Business Visit Visa - Philippine Immigration

I have read lots of forum regarding business visit visa and it's related problems by our kababayans who were experienced this offloading issue and still there is no concrete evidence or memo for documents really needed.

My cousin got offloaded for the 3rd time:
1st time - she had an invitation from sponsor, hotel booking, my Qatar ID, visa with certification, 2-way ticket and pocket money. But IO asked for invitation from me.
2nd time - as additional for here documents, she had an invitation from me together with other supporting documents. That time IO asked for POEA certification and other documents of an OFW.
3rd time - which was today flight 645. IO asked for authenticated certificates and invitation from me.

Anybody knows what are the exact the documents needed?

I don't really know what they really need. They don't even think about the cost of re-booking fee and time they wasting.

Some people stated about the illegality of using business visit visa just to enter Qatar and look for better job, but if it is illegal, why Qatar still issuing business visit visa for Filipinos? And why Qatar Embassy (in Phils) still giving certificate and sticker?


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Please do a search. This topic has been discussed several times already.

Do you understand what BUSINESS visa means? It means visa issued for BUSINESS purpose! It’s either short-term employees, or consultants, partners, and other BUSINESS visitor of the COMPANY. What the hell are you complaining about YOUR invitation, if YOUR invitation is irrelevant and has nothing to do with the business visa! Business visa supposed to be issued by COMPANY, and NOT illegally purchased by YOU on the black market! Comprehend? What a stupid question about “illegality of using business visit visa just to enter Qatar and look for better job”, followed by even more stupid question “but if it is illegal, why Qatar still issuing business visit visa for Filipinos?”.. Why the hell Qatar has to stop issuing Business visa to the companies who needs to bring their short-term assignees in Qatar, because some criminal filipino mafia is trading these visas illegally?? And you even not ashamed to admit that you have paid even more to "escort", i.e. have intended to violate the law of State of Qatar even more by circumventing and cheating it??!! Are you that much stupid?

I am very glad, you cousin was offloaded 3 times. I hope she will be “offloaded” for good! And I hope qatar will take even more actions against this ”filipino cancer”. Qatar has to start chasing these criminals who is issuing illegal business visas in Qatar, in the first place.

And hey, yes, you better get a tourist visa for your cousin since she is so much desperate to come here for the TOURISM purpose, and not for BUSINESS!

i agree with you qatarisun.. its not that im being selfish coz imma filipino too but this one is too bad how about the filipino who entered here in qatar by working visa and by agency? if they want to work here they should apply in agency in philippines, .. almost filipino who are in tourist visa they are the one who has low salary thats why other company offering low amount to other filipino who was taken by agency because they think that filipino will take that amount coz of desperate to work here...

are you a filipino?

to finally filipinos make up their mind, can you please suggest in a manner that will help them and not by insulting them? tell them what is legal and that's it. be informative, not judgemental. Helping ones live can make thousands of smiles in ones heart:-)

I don't understand why they are asking for additional requirements during your scheduled flight. Can't they give you the list of requirements, i mean "ALL", to avoid delays and additional fees? =(

then other filipino will complain that their salary is not good enaf to build a family and thats also the reason why most of prostitute here i qatar are filipina.. i have one friend she's a business visa, her visa will expired she has no choice but to grab the salary amount of 2200 QR and look for a foreign expat that can provide her with anything though to think she has a husband and kids in philippines the business and the tourist visa is the way of prostitute, rape victim and other bad things happend in filipino here in qatar beacause of low salary that giving on the tourist and business visa.. so if i were you guys apply on agency in philippines.. so if something will happen to you u have the guts to file a case againts the person.

they wouldn't say such complete documents that is really not needed but they will find ways to extort money from the passengers

won't make it right. For the nth times this issue has been discussed, I really wonder why the issue is not resolved. The corrupt people in our airport will not flourished if not given REASONS. They will continue to grow unless the traveler himself/herself learn to do everything the RIGHT way, But justifying a wrong thing?

so please give filipinos informations about planning to go visits to qatar then looking for a job under visit visas. But it also depends upon the person who will take his own risk even you have relatives or friends to help you. If you have guts then go with your own will. And please do not make us loose any hope. If it is wrong then, there are other choices. Save lives let help each other kabayan

DO NOT come here without a working visa if you PLAN TO WORK here. PERIOD!

im not mean no tell you guys to loose hope.. if u want better life in qatar and plan working here ill go with the suggestion of FLOR.. nobody listen to what other filipino advise.. be responsible enaf.. they will take the risk of paying money but their salary here is not good enaf.. sadddddddddddddddddd

@ qatarsun, you're too harsh in commenting on this thread. They are just in a dilemma on how to get here in qatar.

about QS comment. But this issue has been discussed a millionth times here and still, many post justification on what is in the first place, a wrong thing. Anyone justifying a plain wrong thing has its consequences.....and not a good consequence but really a bad one!

we can't blaim other people.

Qatari Gov is issuing visa = income for the state.

Filipinos and not only Filipinos - grabbing the opportunity to look for a better living. They gamble. Others got lucky others were not. (They know it before they came here)

The root of all of this is not the people who wants to try thier luck.. Its with the people who made money out of the black market visa.

There will be no drug addicts if no one will make and sell illegal drugs.

YOU ARE IN THE MAIN forum. If you want to talk in our vernacular, go to YOUR group!

Are you here in doha now?

No Jsli, she's not a filipina. She's a goody-goody lady trying to uphold legality on every one's entry in Qatar.

'Hope she can do it... Good Luck to her. :)

.. and I want to clarify to her that not only Filipino are doing this illegal entry. Indian, Bengali, Nepali and others... or maybe she's only focusing on Filipino. Whatever the reason, I don't know!

.. and to fellow kabayan, please be careful in posting your comments here(make sure you use english in main forum). There is a "brown noser police dog" who will going to catch you. :0

Nope. It's You!


I was about to remind them but opted not. And it's good that the chairman did it. But after so many succeeding comments, the vernacular came back again and from the same people. So as a reminder as to not to stain the Pinoys imagae in the forum, I placed that remark as a reminder. And honestly, your side comment doesn not suit your characteristic, OR you are becoming the typical Filex members who can't move on about me. Please I have learned to accept that you don't like me in the group. Don't worry, the feeling is now MUTUAL! And my FRIENDS inside still believes in me! And I just thought you are one of them. Now I know, you're not!

If it is wrong to look for a job here on a visit or business visa the let the Qatar government put the restrictions. The Philippine government is wrong in not allowing its citizens to travel outside of the country if they are holding proper travel documents.

Yeah, too many countries treat their citizens like slaves! They haven't heard of the basic human rights like 'Freedom of Movement'.

kuquels, They are just in a dilemma on how to get here in qatar? well, it is simple how to get here. Find the job while you are home and the hiring company will bring you here legally.

