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Techno Coasters

A set of 6 coasters made from old motherboards. Finally liquids and PC parts can go together.

Your Life Wasted... Forever

The Online Games Toolbar is a browser add-on for Firefox and IE which gives you a full menu listing of just about every major games service on the Web.


For those wanting to make Flickr or Google image surfing fun and easy, PicLens has released a plug-in for Firefox and Safari that let's you flip through photos full-screen instead of the tiny thumb

Chinese Scrolls

Chinese designer Yun Liang has come up with the Scroll Phone design as a means of utilizing the forthcoming flexible displays.


Yotel, is a revolutionary new hotel concept that has just launched with 46 stylish cabins at Gatwick Airport.

Oliver, Turner and Donna

They are the happy kitchen tools. Oliver is the spoon, Turner the spatula (naturally!) and Donna the strainer.

Glow in the Bath

What is the best way to have some fun while taking a bath? By adding some LED lights of course, and that is what the Happy Aqua Lumi can do.

Pet Lamp

If you are tired of normal lamps in your house and want something special, check out the Pet Lamp Terribear.

Hey Man

If you're the type that needs background noise in order to concentrate, you may be in need of the Drumming Hippies.