Attestation of documents for RP
By optimusprime82 • 2 years 9 months ago.

My graduation/degree certificate is from India. When I was in India, I already got it attested from Notary, Ministry of External Affairs India, and Embassy of Qatar in New Delhi.

Now at the time of RP, what all attestations do I need before applying for RP in Qatar? I have heard that I need to get it attested from Ministry of External Affairs Qatar and Indian Embassy in Qatar. Can anyone confirm this?

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By Vrcv• 2 years 9 months ago.

Hi, now you need to attest it only from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar. from Indian Embassy not required.

By ayrinthomas678• 2 years 9 months ago.

You can contact with Index groups.they can help you for no.six-six-two-one-eight-seven-nine-nine

By jakk• 2 years 9 months ago.

near al emadi building c ring road go there u see qatar embasssy