Ban Period

Dear All,

Though i know this question has been asked a number of times here on QL, i still ask it one more time since i think the ban period rule has changed few months ago. I recently resigned from my job and was told that the ban period is now only 6 months. My co-workers even claim that they personally know people who re-entered Qatar after 6 months of quitting their previous job. Please if anyone who is at his office desk can call his HR or Immigration and get this verified. I will really appreciate your help.



why dont you come here and try yourself if you are so confident ?

The ban period is never going to change.

you will know it when the immigration cancels your visa and they will stamp the ban period (whether 2 yrs or 6 mos) on your passport .. right now it is only the immigration that knows the right answer to your question..they are the only one who can confirm... my advice is do not believe on "hearsay only" otherwise you will get disappointed... good luck...

there is a difference between re-entering, and re-working. i know scores of peoples who re-entered in less than a month, but not to work: on family residence visa.

to be reable to work -legaly-, u need a NOC or wait for 2 years. but in the mean time ur free to visit qatar (visit visa, family visit visa, or family residence visa...) not work visa.

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