Business Visa in Philippine Immigration

Hi, I am already holding a business visa, my flight must be today but many of us were hold in Immigration in the Airport here in the Philippines. They are asking for so many questions?
1. What will be your business there?
2.Where will you stay while you are in Qatar?
3. How much money do you have to support your living while in Qatar?
4. Going to qatar under Business visa is the way to look for a job.

Immigration here in the philippines don't want us to exit in the country by means of a business visa for job hunt in qatar. You must defend yourself to answer their questions how you are going to answer them. If anyone who has experienced on this, can you please help me? It's hard for me to defend the questions their asking even if I already have an invitation letter coming from the sponsor. Two of us hold in the airport with the same situation.

Please, help me....Thanks in advance...

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