Do you think that:

(1) buying a visa illegally and then

(2) complaining that airways don’t want to board them with this "criminal" visa

are right things to do?? :)

It is like to complain about being caught while committing a crime.. huh!

bonjiek1981, they are asking for additional documents because they suspect that the visa was simply bought at the market (which was obviously done in this case!), which is a crime, and Qatari Government tries to break the vicious cycle. What is not clear about?

Nomad, don’t you understand that this is an agreement between Philippine government and Qatar??

And it looks like some people still don’t get what the issue is. It is NOT ILLEGAL to look for the Job!!! It is ILLEAGL TO BUY (and sell) Business visas!! Business visa can be only issued by the COMPANY to its employee/consultant/partner, etc.

Who said something about buying visas? What are you talking about qatarisun?

ayesha0420 told me about it in his post. he said:

"Some people stated about the illegality of using business visit visa just to enter Qatar and look for better job, but if it is illegal, why Qatar still issuing business visit visa for Filipinos?". This statement tells me that his cousin was going to come to qatar on Business visa to look for a Job. Which is an incompliance with the qatari law. Business visa can be issued only by the COMPANY, not by the person! The person can apply only for FAMILY visit visa. What's going on (and this is wide-known fact) is there is a filipino traders that are SELLING business visas to their people. Such a wide scope of illegal trading has forced qatari authorities

to fight this mafia. Qatar requires from Filipins government verification and authentication of each business visa prior to boarding.

And once it's not verified, they off-board the person. That's what exactly happened to cousin of the aithor of this thread. ..

And again, the answer to such silly question: "if it is illegal, why Qatar still issuing business visit visa for Filipinos?" would be: "Qatar still issuing business visit visa because some Filipinos DO come to qatar FOR WORK purpose (and their visas are issued by invating Comapny), and not for the purpose of LOOKING FOR A JOB (whose visas are simply purchased in the black market).

Clear now?

Words are cheap, anyone with wild imagination can make up this kind of story. Nice try qatarisun but your story just flopped.

And if I may add, for a Canadian your english sucks.

You need to show the visa copy and submit original passport to Qatar embassy in Philippines for stamping. After a week it will be stamped in the passport and then you can fly to Qatar. As per the new rule, all business visa should be attested and stamped by Qatar embassy in Philippines. We recently got a new staff on Business Visa and did the same procedure. Earlier he was not allowed to board later after stamping his visa on his passport he was allowed to travel.

actually I am from Nepal, then Romanian, then Jamaican, then Nigerian, then Lebanese-French, and after all - canadian. feels better now?

but all above doesn't abolish well known fact of illegal selling and buying of business visas by filipinos. This story wasn't made by me. My "nice try" doesn't matter. What matters is my trust in qatar government, whose "try" I believe will be "nice" enough to stop this illegal trading by filipino mafia.

Oh yes I wish for an end to this 'filipino mafia' too.

then what's your problem? what story are you talking about?

Let me help you, Im being sarcastic.

I am married to a Filipina. We had our family members over many times on family visits with no problems from Filipino customs. I agree with everything you said Qatarisum

It don't really matter to all immigration officers about supporting documents they look for. What matters is the big bunch of money on your pocket. I am still here in the country and Please cooperate in the forum under facebook that we have unity to fight with these corrupt officials. We need more comments so the problem will go through president so they will not let this thing just pass without changes. I am just inquiring to all who want to leave in phils that if you don't have friends under immigration, sorry for that you have to take a risk not only for yourself but including your own pocket. Be wise enough before making any moves. Read forums, news, so you are being informed. I am not hopeless that i am not able to pass until the visa is already expired. I am not losing my hope because there are still more chances. Be prepared enough, more informative and be assertive. We don't need to argue, it couldn't of much help. Please stop being judgmental. let's help one another:-)

jsli, are you the one who has purchased the business visa?? and you are begging for cooperation with your criminal act? am i missing something in this life??

how do you define the word CRIMINAL? you have no right to judge a person because you really don't know what our journey is. We are is to fight for our rights and legality if something tremendous happens in the country you're only saying that because you are very lucky. On the other hand, anyway, you can say what you want. What really matter for you people? Do you want an argument qatarisun? Wake up!!! I am just informing. What we really need is to help people instead of judging them. DON'T DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO DO UNTO YOU. AND TO MAKE IT CLEAR, I AM NOT THE ONE WHO PURCHASE A BUSINESS VISA, I AM JUST A VICTIM OF CRIMINULOUS ACT OF OUR COUNTRY. MY RELATIVES JUST DID SEND ME THE VISA. DON'T PUT ANYTHING IN JAIL IF YOU DON'T HAVE PROOF OK

of corrupt people in the airport (in this case the IO's). They will only be corrupt if you give them reason/s to be. If you have proper documents and the INTENT is also proper (intent of travel), there is no reason for anyone to be stop or offloaded.

But we have a lot of "kabayans" who opts to take the risk of traveling via a business visa but who's intention is to look for a job here (which is the root cause of this discussion), and this is precisely the reasons why there exist a "chance" for these corrupt officials to be corrupt.

And justifying such action (business visa holder looking for a job here) because of hardship and poor condition in our country is NOT a justification at all. There are LAWS and PROCEDURES to be followed. Deviate from it and this is the consequence.

As far as I am concerned no law (of either country) is being violated here. It is a fact that visit or business visas can be converted into working visa and all documentations passed through the Labor and Immigration department of Qatar.

Like I said if a person holds a proper travel documents, the Philippine government has no right to stop him/her from traveling. And please let us not justify corruption in any form.

you should be in the government service! DFA the least! Or DOLE? Lol!

Can please specify which LAW is violated?

it's in you, so prove it wrong!

You're funny.

is violated? That's funny!

Every time the Philippine government prevent Filipinos from traveling they are actually violating our right as stated in Article 3 Section 6 of our Bill of Rights (1987 Philippine Constitution).

and the Magna Carta for OFW!

You're talking about the law for an OFW, Im talking about ordinary citizen holding valid documents for traveling abroad. These are two different things my friend.

thread, may I know? Are we not talking about business visa of those who wants to go out and look for a job? Is that what the fuzz about this business visa thing at the airport being investigated now?

flor...share the blessings


If someone deviate from normal, expect a consequence. And don't complain if caught! Again, is that a justification, Victoria? Even it is "illegally" (read: improperly) done?

nomad,you ask what law was violated?

...the law of issuance a business visa was violated.

let me explain to you.

Every country has its policy regarding the visas issued by the Government.

Different types of visas are issued for different purposes.

Such as Work visa is issued for purpose of work. Students visa is issued for study perpose. Medical visa is issued for the Medical reasons, etc.

