Al Jazeera to bid for Premier League?

The Daily Mail is reporting that Al Jazeera is going to bid for the English Premier Leaguer football rights. They already have rights to the French league.

Satellite broadcaster BSkyB could lose its exclusive live coverage of Premier League football to the Arab TV channel Al Jazeera.

Senior figures within Al Jazeera, which is owned by the Qatari royal family, are contemplating a bid for the rights when they are put out to tender next year.
The move would be a serious blow to Rupert Murdoch’s Sky TV service which is heavily dependent on the revenues it earns from the millions of subscribers who tune into its exclusive football coverage.

...A source said: ‘There is definitely a sense that Al Jazeera is looking at acquiring Premier League rights. Of course, they have the money to outbid Sky and billions is not a problem. But they also have the motivation because of all the scepticism that has greeted its successful bid for the World Cup.

Not sure how reliable the Daily Mail is but you never know....


Would be another jewel in the Al Jazeera media crown. Time to see the end of BSkyB monopoly on the EPL.

as long as they show every game in HD like Abu Dhabi Sports do and they don't stuff up the coverage like last years WC in South Africa...

Also a good point Raven..:)

Everygame in HD is great UK, as long as AJ can keep up the standards set by AD Sports I have no probs.....I don't know why AJ don't show all the CL games in HD

I hope they get it - I think they could do a great job with relaying the Prem into the Gulf - they already do a great job with the Internationals and the Champions League notwithstanding Raven's comment re HD coverage. But lets not get ahead of ourselves and wait until those 2 giants of well informed opinion and sparkling wit/inteligence and all round where with all/life skills Flor and Good Old Joe express their opinions before we go firm on ours!!!!!

Those 2 will CERTAINLY get my vote in the poll that I may launch on QL in the near future!!!!

watching with baited breath Chairboy!

@ Raven - Ive been away a couple of days - congrts on the WC - deserved - nice when the best team DOES in fact win - with Carter Im thinking it wouldnt have been the struggle the French made it seem.

Btw Graham Henry in todays UK press indicating that he would be more than happy to come to England and "coach the coaches"!! Talk about feathering your bed - is it a coincidence that his ABs contract is just about to come to an end and Martyn Johnson has about as much future as a puddle in the desert. Seriously, he could do so much better than the England job................

thanks Chairboy, was a nerve racking final 30 mins, kudos to the French who finally turned up to play, our boys looked a bit nervous but 1 pt is as good as 30. Yep Carter would have guided the team better and maybe calmed down a few boys.

Yeah saw that online somewhere that Henry might be offered a position with the RFU, I guess after this he can name his price, might be a godo retirement scheme for him!

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