Sports in Qatar

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Some people say that ‘sport makes the world go round’. Guess what? They just might be right.

Post here about the big and small sporting events happening in Doha. And see you soon as one among the legions of screaming fans…

  1. Softball 2015 in Doha

    I'm new to the city and was wondering if there was a softball league? I found a few websites, but most are 2 years old or the up to date sites don't have any contact information. Anyone to help on this?


  2. Peks

    Hey guys, I love basketball and I would love to play on regular basis. I'm not a professional, but I'm good :)Is anyone interested?

  3. Badminton

    Hey all .. Am looking for a place / team or as a partner to play badminton , please let me know if anyone knows.. please drop me a mail at



  4. Cricket Tournament

    Dear All,

    Happy to inform you that the Cricket tournament i had planned is going to start from 06th Feb 2015 @ 7 am those who are interested to watch send me a Email on i will forward the location of ground