Places to PLay Football in Doha


Still researching but not having much luck in finding a reasonably priced Football pitch to rent per hour each week. Does anyone know of a good spot ?



hi, i love football!

al ahli sports club, al arabi? might be

Peace be upon you, and how do you do?.

However, about the above request of yours, I think in this country now adays everything have become priced, even the beaches which was open for public, now it is taken over for big projects like hotels, ....etc.

Nevertheless, if you have got more money, you could find an place under your wish and command.

Finally, I really wish you good luck to find a cheap or free place to play your favourite sports.

Take care and may God bess you.

Best wishes


i wish theres somewhere to play football, its all for clubs, and goverments everywhere is illegal, the security kicks us from each stadium/park we play in...seriously

Have the same problem,

In any case I have visited the Qatar university a couple of days ago with a friend around 08:00 o'clock night and noticed the empty football fields there (5 on 5 or 6 on 6 I think) so you can try there.

Don't know about the rules to use the fields though or if it is free or charged

Anyway if it will be sorted out for you and need players my number 66434485

Best of luck

hi i am ali i live in markiya near my home there is a football ground to play football

Thanks for the replies, It seems that Al ahli sports club rent them for 300rial for 1hr... going to go and have a look around there tonight as i did not understand much over the phone. Thanks

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