غير المرغوب فيه وغبي مع عقلية مريضة وكربي ويعيد النقاء والجمال في هذه الأرض ------------------------------------------------------ There are good people in this world, and they are not ONLY Muslims, you know. Geez.(last comments by alexa when she left Qiving)
I'm so so sad I thought this will help me but u don't even believe me ....I will ask all of you a simple question, do you not think that a Qatari girl would do such a thing ? or you do not think that she would actly talk about it publicly? "Superwoman to the rescue"
see i had once had an encounter when i went to a qatari woman's house who was alone in her house with her very young son and a maid only. she is my friend's client actually and i just accompanied him... she came in front of us in her own house wearing a burkha... and as i said.. her husband was not there to check on her dress code... and i must say .. even then... in the slang... she was a hot mama. its all in the way u see it or how u want to see it.
countries. She is saying that the law should be applied equally to men and women in HER country. Do you have a problem with that?       I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM
and what the hell is a troll????? yes I'm new to this web site I never had a reason to join stop thinking im fake its so sad because the whta Qataris is famous of doing, if there is a problem at their home they will just deny it and believe hat aint true but sorry guys I'm real and I'm willing to prove it and I will! "Superwoman to the rescue"
trouble on QL. You really need to get your mind out of the gutter. And besides, don't think that ONE Qatari woman represents all of them. I have a very good friend from Bangladesh and she is nothing like you. Do you think you represent ALL Bengalis?       I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM
PM!!! Again the racism against my Arabic orign, please don't dissapoint me! :) After all you are collonial and the Native Americans can also accuse you of the same thing. NUCLEAR WEAPONS: IF AMERICA AND ISRAEL CAN HAVE THEM - THEN SO SHOULD IRAN.
first of all PM , all we know that she is fake account of a troller , then treating women equal to men will put women in a deep problem. because then we have to talk not only on rights but also about DUTIES . i have an innocent question? why toilets in modern world are separated ? men women? as a man i want toilets to be for all , all the genders ;P --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
for the americans a good point... recently the Srilankan PM has reminded Hillary about the monica lewinsky issue after Her Dumbness had so stupidly said in one of the speech how rape is being used as a weapon of war in countries like srilanka... the srilankan pm denied such claims and then reminded her of monica ... i farted in front of my superior laughing... and was hoping someone informed her dumbness about the american soldiers.. some lady soldiers ... raping women and children in iraq... then i thought she probably knew it already. the moral is... renovate ur own house before pointing the cracks of ur neighbours... let alone... nations this far.
pm... on what furken basis does ur filthy head suggest my mind originated from the gutter... oh wait lemme gues... ahh.. u r an americano i see.. leaving that... really tell me.. which part of my post seemed filthy to u.,,, please.. and yes i never said i represent bangladeshis.. infact trust me i dont... even the bangladeshis tell me so.
these people who grew up in places/countries like this missed too many things...and i kind of pitty them ************************************ One summer night, going to the pier, I ran into two young girls. The blonde was called Freedom, The dark one, Enterprise.