Sports in Qatar

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Some people say that ‘sport makes the world go round’. Guess what? They just might be right.

Post here about the big and small sporting events happening in Doha. And see you soon as one among the legions of screaming fans…

  1. Football ground

    Hi all

    is there any football ground available in Doh area for rent for two hours per day or any other plan ? 

    Pls let me know , the reason is for team practicing.

  2. Soccer

    looking for local indian or sri lankan football team near in mamoura to play with as i'm getting bore in qatar

    i love playing soccer

    hope somebody give me an idea plaease thanks msg men in whts App or viber, Line......
    mail me

  3. Volleyball or beach volleyball


    My name is Jamal and I am from Spain. I will be in Qatar for three months, I use to play volleyball and beach volleyball in Spain (in amateur teams) and I am looking for people to play in Doha, just social or even training in an amateur team.

    Someone could help me?