Business Visa in Philippine Immigration

Hi, I am already holding a business visa, my flight must be today but many of us were hold in Immigration in the Airport here in the Philippines. They are asking for so many questions?
1. What will be your business there?
2.Where will you stay while you are in Qatar?
3. How much money do you have to support your living while in Qatar?
4. Going to qatar under Business visa is the way to look for a job.

Immigration here in the philippines don't want us to exit in the country by means of a business visa for job hunt in qatar. You must defend yourself to answer their questions how you are going to answer them. If anyone who has experienced on this, can you please help me? It's hard for me to defend the questions their asking even if I already have an invitation letter coming from the sponsor. Two of us hold in the airport with the same situation.

Please, help me....Thanks in advance...


Let your wallet do the talk.

"weather-weather lang yan", so just wait for a change in the weather! ALthough it should be a cold season there, the immigration people are still hot!

Actually my friend has been hold also last week same situation like yours and nowadays they are more stricter for those having business and tourist visa as to minimize human trafficking and i think it depends upon the mood of the immigration officer and its difficult because there not implementing new rules and what is the requirements for those having business and tourist visa, because Ive experience the same last 2007 even my documents are complete still they refused to stamp my passport what i did is I change lanes and the other officer is in a good mood and he let me pass by the counter. Hope in the near future the philippine govt resolve this problem so people are aware of the requirements.

Before we are accusing the government for not doing anything to secure the welfare of its nationals abroad, now the government took its first step then everyone whines...

WTH is happening to us?

Our flight is today early in the morning but in the afternoon there are filipinos who pass the immigration under the same visa. How could this be happen? I hope the philippine govt must solve this problem and have some procedures for the requirements needed in this case. People can't help people but with more money, it really helps a lot.


Have to agree with Chad. You try to do something illegal then complain when you are caught. No sympathy.

good luck..yah it depends on their moods.

Just relax, speak and stand with confidence..

answers to your Q...tell them this way...

1. My business in Qatar is to look for a job.

2. I will be staying in my relative's/friend's house.

3. I do not have enough money however, if you allow me to pass and board on the plane and work it out my business in searching job in Qatar...perhaps, I may support myself, my family and loved ones thereafter.

4. Yes, it's an option...

as it may seem that here in the philippines, if you don't make it illegal for some people inside the govt here, which is the same as white lies. but tthey are using their moods just to make illegal which is not better for the country. i accept more filipinos, not one, not all, but some make money to money just to deal with them. how to avoid those people?

Remember.. Christmas is coming! hehehe.. =)

what is Christmas to them if their doing something illegal, if you will give them their prize, what about yours? lol....

you should have carry with you Inviation letter from the person, or the one who makes for you the visa. So no question will be ask for you in the immigration.

A few dollars should do the trick. Make sure that it is given along with the passport and business, tourist or pleasure visa or maybe sometimes even no visa will not make a difference. If they are not too busy they might even see you through upto the boarding gates.

even without document, you can. But if THEY don't want you to pass, even you bring everything and everyone, you can't pass. Lol!

will do a trick? Lol!

Now that the Government is trying to protect its citizen from human trafficking, why blame them?

What they asked you were the basic requirements for a "BUSINESS VISA" holder. You should have done your research before going on your travel.

I also went here on a business visa but had no problems because I had all the documents needed to show the officer at the immigration counter.

The answers to the questions are found on the required sponsor invitation letter. If you were not able to answer those questions then really you either did not read your invitation letter or it is a bogus letter.

I agree with Treysdad, they are just protecting us. Don't miss understood them.

It's almost the same question they asked me when I went to Japan for a tour.

hi der..i came here in qatar one month ago with a business visa..i know its difficult to pass by in the immigration there in the philippines but its up on your looks and answers (smart answers) are tips:

-if they ask u wat u will do in qatar u answer dat u will be meeting some of the managers of the company (which is your sponsor on your visa)

-if they ask u if u will work der say NO! tell dem u r currently working in a certain company in d philippines.

-if they ask u who will finance u der, tell them the company will shoulder all ur expenses, accommodation (hotel), food, transportation, etc..

-if they ask u when will u be coming back to the phils., tell dem u have a return ticket..(in a month right?!)