In Qatar, BUSINESS visa is issued by COMPANY for its employees (i.e. people who the Company has already hired), for its consultants, partners, and other COMPANY's visitors/workers who comes to qatar for the short period of time for work purpose : short-term assignments, meeting, conference, other COMAPNY events. COMAPNY has to apply to Qatari authorities for such visa. It is not a PERSONAL visa, for the personal visitors, it is a COMAPANY visa for company visitors.

What is happening lately? business visas became a source of illegal income by the individuals. These individuals are applying for the business visas either (1) on behalf of their company, while the company is not aware of it, for this transaction the individuals charge "the buyer" a certain amount which is going directly to their pocket; or (2) they have created an “agency” with the ability to issue business visas, and they sell these visas to people who has no intention to work for this “agency”, they are neither Agency’s employees, nor its consultants, partners, and other type of visitors. These visas are SOLD by "Agency" to people whose intention to come to Qatar and look for the job.

Now. Looking for the job itself is NOT a “criminal” point here! The way this visa was issued and purchased is “criminal”, and the fact that this visa was sold in the black market, and the fact that the FEE for this transaction has gone to someone’s private pocket is a "criminal" point!

ALL types of visa must be obtained in a LEGAL way, in compliance with the laws and procedures of the country.

You won’t object that the one who buys USA green card in the market is violating a law, will you? And can you imagine, that someone who purchased USA green card and got caught, has also started complaining about it?! Like WTH! You not only violated the law by purchasing this Green Crad illegally! You also complain about being caught??!

Here is a similar case.

Even the fact, that the INDIVIDUALS are going to fight for thier rights, shows me that this visa was obtained illegally. Otherwise it is a COMAPNY's business to fight for its employees rights, isn't it?

If it’s still not clear, please let me know, I will try to explain it once again in one of other 5 languages that I know.

flor i dont want to say more in this tread...i can see ur too knowledgeable about this

to all my kabayan, as much as possible do it in a legal way so that there is no reason for this "sharks" to exploit you

i had my say, my respect i give.


jsli, this is another issure “to fight for your rights”. Surely everyone is free to fight for their rights! But until the LAW remains as it is, everyone has to obey it! No matter what! You say, I am lucky? Well.. when I came to Qatar for work, it was shocking for me to hear about so-called “Exit permit”, it was shocking to know that I AM NOT FREE to leave the country any time I want. And guess what? I OBEY this law. I might hate it, I might even FIGHT against this law, but as long it is existing, I have to obey it!! Simple!

You have no choice but to obey it otherwise you dont get to leave the country.

well, so now you are saying that I obey the law because I have no choice, and that if the law can be violated, why not to do so? then we are on different pages, my friend, and further discussion has no point.

Im saying you have no choice yes but I did not say that you violate the law let me be clear on that.

And if you have evidence to back up your claim against this 'mafia' then report it to the authorities for proper action.

nomad, i understand u are upset but sometimes u must also consider (in open forum) when to halt urself

i dont mean any harm


jsli, dear, this type of visa must be sent by the Company, not by your relatives! You cannot fight for something which is obtained illegally. Again, it's like buying USA green card illegally. Once caught, you cannot fight for your right to use this Green card for entering USA, since it was obtained illegally! Do you understand that?

You were denied to board because your visa is illegal! And you want to complain and fight for your rights? huh!

And it's not only your country's call...this procedure was implemented by request of Qatar Government! As Qatar Government trying to fight such "black market" elements like your relatives and those who sold this visa to them.

I understand the economic situation in Philippines sucks. But what Qatar has to do with that? Blame on your government that they cannot provide thousand and thousand of thier citizens with the jobs and decent payments! You are already given the right to find a job in Qatar and to come here legally. You DO have these rights, given by Qatar. What esle do you want from Qatar? No need to start your journey to qatar from violation its laws!

nomad, as I mentioned 10 times, the authorities are aware of it, that's why this procedure was imposed in Fillipins.

...another issue, filipino local corrupted elements are trying to use this situatin for their own benifits by imposing illegal fees and bribery. So here is a circle. You bought illegal visa, they know about it, they charge you for their silence. It is a vicious cycle which you guys created by yourself!

What a crap! The Qatari laws are being violated and the Philippine government has to act on it? What about those people who managed to fly out to Qatar? Why dont the Qatari Immigration 'grill' those people about their ' illegal' visas?

I can make a long story about this just like what qatarisun has done and has been doing but sorry circus is not my cup of tea.

As far as i am reading classifieds, they need an applicant that is already in Qatar. Company's who interviewed me online giving business visas if you are qualified. How can this be illegal or what is right one if Qatar citizens are doing those what you called criminal acts? Don't you dare tell all Filipinos do not trust those employers in Qatar, who are giving business visas if you're a qualified applicant because it is illegal? How calm that the law being implemented for getting a foreign employee to Qatar is giving a business visas if you are a direct hire? Tell me people, what is black and white? If you are applying for a job in Qatar it always includes that you must have transferrable visa. Isn't it that funny thing? You can't stop those who wants to go in another country because they are reading the infos.

hold on.. qualified for what?? for working in QATAR?? or for working with this "Compnay"? if you are qualifed for this Company, why you have to look for another Job when you are in Qatar??

and please don't tell me that "qatari citizen" has interviewed you and has issued a visa for you! It was done by your filipino-fellows. If "qatari citizen" interviewed you and if qatari company issued a visa for you, what YOUR RELATIVES have to do with that?? From the post it is clear that your relatives sent you a visa, and they are the ones who is concerned about you, NOT THE COMPANY!! WHERE did your relatives get this visa from? Please, use your common sense!

Step 1: You send your CV to the Company.

Step 2: Someone from the Company is contacting you, and have an interview with you.

Step 3: You are selected for the Certain Position! (there is NO such things like "qualified for working in Qatar!" BS!).

Step 4: COMPANY is issuing a visa for you and send it to you.

..Now tell me, HOW at WHICH stage your relatives have come into the picture?

Moreover, if the Company intends to bring you for work, they wouldn't even issue a Business visa for you, they would TRY to issue a Work visa for you, especially knowing that it is very hard to get filipina/female work visa nowadays. Why the Company would take a risk of bringing you here on the business visa, and only after that would try to apply for your work visa, being in risk of rejection?? If it was a "real" Job Offer, the company would issue a WORK visa for you, not a business one.

But it was not any "Job offered". It was a "business visa sold", and your relatives have paid for it to this semi-legal "Agency".

Agencies can be helpful in issuing Tourist visas and Family visas, when the person doesn't want to do it by him/herself, and hires the Agency to do the job, and pay for the service (not for buying a visa!).

