Sports in Qatar

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Some people say that ‘sport makes the world go round’. Guess what? They just might be right.

Post here about the big and small sporting events happening in Doha. And see you soon as one among the legions of screaming fans…

  1. Tennis buddy

    Anyone with the same interest of playing tennis?

    I am a newbie in playing tennis with Intermediate level D or C skills.

    Available twice a week from 5PM onwards. If interested you may SMS my mobile no. 33261601.

  2. Horseback riding in Doha


    I'm looking for a stable where I can go for horseback riding (dressage and jumping). Lessons or renting a horse. Later on if possible maybe also buy horse and rent a stable there.

    Does anyone know any good places to go for an advanced rider?

    Thank you!


  3. Playing Cricket


    I am new to Qatar. I am interested in playing cricket. Can i join anybody who goes to play cricket more often. I am willing to join. Thanks! Call/ Whatsapp: 30868899

  4. tennis court in Doha

    I don't find where to play tennis in Doha. Khalifa tennis club is always too crowded, in Aspire there are only two courts always occupied. who knows other public places in Doha where to play tennis?