-finally, be sure u look in well dress up like long sleeve and slacks..

note: ive been there b4 and i made it..for sure u will make it too..gud luck..daming trabaho d2 sa qatar..magaling tayo mg NOYPI..God bls

dont be discouraged keep on queuing. if you will not pass to the other then change your not Give Up!

Kaya mo 'yan..

Mr. treysdad where not blaming the government we just want a concrete procedure to pass all the required documents needed so that you can go out of the country like jsli said she completed all the documents required still they hold her at the airport. so Mr. treysdad can you clarify this things to us so all of our countrymen wants to come here in qatar knows what to bring and what to do.

Please find below currently collected experiences of kabayans who just recently came here (and some are still in our country, hoping, and some wanting to give up):

1. You cannot change que on the immigration lane that easy now. A ground officer will screen your papers before they assigned you to a specific lane. They said they now delegate lanes for working visa, business, tourist/visit visa.

2. Business visa now requires with different documents on different occasion and with different immigration officers. There are some instances that they will require you certificate from your current employer (Philippines) that they allow you to a business visit in Qatar (or any other country). Immigration officer will likewise ask you original or copy of company ID.

-Basically, immigration officers would ask you documents which you would never thought that they will require.

3. For visit/business visa, there's this data card (I forgot how they refer to this index card), where you need to submit to immigration officer. Several information like where you will stay, your relation to the person you will stay with, the cost of your return ticket. Immigration are aware of the "dummy ticket" being issued, so sometimes right there and there they may check the return ticket if it’s a "true" or dummy ticket only.

There's a lot more, but i would leave it to others to attest how they manage to surpass different ordeals they have encountered.

A lot has been having problems with the immigration lately, oftenly, it does not matter if you have complete documents, how you look and answer to them.. most of which matters as to "who" is the immigration officer interviewing you... now, if you have all the genuine papers and the guts, i suggest that you go to higher authorities and carry out a complain and seek some justification why you were denied boarding..

Travel Requirements for Filipinos


• Valid passport – at least 6 months;

• Valid Original visa for port of entry( when required); and

• For tourists, a return ticket. (Memorandum Order No. MCL – 07 -019 issued on October 24, 2007).


. You must be entering the foreign country temporarily

. You must be able to show ties to your home country in the form of such evidence as property, family, and a permanent job (specially if going to the US)

. You must not be going to provide services or engage in business activities that are primarily for the benefit of a foreign employer

. The purpose of your trip must be to perform a legitimate business activity

. You may not be paid a salary or other remuneration from a foreign source. However, reimbursement for per diem and travel expenses is permitted

. You have sufficient financial resources to fund the trip including all travel, accommodation and living expenses during your stay. If you do not have sufficient financial resources to fund the trip, you must provide evidence that your employer will provide support

. A return ticket


Minority- for the travel of unaccompanied minors, a Travel Clearance must be issued by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and presented to the Immigration Officer prior to departure.


. For Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s), before departure, he/she must present a POEA Overseas Employment Certificate at the concerned immigration counter. Otherwise, they shall not be cleared for departure. (MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. ADD – 02 – 019 dated 15 April 2002).

I hope this helps.


Thanks owen and TD for the information. Godbless

briefed about business visa holder travelling to this region. So, unless your purpose is real, no need to worry. Only those who's aim is just to enter here and look for job really are the one complaining. So if you are a legitimate traveller with a legitimate PURPOSE and papers, if you did not pass the counter, YOU CAN file a formal complaint.

You can not blame these people travelling under business visa for the main purpose of looking for jobs here. They just needed a better paying job compared in the Phils. If they are lucky enough to have a working visa, they can be accounted for the next time they go home because they need to have that OEC Form from the POEA.

"Illegal" as it may seem, having a good intention of acquiring a job for your family is not bad. Good luck to all who are coming here.

prone to exploitation and when such thing happened, the victim/s cries where and to who? Maybe isolated but a very big HEADACHE indeed! Yes, a BIG good luck to those who keeps on trying! You really need it here, LUCK! Lol!

just be smart...and a great pretender :)

same with you flor1212 they must prepare themselves all the consequences for finding luck here in qatar actually there doing this for there family to give them a better future than to stay on our country working hard for a small salary and same exploitation, corruption and some worst crimes happening and honestly speaking qatar is much safer place than our country. Godbless to all those people wants to come here in qatar and goodluck

same with you flor1212 they must prepare themselves all the consequences for finding luck here in qatar actually there doing this for there family to give them a better future than to stay on our country working hard for a small salary and same exploitation, corruption and some worst crimes happening and honestly speaking qatar is much safer place than our country. Godbless to all those people wants to come here in qatar and goodluck

i have a decoration company in doha and i am looking for decorative painters from philippines nationality and they already living in doha.or even if they are building painter will be me on 55842341


welcome to the philippines before you say hi to qatar! walang magawa mga yan kc magpapasko na naman e... nakakalungkot mga style nyan mga yan.... :(

so no more filipinas then..... :(

and the recruitment agencies were asking USD1,000 for each employee excluding processing fee for documents here (Embassy & POLO).