But Business visas are issued by the company to the COMPANY's visitors for purpose of WORK/BUSINESS. No anyone's relatives supposed to pay for this type of visa!

why are many fellows issued such visa? I am admitting my mistakes in the first place because i accept this visa, faster way to depart to Qatar. The reality is, one made it to depart but others can't make it until then. Everyday, different people, filipinos, business visa holders, only implementing one desire. If you have relative in the Philippines who need or call your help just to go there, wouldn't you help him/her?

i am applying online, many qatari companies calling me via mobile, and the information is all clear, if i will be qualified they will issue a business visit visa, no one is issue a working visa from there if direct hired. Do you have any experience any companies from there getting employed issuing working visa from the foreign country?

our kababayans, true filipinos are getting down. Very sad dilemma, filipinos are worth dying for those crooks. Filipino to filipino crabbing with each other. Am i would be glad for becoming Filipino?

well.. THAT is how majority of employees are coming to qatar: on Work Visa. For the company (I am talking about real normal way of hiring) it is more costly to bring you on Business visa, and then to switch you to the Work visa, as 2 extra fees are involved (1) Business visa cost; and (2) Switching visa status cost. They might bring you on business visa with intention to issue a Work visa for you later, only if you are really important for the Company, and they need your presence immediately (BV takes 1-2 day to issue, while WV might take 1-2 weeks) regardless to cost involved. But Companies never do it with the "problematic" nationalities, such as filipinos, and whole list of others, whose Work visas are extremely difficult to obtain nowadays, unless the Company already has a quota for them. If Company doesn't have a quota for filipina, they would never ever bring her on BV, having a risk of further rejection. Look, they bring you on BV, pay for it, pay for your ticket, pay for accommodating you, and then - ops - your Work visa is rejected! they have to send you back home. Only insane would do it.

You guys became victims of well-organized.. hhhmm.. ok not mafia, but some semi-legal business. Some "agencies" are selling business visas to you, charge you a lot, on top of that your own guys at filipino airport charge you again (they also might be a part of this "organization").. and guess what? NO ONE guarantees a job, right? Hundreds of filipinos go back home, when their visas get expired and they are still without any job. OR.. they are willing to grab anything, just anything in order to stay in qatar (hips of money spent, and what? to go back home with nothing??). Then you could see such desperate threads on QL, like one girl's thread: "PLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE, help me to get ANY job!". She even doesn’t specify her qualifications! All she wants is ANY JOB! Then she sells herself into slavery, working 60 hours a week for 3000 QAR, and then she starts complaining about "life being unfair". but who is to be blamed? YOU put yourself in this situation! YOU have bought illegal visa, YOU were desperate for ANY job, YOU have signed unfair contract.. to whom to complain??

I know it is difficult situation, and as you say, everyone tries his/her best to find a better future.. I agree.. but when you start from the wrong step, nothing good comes out of it, nothing but troubles.

What would I do for my relatives? I would help them by finding a REAL job.

Ignore the rant jsli. Immigration officials at NAIA are now under scrutiny for violating Filipino's right to travel especially those who have genuine documents. Hopefully something good comes out of it. The reason why IO at NAIA are putting these restrictions is because of complaints from the recruitment agencies in Manila whose income is affected by prospective OFW's by-passing them. These agencies pay a certain amount to these IO's at NAIA so their clients can pass through the immigration without hassle. The more clients they send abroad the more profitable it is for these IO's.

If in the end they allow you to leave I hope you find a good job here in Qatar. Business or visit visas can be converted to working visas so no need to worry about it. Good luck!

Qatarisun, I sure hope that some people read your generously given information and take it seriously. It is a heartbreaking problem to see those who have to resort to illegal means to seek a living. It is even sadder to see those people break the law without even knowing or caring. People, read, mark, learn and inwardly digest her words. Selling yourself into slavery for the possibility of a job is not a good option. Try to wait and do it the right way. You will be happier!


Mandi and QS, you are preaching to deaf ears.

Yeah, but my conscience bids me try!


Nomad and jsli! They are the typical ones who take the risks and when negative consequences occurs, shout for HELP!

Mandi, so many people have tried. I suppose now everybody gets what they deserve.

We know the risks we are taking, no guts no glory my friend! And dont worry flor I wont ask for your help if I run into trouble.

or at least the impopriety in the issue! And don't worry, if you ask for my help, I WON'T GIVE YOU! But I'll pay you a visist if ever!

There is risk but it doesnt mean its illegal.

I agree with you that it is still debatable and I do not agree with QS about it. But the intent of use was really the problem and that's what I called impopriety issue! And that's what the real issue at our airport really is!

Fact is there are employers that use business or visit visa to get their employees from countries like the Philippines and these are genuine visas issued by the Qatari government that should be honored by the Philippine government.

but I did the medical in the Phils, I pass all the regular procedures including passing through an agency and POEA and still, my visa is a business visa. And this is a legitimate visa. And until now, this is the procedure being implemented by my former company. And it is the agency in MAnila doing all the paperworks. It's a recruitment agency!

Now the Business Visa being given or bought here are genuine business visa BUT no supporting documents (maybe as per agreement to the issuing party for a fee). And the INTENT is to be use to look or scout for a job here which is the IMPROPER part of the issue. That's what you called, NO GUTS NO GLORY. Take the risk and maybe, just maybe you succeed in getting out of the airport.

But again, DO NOT COMPLAIN when offloaded, it's part of the risks. And please, DO NOT JUSTIFY such action!

When I said no guts no glory I didn't mean passing through the airport as I believe that anyone who has a genuine document should not be prevented from leaving. The risk Im talking about is spending time and money but not getting that nice paying job!

Correct Nomad, i know some companies also..

i just don't know if THESE self righteuos HUMANS really know that this is happening.. or trying to be innocent.

Just let them preach and rant because THEY actually CAN'T HELP!! They don't know the real reasons why other nationalities opt to take the risk in entering Qatar.

no point of explanation will make your mind clear! Let the corrupt IO's remains for such hard-headed people who thinks like you. You are giving them reasons to be corrupt! a newbie in this forum and i have learned a lot even before i set foot in qatar..i was even witness to some bickerings that sometimes clouds the issues being discussed (like what i have read just now)..if it would help, i am offered a Work Visa for qatar..also, i have met someone who also holds a business visa for a mideast job which, i believe, is a legitimate visa..if your business visa is a legitimate one issued by a company in qatar, that company should be backing you up until you arrive in qatar - you shouldn't be putting the burden on yourself to be able to go to qatar..if they need you, they should help you arrive..

