Can I cancel my RP without sponsor signature

By lkJegan

Hi I am Jegan here.

I am an Electrician, working on RP for last 5 years in a reputed company through man power supply agent. I have completed my 5 years contract on April 2013, but as asked by the agent I agreed to work till June end.

Agent wants me to work in another company and transfer my VISA to that sponsor, As I got a good job in Dubai, I am asking him to release me from June end.

Agent says that he will not settle my end of service benefits and also he will not cancel my VISA. Without VISA cancellation I cannot go to Dubai. What shall I do? Whom to approach for an official help (contact number / mail id please). I have all contract letters / other proofs with me. Kindly advice me.


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By weedler• 4 years 3 months ago.

It would be better if you'll forward your concerns directly to Labor. They are the one's most capable of answering your very important question clearly and correct.

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