Based on our calculations, our total expenses for each driver will cost us 2,000 = 2,5000USD for them to be able to work in Qatar.

The bad thing about it, the drivers will pay PLACEMENT FEE to the recruitment agency equivalent to their ONE MONTH PAY.

We resorted to getting them business visas...unfortunately, with all documents provided, they weren't allowed to leave/board by the Immigration officers.

We resorted to paying "escort/assistance" services per head just to get them here...we took the chance coz we need them to be here for a project...

I know its wrong...but the company will lose a lot more if these people won't be here on time...

wouldnt it be a lot easier to employ nepali drivers? Less immigration hassle and 1/3rd the price

1/5th the price... just checked!

All that cheap are not good SeanC

You know what? I agree with you, but off late the hassles with MoL to obtain Philipino Visas, going through Crooked Filipino Manpower agent that are known to force even the poor employee to pay fees amounting to almost 1 whole salary in Qatar despite being instructed by the employer against it. And now we have issues with Philipines Emigration. We've had cases where these agents even fake engineering and other degrees (apostilled too)

i just want to ask, is it better if your goin have an entry point, just like singapore den dun kana mag exit papuntang quatar, mas lessen ba ang aberya mo pagdating sa immigration officer ng kagaya dito.

my friend paid for her sister's assistance in philippine airport so her sister can enter without interviewing..

how much did your friend give to the escort assistance, where can you have that assistance, do they have an agency?

im not sure ha? i think its 15thou philippine money. no wala silang agency..

Why are they implementing these rules about business/tourist visa in the Immigration IF anyone can get away with an "Escort assistance"

The intention of the Immigration is clear, to prevent human trafficking but hidden agendas are much more, corruption,illegal transactions, ... They should take action first to those people working in the Immigration!


kuquels.. korek!! nkakainis ung may ganun.. lahat nang nasa immigration officer may kanya kanyang raket yan, kanya kanyang assist yan.. kala mo ung iba masusungit if i know meron din silang pinalalagpas kapag mau nagbigay sa kanila.. haist..

Guys I agree!

I was also got on hold by an Immigration officer. Good thing I was with my relative (OFW). He just told the other IO that I was with him then they let me board.

there was this woman i saw who was actually denied to depart by an IO then she left after that. After a few minutes another IO were running to get her back sabi nung isang IO to him "naku lagot tayo kay Ms._____ yan eh di ba nila alam yung pangalan?! habulin mo patay tayo nyan"

HHmmm...anu kaya un??? obvious naman sila masyado.

i have a contact with one of the officers and they need this letter from sponsor got red ribbon from philippine consulate in qatar plus photocopy of passport and id of this visa sponsor. In fact, he told that prepare for an amount of 20thousand phil peso so they can make a way to let me pass on screening. Why is this happening? is visas from qatar is not valid so this philippine territory is requesting for some documents that qatar cannot provide? what is legal papers to the immigration? what are the procedures to make it legal? already holding a visa but this territory will not pass you because they will ask you that you will work in qatar by means of this visa. yes i understand their restrictions, but where is this so called legal procedures that all kababayan want to go to qatar under visit visa will do. What is legal to them?

My friend there is no such thing as legal requirements for anyone going to Qatar on a visit or business visa, once the visa is issued to you by the Qatar government there's no stopping you from going to Qatar. Immigration Officers in Manila are only making up these requirements so they can extort money from you.

Because WE tolerated them and now this is the RESULT!

don't say "WE" this my first time and i'm really against with the violations even if it is our countrymen. We are only people, different cultures and different attitudes. So don't make it universal...