Okay flor you have your opinion which I respect and I have mine, peace!

for the purpose of job hunting like what others say its very risky and there is no assurance you can find a good job and obtain a working visa my employer lied to me and promise to transfer my business visa to working visa but they failed to do it and i renew my visa twice on my own expense and still they failed to help me to obtain a working visa thats why i have no choice but to go back to my country and before i came here in doha i know those consequences like nomad say no guts no glory and ive learn from my mistakes but still its the choice of everyone to find there luck for there future and its the reality of life and there is no reason for this IO to hold those people having complete documents to travel.

your lesson! ANd you want others to follow you?

We are human being everybody has there choices its better to take a risk than to starve and die nothing, as i told i know those consequences thats the reality of life we must accept and prepare for the result of our actions. so if you have complete documents and do it in a legal way there is no reason for the immigration officers to offload those passengers and i respect the concern of the government to protect there citizen but everybody has there freedom and choices they must respect that too.

legal? think again? Please don't justify what is obvious an impropriety (if not totally illegal) thing!

what makes these vultures thrive! Hopeless case!

Do you all actually understand that your illegal actions make it even harder for those who want to come here the legal way?

Do you not understand that you are hurting your own people?

Why do you think it has become increasingly difficult to Filippinos to come to Qatar?

we always have a choice, right? Stop being boastful. Look, instead of letting us down, why don't you look yourself in the mirror? You're not always where you are. Surely, one day, you will call for a help. The main topic is to answer the question, and not to create an additional dilemma. I don't understand what you are apt to. Everyday, there are lots of filipinos going to qatar holding business visas, many too, offloaded because of that visa. Everyday that crooks(IO) spending money extort from our kabayans. I know how they feel and it was really hurt for me. Can't you please flor stop argumenting, instead, help them:-)

this is the reason why i am still here in the forum even though i cannot enter qatar anymore, there are many questions in my mind and i think no one can answer. But on the other hand, there are still hope and there's always a reason. Flor, you're not a judge. Don't start a nonsense. If you aasserts an information to our kabayans, give them a choice. If they really want to take a risks, there are consequences. Isn't is hard? I read lots of your threads and I know you seen many kabayans being stranded, without jobs. That's it, tell them that if taking a risk is what they want, there are consequences for everything. Nomad is right, it is because of spending time and money and you don't know what their journey is all about when they trY to leave your hometown. I am happy for being part of saving lives everyday, sharing my opinions but not leading to judgment. I think it's enough.

jsli, nobody judge you. to be honest, I pity you! we only try to explain why you cannot enter qatar. Want to hear it again? Here you go: Because your visa has been PURCHASED by your relatives, and you intended to come to qatar not for WORK (as per business visa's purpose), but for looking for a job. Ok, I understand you could not know that before, but now, after I explained to you 100 times, you still keep asking..

Come here on tourist visa and look for the job. everything will be legal. OR if your relatives can issue a Family visa for you - also fine. Or if your relatives could help you to find REAL job while you are back home - this would be the perfect scenario! Nobody say that you HAVE NO RIGHTS TO LOOK FOR A JOB! Go ahead! Look! Search websites, send your CVs to REAL Job agencies, come here on tourist/family visa, no problem. But to purchase a business visa on the black market and pay for this visa "black" fee to individual "visa dealer" is still illegal, you like it or not! And that's what qatari government is fighting in alliance with filipino Authorities, whatever you say/think nomad, that's how it is.

What kind of job are you looking for? as a secretary?

what is right and what is wrong, your dilemna will continue. And the vicious cycle of people being offloaded will be there. Your kind of mentality is what makes the problem STAY and not go away. Until people don't learn to do it the right way, then 100 %, those vultures will thrive and increase. Don't give them reason to survive. Solve the problem at the root level. ANd please, don't speak about poverty and hardship. That is not an excuse to do wrong things!

And if you still don't understand that, then I rest my case. You just need to raise money to pay these vultures and not a small money! Just like QS said, I also pity you! Good evening!

Tourist Visa

This service allows travelers or hotels to apply for a visa online ahead of time. Applicants are required to supply a sponsor ID in the application, which can be from a relative living in Qatar or an ID supplied by a hotel.

Citizens from outside the above countries should arrange for a tourist visa through a Qatari embassy or hotel in Qatar.


Visa holders are not allowed to work in Qatar during their stay.

so dont advise them with false idea to come here either on tourist visa as we all know that this tourist visa holders is not allowed also to work in qatar during their stay.

on the on the hand, i admire those people who have the guts to come and tried their luck even they will cause them trouble of not finding a job we should be thankful that we are lucky enough that we have a decent job here unlike them.

Glorya, can you read? I said: come on tourist visa TO LOOK for the job, not to work! How can I advise to come on tourist visa and to work??? insane, dear? once job is found, transfer (switch) your visa status from tourist to work.

QS, the upper level is not utilized.....leave them be.

Let them do their thing, get effed, then moan....and sing some love songs. All is well. :)

i know nomerci.. every time i say i am not going to say a word here anymore... khalas, i am out with the love song..

@ ayesha - I have gone through your original post again and let me say that the Qatari government has got nothing to do with the restrictions at NAIA. Your cousin possesses the required travel documents and more and therefore should have been allowed to leave the country.

These corrupt practices at NAIA have already been brought to open and is now under investigation. Lets just hope that something good comes out of this investigation.

Also try to apply for Filex membership so we can discuss these issues amongst ourselves.

of your cousin to go in Qatar?

the corrupt IO's will be removed. The IO's that will be assigned will be stricter and no more offloading.......BUT OUTRIGHT REJECTION! No more grease money so even the hope of travelling will be gone. ANd possible "fine" or "be investigated" for impropriety.

Now that's what I called "NO RISK, NO GLORY". Com'on people, take the risk!

Flor, didn't you enter Qatar on a business visa and now currently working here? How did you explain that to the IO's at NAIA? I'm just curious.

It's a way the Filipino's exploit the system I guess!

Expat, the extent of corruption back home is unimaginable!

but I pass through an agency, took medical, have poea papers, what else.............? You want to ask more? Flawless at the airport!

to extort money from you, they'll do it.

You do everything properly, how can they ask for grease money?

Exactly Flor you have your agency and it took care of 'everything'.

I still find it interesting that the POEA issued you papers although technically you are not yet an OFW. Correct me if Im wrong but POEA only issues papers upon presentation of original work contract. If you have signed the work contract, why business visa, why not work visa right away?

you presumed a lot of things and yet you still take the risk on the negative side. I took a risk on the positive side. It's better for the company to use business visa because of the probationary period so if anyone fails during the period, easy to do and they did not waste their working visa (which is a little bit expensive and takes time to get even by the company here). If you notice, I had the other way around. I look for a job, accepted but was given a business visa. There was a contract, pass all the procedures and was here in NINE, just NINE days from the time I talked with the employer back in MAnila. I did not spend anything big (except of course for the personal papers such as NBI and additional madical certification). But everything was shouldered by the company.

