Baladiya Stamp for Family Visa

Anybody can assist on this issue?

I took over a studio for one year and got a tenancy contract from a lender. This lender took the full villa from a Qatari. Now I am 3rd person. Recently I applied for family visa and rejected since the tenancy contract is not stamped with Baladiya. I spoke to the guy who is looking after the villa (Asian), and he refused to proceed for Baladiya stamp. The reason shown is the Lender is from Saudi and no willing to issue such things. He pointed out previously also few Lebanese guys tried to get it but failed. But still I have not quitted but keeping on trying.

But my major issue is my wife’s visit visa gonna be expired in few weeks.

Can anybody advise me?


We also faced some difficulty but this guy helped us. Trying calling this no. or just leave a message. 66283342 or 66537722
annmathew; thanks
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