Jsli, That's your interpretation! I respect that...

tell me, how to avoid these tolerations? I have a contact with these officers, we talked last week, he said i will prepare for 20thousand philippine peso so they will let me pass on the lane they will designate to me. He said, (THE IMMIGRATION OFFICER) I HAVE HIS NAME BUT I WILL RESPECT HIM STILL, even if you have already completed your requirement, they will still look for any requirements or documents or ask any questions which doesn't matters because "SOME" of them, really want to extort money. But because this IO, he knows i have relative there so he's willing to help me with not extorting money but have the chance to board because i will pay for many persons in NAIA, first, the immigraion officer in the counter, second, their boss, third at the boarding gate and so on... so tell me, whom to talk with?

Its very simple Jsli, since they mentioned the amount already.

I will send you PM shorty to avoid the payment & fly freely.

then PM me for more info. I will wait for your PM.. Is it now? lol......

PM sent! thanks,,,

i think i'm getting nervous, is it effective? whew,, can't imagine how to start.

Just do it and its really worth it.

jsli i have a suggestion..

my BF will come here in Qatar on 27th thru BUSINESS VISA.. is anyone can help us how to avoid the problem in immigration?? thanks

rac - do you have 20,000 pesos?

imbestigador or XXX...go...

yes.. but do he need to pay for that? 20k?

nope, you need not... if you give them, you are tolerating they wrong deeds.

i did a notarized with these papers from sponsor and after that, go to RTC in pasay then i have to come back tomorrow so i will send it to dfa for the red ribbon process

if you have any suggestions then please tell everyone in this forum to help our kabayans including

ooopss...I's Christmas time in the country.

yes, this season people are busy mostly government officials they are waiting for their bonus. what about the lower families? very sad they are big fishes crocodiles in the heart of the philippines

My employer got me a business visa AND MY PLANE FARE. I didn't have to pay for ant placement fee as my employer owns (part owner) of the recruitment agency in Manila.

When I came here, it was kind a bumpy ride for a couple of months but all went well.

Looking back stay in Qatar is one hell of a roller coaster ride. What's ironic about it: I hate roller coasters :P

just for info... a family friend just arrived here in doha dis december on business visa. With him are documents of the valid visa, invitation letter of her relative, credentials of the relative such as company id, salary certificate, etc. The relative is working at Hamad. These are sent through its not original at its not authenticated or red ribboned.

He passed the immigration after three attempts. It take guts, confidence and "matinding pakiusapan". No payment made. They just asked if he has pocket money and he showed the 300 dollar bills.

Dont be intimadated by this officers.

yup.. we must not tolerate them. you must do your part and especially prayers will do... if its really GOD's will, everything will be fine..

If I go for vacation , what papers do I need in order to comeback here? do I have to go to POEA Office in the Philippines? Because I know that Immigration in our country will require some papers , but I dont know what papers..

you'll need an OEC.. you can get it here in the Phil. Labour office.. you only have to pay the OWWA and Pag-Ibig membership.. Philhealth you can pay in POEA office when you go home..

I came here with a business visa also , and I've also experienced the problem in the Immigration in Cebu.. All my papers are complete but they will find a way to hold you in the airport.. But I keep insisted that I know the rules and my papers are complete so there is no way they can hold my departure , so they allowed me to board the plane.. Now I'm working as an Engineer here in Doha for six months already.

what are the questions they asked you? and may I know the possible question of the IO may ask to them? it will help a lot if they are aware of these questions right?tnx po

Actually the answer to your question rac_bruno is already the topic on this page just read the above title and content of it, but the difficult thing even you answer them right there is no assurance that the IO will let you pass they will look for incosistencies on your documents and your answer to the question.

Immigration... MEdia expose! :) there are a lot of IO doing the so called ESCORT biz... kudos to Immigration in Philippines

@ techno.... you are very familiar with these immigrations. to all guys in this forum, got a contact with this IO and he asked to prepare for a 20 000 philippine peso. Whew, it's too much!!!!

yeah I do! ;) let me know if you have concerns.. I might help

I think you have the guts, confident with prayers are the keys to pass those question in immigration, I'm here in doha since nov. 3 2010 using business visa. I was nervous when the interview starts because I don't have much supporting documents, My brother sent me only company id and passport copy of him. I know nothing, even his exact address. I didn't passed the first interview and then I talked to the immigration supervisor that I'm going to visit my brother that worked in qatar for almost 8 years and He requested me to visit him instead of going in vacation in philippines.and asked me some things about my brother and how much show money had he passed me for the interview.