No hassle, no fear, flawless at the airport.

The other side, Business Visa with no work

You pay for the visa, two-way ticket, show money and of course THE GREASE MONEY. Then of course you need to secure everything, affidavits, invitation letters, authentications everything which is hard and a big HEADACHE. And if you are very unlucky, you pay for multiple re-booking and schedule of flight (which will take time) and again the GREASE money. And if there is an investigation, YOU CAN NOT go because you need to testify and if you testify, facts will come out that you are doing the impropriety (that is, going with a Business Visa to scout for job, which is impropriety the least if not totally illegal).

You want more??????????

So Flor, what you want to prove now, that everybody here is wrong and you‘re right? Hypocrite!

One more thing, you said you came here under business visa thru agency? My God! your making story. Tell that thing to ignorant people… stop being self righteous.

You Don’t actually Help them…

Its the first time ived read that a holder of business visa like you as youve said go to POEA and process your papers if all business visa is like what youve done may be there is no offloading will happen in NAIA, but i doubt if they will process a business visa because where not an OFW. can you give as a guide how to process a business visa thru POEA? thanks

Carlo, there's no such thing like that!

… if a person wishes to come to qatar and his really purpose is to look for a job would you prefer to :

go for Tourist visa (The validity of this visa is one month and it is non extendable.) or

Business Visa (this type of visa is valid for one month and can be extended for anther two months)

o cmon.....

Thats why im asking flor how did he do it so all business visa holders dont need to be worry they will go to the right process like flor did. correct me if im wrong but all business visa holder who wish to come to qatar go through right process been stamp by qatar embassy and present all necessary documents but still they are being offloaded thats the issue on this topic am i right.


Granting FLOR got all the necessary documents from POEA thru her agency. But using Business VISA???

Hmmm sound like the grease money is a bit earlier. Knowing the transactions in the PHL. There might be some irregularities then in POEA.. How come you were able to get the OFW documents where in fact your visa is only for business not for employment???

Im not sure if im right, but as per my knowledge a legal OFW is a person with a working visa and a contract.

I came here on Business Visa, before there's no hustle in going here. Just present your passport, invitation and return ticket.

Exactly Elias! 2 years ago immigration was lenient. Unlike today that they impose stricter policy due to human trafficking issue.

Idiotic thread. A company that wants to hire you will do all formalities. Anything else is bullshyte.

here we go again...

@ Flor your words - "It's better for the company to use business visa because of the probationary period so if anyone fails during the period, easy to do and they did not waste their working visa".

Probationary period more or less is three months, so at the time that you were under this period you were still on business visa. That's not only improper that is also illegal. You were lucky for not being discovered by the Labor agents here. The penalty for that violation is deportation and possible life time ban here in Qatar.

now who is getting caught with their own words?

Poor OP. Simply asking a clarification that would, perhaps, help her cousin pass thru immigration back home, and what does she gets. Why not just enumerate the pros and cons for her to have an informed choice. Discuss point by point the issues without resorting to personal tirades masking as opinions. We're not really being helpful here, are we?

Maybe he should read your signature line!

sure, why not.

I am still in a self pity, i actually admit it myself. You really don't understand how we felt, and yes you are lucky but it doesn't mean that i will just surrender. Thanks for the words it made me more stronger. There are more chances :-)

if I am telling the truth, you go home. If you prove I am lying, I go home. Now who wants to take a look. I'll bring you myself to my office.

Nomad and others (specially gtim), up to now, my ex-company is doing such procedures. Now you want to challenge them in court, fine then DO IT. You are all losers. You KEEP JUSTIFYING a wrong thing by PERSONAL tirades.

When will you learn PEOPLE? Precisely the problem of OFFLOADING is happening at the airport because OF YOUR MENTALITY!

NOW, WHO DARES to see my papers? YOU GO or I GO?

not all of you are wrong, ONLY YOU, NOMAD, JSLI and eveyones who JUSTIFY this wrong method or approach in getting here to find or scout a job.

Put this HARD in your head!

Contentions are:

1. I came here on a business visa (on June 2007) good for three months, extended it for anothert two months before I got my RP and working permit.

2. I went the processing for nine days (NINE DAYS), includes medical, paper formalities and PDOS.

Anyone who wants to take the challenge? You go or I GO. Sign for it. It's an open invitation to all my good friends at the group!

So flor your telling that all of us are wrong and your the bright and righteous one, clap clap clap. bravo mr fantastic. how about those person having the same purpose like yours that been hired by the company here in doha because of urgency they issued a business visa, so your saying the right procedure is to go thru POEA is that right flor? because still there are employers issuing business visa and still they are being offloaded to NAIA.

Flor i want to see your papers...

Please send me your Passport copy so i can arrange your gate pass here in Ras Laffan.. (just joking)

anyway.. as for me i dont question your papers. Good for you, you got all the necessary documents before comming here. What puzzled me is - how could the good agency who process your papers manage to get the OFW documents. Wherein your VISA is Business? Sounds like there a good relations between that agency and POEA.

Im more interested in seeing the regulations of POEA, that a person can be issued OFW, OEC or any documents to prove that he/she is a legitimate OFW even if he/she is holding BUSINESS VISA.

to all who have relative that has been uploaded in NAIA... its better to have flight now while the issue of LAGAY is still hot... my cousin just arrived today without hassle.. she's alone and she's first timer.. she didnt pay any money at immigration..

i take the challenge MR. Flor... meet me in Karwa Bus station today at your earliest available time....

MR. Flor...I know what you're talking about.

Your company provided you a business visa first then they will convert it to residence/working permit once you arrive Doha... which is somehow ILLEGAL in our law.... Once you are carrying two way ticket you are identified as visitor here. And business visit visa is still a VISIT VISA.

The only proof that you are an OFW when you left our country is if you are carrying OEC...and I doubt that you have it since you are on BUSINESS VISIT VISA...

Don't fool us, business visa doesn't need to undergo PDOS, Medical. You are justifying your wrong explanation.

My housemate is the same with your case, her company hires her in Philippines, she brought here via business visa then transferred to working visa...but she never went through PDOS, Medical...just the normal documentation for business visa.

I know you have the same case...that's one way of companies to avoid agencies in Philippines...less payment, less hassle...

correct me if I'm wrong.

manong flor yohoooo,.,,,, im waiting.....

and as I was telling you, up to now, it's practice by my old company.

The fastest way to go here is by a business visa and still all hirees pass through the agency and get all the necessary documents. And yes, we have a two-way ticket then. I have my PDOS papers with me. Wanna see it?

@Glorya, the burden of proof is in your side, why should I come to you. You come to me and we'll go to a lawyer and sign the agreement. If you can prove I am lying about my status (then), I will go home but if I could provide all the documents, YOU go home. Is that a deal? I will even bring you to my old company! Challenge them if you want?

anytime this afternoon?

