Sports in Qatar

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Some people say that ‘sport makes the world go round’. Guess what? They just might be right.

Post here about the big and small sporting events happening in Doha. And see you soon as one among the legions of screaming fans…

  1. Tennis buddy

    Hi, I'm a Filipino looking for tennis buddy. I'm only intermediate level (3.0). I wanted to play regularly to improve my skill and have fun. If you're interested or if you know someone, kindly send me private message. Cheers!

  2. 5 a side football in Doha

    I'm looking for information on any 5 a side (or 7 a side) football in Doha either indoor outside as I've just moved here a few days ago but keen to play and I can't find anything online. If anyone who plays are looking for players I am very interested. Thanks.

  3. CPR / AED course

    Does anyone know where I can take a CPR/AED course in Qatar? I need it by the first week of June as I'm doing my ACE personal trainer exam mid June. Thanks! Dana

  4. Youth Soccer Leagues

    My wife and I will be relocating to Doha this summer to teach for two years. I'm hoping to continue refereeing youth soccer as I've done here in the States for the last couple years. Does anyone know if there are opportunities to do so in Doha?