BUSINESS VISA is not to visit any relatives Here in Qatar...Business Visa is issued to a person that will deal business with the sponsor company.

so know the rule about the language!

I reschedule my ticket yesterday because of the same situation.:(

y and wat happened? what are the questions they asked u? u have the complete documents right? y they hold u?i have a frend that will come tomorrow with business visa also

Yes flor any problem with that?

Correct Chevs...

you are also doing an illegal thing..

If you want to work in Qatar then enter with a WORKING VISA.. If your going here with a BUSINESS VISA and intent to look for a job here then that's ILLEGAL! The Immigration just caught you and it's just to avoid human trafficking..

You are wrong, it is not illegal.

why do you guys have to argue about the legality or illegality of Business visa? Every person has its Free Will in choosing on what they desire.

To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there.

but the action of the IO is just a result of something not normal, that is, going to a certain country abroad with a visa not intended for such purpose. the legality or illegality of such visa is up for discussion because some people are complaining. Stop complaining and there's nothing to discussed!

yes, you're right. But the IO also makes argue with these people holding business visas. Their treating them like animals, which is wrong. We are the same filipinos but if what they need is legal papers, why they have to shout with the persons, and not explaining what are the needed requirements for this visa. Why do they have to scare you? Just like what you we're telling flor you're making an argument but we need information. yes INFORMATION. Clear?

for their job, including knowing the real purpose of the traveller. Now regarding the "shouting", I still have to see that! Is it upon presentation that the IO shout immediately? Sometimes, raising a voice doesn't mean shouting, maybe a sign of authority (sometimes). So if the traveler is "hiding" something, then the IO may have sensed it and become offensive.

I really don't know how many actual scene have you seen in the immigration counter but I really doubt the "animal" thing. There are might be some isolated cases but as I said, if the travel documents are complete and LEGITIMATE, then one an always file a formal complaint against these abusive IO's!

i already file these case with the authorities not the goverment authorities because they have of the same color but with the organization who really help those in need, the philippine television reporting some scrupolous works of our fellow workers under the government. how ridiculous....

PTL!..My BF just arrived here in Doha last Monday safe & sound. It’s true that the immigration officers didn’t allow him to pass and they asked for some documents (company id, letter of invitation etc.). But he showed all of that and especially in answering their questions (in English) with confident. Don't loose hope.. we can do it!..

Thanks for this forum Kabayans..

I am offloaded today for the second time because of business visas but i have completed all my requirements.....

why,what happened? what is the problem of your papers? I have same issue and i need to complete my papers too..

How come still the IO did not permit you to travel as youve said you have completed all the documents needed am i right? did you ask the IO what is the real problem?

they just walk away when we asked them why? i have pocket money, laptop, credit card, one of the IO said "WAG KA MUNANG UMALIS" what does this mean? event/ually where in the gate they still hold us.

Sad to hear that, but i think it depends upon the mood of the IO because one of my friend just came here last 27th of december with no problem they just ask pocket money and travel documents and thats all, actually ive'd experience the same before last 2007 the IO hold me because im holding business visa instead of working visa the employer of mine issued a business visa for quick departure but i just change lanes and the other IO let me pass by the counter.hope to see u soon here in doha dont loose hope everything is happening for a reason.

i have pocket money, laptop, credit card, complete docu, supporting docu from relatives. no prob with that. they are to question is my visa. What is my business there?

check your personal message. Thanks

four filipinos under the same sponsor holding business visas offloaded by philippine immigration officer in NAIA terminal 1 in QR649 flight even they have the same escorts. Different people their of same Escorts with the sum of 15thousand philippine peso per person. I hate the government here even if I am a natural born citizen. They are big sharks and the president don't know about this...

The problem is even the immigration officers have their groupings and they have there own teams thats why even them they are careful of each other. its 2011 hope people in immigration will be more helpful and honest.

Is it very unfair that our friends with the same papers already arrive there without any consequences? What is the matter with them? It is very questionable

I know its unfair but life is not equal and it depends on your ability and luck, may i know when is the expiration of your visa?

pls check ur pm tnx

hi how much is the business visa and from which agency did you get that? can you help me please.. as im plannming to come on feb.

hi how much is the business visa and from which agency did you get that? can you help me please.. as im plannming to come on feb.

hello much is the business visa in qatar including the ticket?