O CMON mR. fLOR,: DO you really need a lawyers just to see me.. what are you afraid of.. you have my words, I go or you go!!!!

no need to bring me to your old company what i need is to show me your papers from PDOs as what your claiming that you have...i go or you go!!!!

if that's fine with you?

what sayeth you?

and PDOS with a date on it? Okay?

as i said meet me in KARWA bus available anytime,

the first one I got in 2007 before leaving Manila. I have a contract shown at OWWA at the terminal and still, I AM HOLDING A BUSINESS VISA then when I first travel.

manong flor it doesnt matter if you bring even your lawyers with you, i dont care.... just meet me today...thats all.....

I know that procedure manong flor...but it's still ILLEGAL...

Your company is avoiding the proper procedure of hiring employees in Philippines...though we're out of topic, but still talking about LEGALITIES...

Once you are going to work legally or as an OFW you should leave with the so called " Overseas Employment Certificate"... you shouldn't pay taxes at the airport...

Come to think of it, when you explain that in POEA or OWWA or POLO, do you think they will accept that?

Company will hire you through business visa?

If that so, why they gave you business instead of working visa?

Hayz... I never learned...It's really hard to talk to the person who always listen to himself... last post...point is already pointed :)

and then I'll pm you. You can bring your witness also.

Honestly, I admire your courage, I just don't know if you are true to it.

@Elias, I will scan my papers this afternoon and send it through e-mail to you. PM me you e-mail. Chevs, you want a copy?

But for Glorya, who did dare to take the challenge, I'll see you!

first, i empathize with the OP and the rest who sides with her. I also understand Flor's situation, but here is what i can say.

Business visa is defined as a type of visa for engaging in commerce in the country, usually valid longer and more easily renewable than a tourist visa

Tourist visa is defined as a type of visa for a limited period of leisure travel, no business activities allowed.

A work visa by definition is where an individual obtains authorization for a right to seek employment, from the relevant authority in the country...

The dilemma is that people tend to abuse it for monetary reasons. (issuer-to gain money, applicant-save money, time and hassle from agencies).

Flor, you were relating your situation to them and that was like 3 years ago wherein the immigration dept in the Philippines was not that strict when it comes to people coming here in Qatar. But since the "human trafficking issue" blew up, they started to be very "strict" and investigate more on these business visa.

I must admit, i too, cam here through tourist visa to find a job and i was even questioned in the immigration dept why i was coming here and i of course told them I'm on vacation.

My point here is that for Flor, no need to argue with the people who empathize with the OP, you can comment and advise on what to do so the OP or whoever from our country can come in the safest and easiest way they can.

For the rest of you who empathize with the OP, flor also got a point when she said to do the "legal" way so there would be no problems.

by the way OP, i don't quite agree with your last paragraph.. u don't get to question a country whether they should issue visas or not.. it's the corrupt people who abuse them should be prosecuted.

Business visa was requested by the company because I will work here. They intend to hire me permanently so to play safe, they let me (us) for medical to make sure that we will not fail the medical here if ever.

It only means that I (and the others) are documented OFW as we pass the procedures for such. So even if we hold Business Visa (to get there QUICKLY), it will be legitimate for us to work here (and there is a work waiting, not looking or scouting). We have our protection as OFW.

Being the arrogant, self righteous, pompus, stuck up loser, who says nothing, but challenges everything else to say something loser, as usual.

Do you have any respect for anyone man?

You are incapable of talking to anyone, and being productive in any conversation.

You wait for others to say something, then tear them apart.

Would be nice for you to say something original for once.

just meet me today ....with no excuses. dont use pm that a deal???. if you want to say something say it here....

manong flor.., for the ease of passage of everyone who has valid business visa issued by the companies who wish to hire them after the probation period, would you please be kind in referring to them the agency who processed your business visa in the POEA.

hey guys, can i use my visa in the black wet mad fish market?

there are people here who just don't want to listen to reasons, right reasons. They prefer going personal (just like you), coming late without understanding the whole issue. Read the whole thread first and then make your comment.

as i've said...

im more concern if there are regulations in POEA, that they issue OFW documents for people leaving with BUSINESS VISA.

Okey i believe you, you have all the documents..

But since you claim that your entry here is LEGAL (because you have documents from POEA) AND THE REST DOING THE BUSINESS VISA THING IS ILLEGAL.


but glecs, usually, agencies back home have tie ups with the sponsoring companies. Of course it's a business relationship between them.

Precisely to make things done properly and less if not totally no complications!

depends on the LEGITIMATE job orders as certified. My former company have job orders issued to this agency of ours. So we were interviewed, a letter-offer was issued so we proceeded with the documentation, paperworks and medical, etc ect up to PDOS.

At the same time, the company provide business visa to get us quickly, issued invitation letter, two way ticket and voila, I am her in Qatar in Nine days from start of processing! I have an OEC and paid the corresponding tax at the airport.

The fact remains, I CAME HERE on a BUSINESS VISA. No complications at the airport. I really don't know what's illegal there as Chevy said?

i agree with you with regards to the legality of business visa however manong flor, i have never encountered a business visa processed with POEA. we have tried to get approval for the oil & gas comapnies but didnt succeed.

i have been in the manpower recruitment industry for 8 years, 2 years in an agency in manila dealing with different companies here in doha and 6 years here in doha dealing with different agencies in manila. i really cannot comprehend how AMCAAJ processed your documents.

here with business visa are illegal. What we try to stop are those buying business visa and use it to travel here and scout or look for job? That what I called IMPROPRIETY. You can take the risk, but DON'T COMPLAIN if caught or OFFLOADED? And the worst part is JUSTIFYING such actions!

were you using the blue visa at that time manong flor?

not for processing or passing through the procedures. As long as there is a LEGITIMATE JOB ORDER, an agency can process an applicant. The visa is for travelling purpose, INTENT to the country where the applicant will go. Best is if the working visa is issued immediately, but if you study the case of Qatar in particular, a working visa is much much complicated to be issued as compared to a business visa (legitimate business visa to be supported by the issuing party).

The point of discussion here is the legitimacy of the business visa carried by the travelling person. Mostly OFFLOADED travellers are those carrying business visa WHOSE purpose to travel here is to scout/look for a job!

What you are raising up is another topic which we could discuss in another forum. Good day, gLecs!

few companies in doha practices in providing Business / Visit visa first for the right candidate,this is to avoid the hassles in processing/procedures in deploying an OFW plus the huge cost involved in. and then transfer to work visa once they arrived in doha.

It is ONLY the WORK VISA that has to go thru the process of POEA before a person can leave the country.

WORK VISA can either be process thru an agency or directly by the visa holder to the POEA. of course with all the necessary documents required.

