Sports in Qatar

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Some people say that ‘sport makes the world go round’. Guess what? They just might be right.

Post here about the big and small sporting events happening in Doha. And see you soon as one among the legions of screaming fans…

  1. Chennai Cricket Tournament 2014


    Chennai Cricket team tournament are running under progress since 10th January-2014 its scheduled for 32 teams and still there is a vacancy for 5 teams who can play 24th & the other fridays... interested team please do call us for getting the clear pictures...


  2. Nutritional Value of Dates

    The fruits of date palms pack a nutritional punch. At the same time they contain insignificant amounts of fat and have no cholesterol. The most common dates in the United States are the Medjool and Deglet Noor varieties, which boast relatively equal nutritional values.

  3. Learning from Life

    People who want things now, they never want to work hard and go through the proper process, they miss out on Character Development and lack foundation.

    Everything in life teaches a lesson, and people grow from it.

    Happy New Year

  4. Sports Supplement Brands

    There are many sport supplements out there, my top 3 Sports Brands are as follows:

     1.       Universal Nutrition/Animal

     2.       Twinlab

     3.       Maximuscle

     Combined with a solid diet and exercise program, I can defend these brand names any day. 

  5. Graphic Designer

    I'm a indian currently I am in Qatar with Transferable visa , looking for an opportunity to work in IT related fields. I have 06 years of hands on experience as a Graphic Designer, Lecturer on Graphic Packages and as a Computer Operator. Hard-working, frank, trustworthy and creative.