Hi natuloy ba ciya sa qatar kc ung brod ko inaply ko rin ng business via


2k to 2500 + 1600 air ticket

Hi r u in Qatar now, coz my brother is coming also dis month and im worried may be he will experienced the same

Ut freind is in qatar now ? how many times he offloaded... my brother is coming also this month

Appreciate if u can tell me the procedure ( not to pay to IO )


how to pay airport assistance coz my brother is coming this month pls advise


2k to 2500 for a Business visa???... the regular visit visa cost only 200 if u apply it in the ministry.

Guys dont talk about acquiring business visa here if its not by legal means.

stop posting how illegality works here, specially your in the main forum and its a disgrace to our country.

tsk tsk tsk!

Hoping and praying that God's will must be done and not our own desire. May have the best career to all of you and hoping for a better future for all :-)

is anyone here help ako for escort assistance? offload ako last march 24?they asked me too much papers and blah blah..thanks

sorry sobrang hopeless na expired na kc visa ko

i just want to share my memorable experience on NAIA terminal 1 with IO` cousin bought me a visit visa valid for one month, my flight dated last march 14, but before i proceed on going to doha, i read forums about phil immigration, how to act on IO, and specially all the experiences of our kababayans that has been posted here and serves as our references on what to do...march 14..monday...when checking in, the airline staff told me that if im aware that there is a pocket money required, i answered yes..unfortunately they told me that its $1400, i only got $1000 and my flight will leave in hour and a i got to do what i need to my wife and ask for some money that i will later on exchange to $. sad to say, i missed my flight and im offloaded...but i never gave up, i went to the airline company on the 4th floor of NAIA and rebook my ticket the next flight available. they told me that the flight will be next day 5pm... i paid the penalty..go home in batangas..make some jokes on my relatives that " kaya pala ng balikan ng manila-doha." come march15...i check in 3 hours before flight.. show my pocket money, gave to me my boarding pass and go immidiately to IO..she asked for all my documents...asked to fill up a form which i dont know what it will asked you there like who bought your ticket, how long will you stay..etc etc.. then came the interview...boom..they wrote DISALLOWED on my boarding pass and told me to go to airline office to refund my frustrated, i asked if they can give me a chance? she didnt answered..i left and asked the guard if where can i find the immigration supervisor on duty..i talk to them and asked the reason why they disallowed me? they said my documents needs to be authenticated by embassy in qatar.. i told them about their website which tells that a filipino can travel abroad as a tourist if they have, 1. valid 6 months phil.passport, 2. a visa on a country where you go and last is a return ticket definitely for tourist visa....they are shocked on the things i know which is i only got on reading on their website and knowing all your they told me that i need to go to another IO for another set of interview...again she not allowed me but she referred me back to the same lady who interviewed me and i show her my COE and company id...she told me quickly that " bakit hindi mo pinakita agad yan kanina...she erased the disallowed she put on my boarding pass and then ask me to go back to line to stamp my passport..PRAISE THE already here in qatar for 3 weeks now and coping now for my new endeavor on finding a job here..

so for those who are planning to go here, PRAY HARD, IT REALLY smart and confident enough to yourself, goodluck to all of you...

hi chadqa! with regards to your comment:Its very simple Jsli, since they mentioned the amount already.

I will send you PM shorty to avoid the payment & fly freely.

wow, i hope you can help my friend too : )

why are you holding a business visa? Do you have business to attend here in doha? if they caught you lying... they will send you to their immigration supv. and if your sponsor was your relatives then it depends on their income... if their income is about 16K QAR and above they can allow you...

pasador where is your hometown in batangas?

mentoy101 - i am from sanjose batangas...between lipa and batangas city...are you also from batangas?? from where?

Kung ikaw ay pagpaplano upang bisitahin ang Qatar sa isang Visa Business Pagbisita (03 Buwan) o isang Tourist Visa (01 Buwan) ay maaaring makipag-ugnay ka sa 'Maker Holiday' para sa maaasahang impormasyon.

Mail / gtalk: wemakeholidays /-a-t-/

Call / WhatsApp: +974 66670408

for any latest comments or any suggestion po pra mkalagpas sa IO sa Airport sa Pinas this 2014 paki message nmn po kc darating wife ko by the end of this mo.. Salamat :

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