VISIT VISA / TOURIST VISA / HOTEL VISA / FAMILY VISIT VISA will only have to go thru the process of stamping the visa into their passport via DHL.

NOW Flor,that Business visa you was talking about, was that yuor first entry in Doha? if so, and if u used AMCAAJ to process your BUSINESS VISA for the so called legalities, then you were milked with few cash because there is no such thing.

there is no such thing BUT it is still practice by my old company. Maybe there is an arrangement between the agency and my old company. I only paid the legitimate agency fee which is legal.

ANd the agency did not process the business visa, they process our requirements to be a legitimate OFW and if company absorb us (if we pass the proby period), the we have complete documents. And we are protected.

Good afternoon ladies! You need it Glorya, your days are numbered here in Doha.

agree with you that many Filipinos are "buying business visa" to come here and look for a job. i agree as well that it is their risk and they shouldn't complain... however i really cannot agree with you that POEA can process OEC with your business visa... unless there was "fixing". please note that there was no computerized system on that, there was no stamping in the Qatar Embassy Manila yet.. and lastly, visa is accepted even if it is a FAX copy.

i rest for now. good day to you too manong!

ah so manong flor, if my days are numbered here. so what time we meet then waiting....

glorya manong flor has a wife, dont meet him..

still the question is, how can you be or how can an agency, or even POEA can process your papers to be a legal OFW if the country of your destination issued you a Business Visa?

Isnt that to be a legal/documented OFW, the country of destination must issue a WORKING visa to a person, then with the rest of required docs must be submitted to POEA directly or thru an agency to process the rest of the papers needed to be a so called legal/documented OFW?

well said tanya...:)

@tanya, to answer your question. the person who stated that is only making-up stories :/

@ Tanya

they can do that...they have done it with Flor.

hmmm connections and money are doing a good job in our beloved country.

the cahllenge? I doubt Glorya will honor the challenge, after hearing from reliable source her background. It a waste of time.

You Kamote is who I want to meet. For many reasons.

Tanya, really hard to explain who does not fully undertsnad legalities about this issue.

I said, open a new forum and we'll discussed OFW procedures.

Together with Chevy and gLecs, we will discuss it thoroughly. This is a different topic

inside the group to post a scanned copy of my documents to settle this thing once and for all. Wait for it tonight if it will be allowed. If not, this friend will bring it in your gathering so you'll hvae a chance to view it!

I think you're having a friendly tournament. Good opportunity, only my documents, NOT me personally.

it seems that you are now scared of your challenge.i am not scared to take your challenge.. after we meet we can arrange a ticket... we have QA ticketing outlet here in our building.....

let me set the time : 4:oopm sharp at Alfardan Exchange.. cmon Manong Flor show me your PDOS paper..,,,,

Glorya...PDOS, Contract authenticated by POEA and OEC also the business visa in his passport :) ...dated May 2007 to June he stated.

all must be in original...coz copies can be tampered...

Al Fardan. Be there. I am wearing a blue shirt and a red Giordano jacket.

Move this to the FilEx group. This is clearly a Filipino issue, has been discussed forever, has gotten CLEAR answers on what is legal and what is not. If you STILL don't get it, take it to your own group.


group. It's for the righteous ones! They don't need bad people there!

whoaaaaa somebody got hit again by my boomerang :P harharharharharharhar

who the hell are you in the first place to send somebody home :P DoM :P

business visa, I think its computer print-out. I'll check it with the passport once I'm home.

The explanation I made is the way it was explained to us when we asked why we have BUSINESS VISA instead or WORKING VISA? You see, you are NOT the first to ask about it, WE first (we are about 20 people).

lol. lots of twists and turns.

as far as i know, the question was answered already by QS. no one would just listen and understand what she said. *sigh*

Buying of Business Visa is illegal

Company issued Visa is legal

read early post to understand?

you are really a DoM :P i've read the previous posts :P

and why are you backing out on glorya, coz' you're not yet finished with tampering of your documents :P ha mister zabayag :P

Nomerci flor can't post in Filex!

what is still presently practice? Now if you still don't understand it, useless to argue with you!

flor, may i just please ask, and if you can remeber or u have it in your hand, and your memory still serves you well, would you kindly mention the papers that you had given and papers that you received from either parties for you to be a documented OFW and i know it would be silly, but please step by step, please mention what are the things or the procedures you deal with. maybe then my comprehension wil be much better. i just want to hve a full understanding, thank you.

everybody will just JUSTIFY this wrong thing? ANd the wrong will never be made right! And the complaining will never stop!

and yet again, it unveils again that Flor aka DMS cannot MOVE-ON of not being a member of filex and not being able to create his own group :P


interviewed, offer letter, after accepting it, set a medical exam. Submit NBI, passport. Went to PDOS. Then we were given two-way ticket, why, because they say we only have BUSINESS VISA so it's a requirement to have two-way ticket. At the airport, we pass through the POEA/OWWA counter, show all documnts incuding the PDOS document, letter from Company, contract copy etc. Issued OEC, go to travel tax counter, then airline then immigration.

Something is still not clear Tanya?

and again provoking something! I'm use to you, loser! And you have not shown yourself to the group, meaning you are just a duplicate id!

why are you tolerated by the group Mods?

harharhar still making up stories eh old man :P

to the OP, the best answer is from QS. don't listen to Flor who's making-up stories (he's good at it)

and if this was posted in FILEX, you'll get the same answer as what QS just stated.

and some facts like this, our gov't is really clamping down on people going out of the country on a visit/business visa and then later on will be looking for a job. they'll be looking for different documents to prove you're a legit tourist or businessman. sadly, it is being used by some IO's as their leverage to get money from those people.

to justify the wrong thing? Get a life, moron! And DON'T ever disrespect my surname again. You going too far, my friend! This is my last warning to you. Mods, please act on this person!

warning from what? what will you do? are you respectable enough? get a life and move on old man harharharharharharhar

Just go through a legal procedures and be in the safe side. Why would someone purchase a business visa to look for a job when there's alot of recruitment agency to apply in the Philippines? It's no difference, coming on BV and applying through agencies will still cost you to pay money. My advise to all my kabayans, "Do it in a legal way!"

ei flor, do you have the OFW contract that has the stamp of POEA and an OEC (should be from the agency who process your papers)

or you might just missed to mention those up ther?

Manong Flor, I think what you had was a Work Visa, but there's a 3-months called an "entry visa" to Qatar and this is still transferable to another company so long it's not stamp in your passport. This 3-months entry visa will give you enough time to undergo processing in the Philippines like Medical, PDOS & POEA prior to coming to Qatar and then go for medical again at Medical Commission & finger printing then visa stamping in your passport-> RP

all in all, that is legal!


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