Visas and Permits

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Tourists from over 33 countries - including the USA, Canada, Germany, and Iceland - can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport.

Other nationalities needs to arrange this before hand, either through a travel agent, a hotel or even Qatar Airways.

For work permits and business visas, the local company usually arranges this.

Changes to visa regulations regularly occur on short notice, so look through recent posts in this section.

Make sure to also check with your airline and/or embassy for further information.

  1. Nepali housemaid

    Hi we have a approved visa for nepali housemaid..we know someone who wants to come from nepal. The Nepal embassy has closed Nepali housemaids for now. Is there any way we can bring her here ..Does anyone do company visa?
  2. Entry/Exit Visas

    Does anyone know if the employers in Qatar hold the passports of Westerner (US Citizens) Employees with them or are they held in the possession of the employee. Also, can some experienced people shed some light on issuing Exit Visas for Westerners from a Qatar MultiNational Employer.
  3. Online MBA programme

    Is online graduation/ MBA programme approved in Qatar and the Cerificates so received is it accepted for attaining Higher Visa status in current ID. Please advice