Business Visit Visa - Philippine Immigration

I have read lots of forum regarding business visit visa and it's related problems by our kababayans who were experienced this offloading issue and still there is no concrete evidence or memo for documents really needed.

My cousin got offloaded for the 3rd time:
1st time - she had an invitation from sponsor, hotel booking, my Qatar ID, visa with certification, 2-way ticket and pocket money. But IO asked for invitation from me.
2nd time - as additional for here documents, she had an invitation from me together with other supporting documents. That time IO asked for POEA certification and other documents of an OFW.
3rd time - which was today flight 645. IO asked for authenticated certificates and invitation from me.

Anybody knows what are the exact the documents needed?

I don't really know what they really need. They don't even think about the cost of re-booking fee and time they wasting.

Some people stated about the illegality of using business visit visa just to enter Qatar and look for better job, but if it is illegal, why Qatar still issuing business visit visa for Filipinos? And why Qatar Embassy (in Phils) still giving certificate and sticker?

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