Can my wife get a job on my work permit?

Hello all,

We are in the process of relocating to Doha. I will be issued a work permit that will allow my wife and kid to be resident too.

But can my wife get a job using this permit?

Or will she will be able to get a work permit easily once in country and able to secure another job?

Pls help as this is very important to us. It might determine if my wife will agree to leave her current job in the UK or not.



Yes, as you have a family status your wife can get a job here. She will be in your sponsorship and once she has a job offer the company would be applying for a job permit.

The thing you have to consider is her chances of getting a job as it depends also on her experience and minimum salary you would be expecting.

Anyways may god guide you.



thank you. that is very helpful. so just to clarify.... she will get residency, then she can apply for a job, and if they offer her a position, then her employer will have to get a separate work permit for her... is that correct?

Yes,once she gets her resident visa then her employer can apply for the job permit.



thanks steve.. very helpful... quick question about buying cars... how long do you have to be in country before you can get a car loan from a bank?

if your wife has a good position back home, i would recommend to look for the job for her in Qatar before relocating here. Unless relocation for her isn't a question. Most likely she will get a job in any case, but the question is, whould it be better than back home? How much she is willing to sacrifice?

as for the car loan, it depends on few factors...

ok. and what are those factors?

depends on what bank you are applying at, what's your salary, what company do you work for, if you put some down payment, what amount you are asking for, etc.

OK. Thanks a bunch

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