By MarcusIsaac • 7 years 5 months ago.

I worked in Qatar for two years. I dont want to renew my contract coz the offer was too small. With this, i decided to resign and it was approved. unfortunately, in my stamped visa, there's a word CANCELLED. Now, i want to know, if i could be able to get a residence visa when i wish to go back to Qatar for work? it was cancelled year oct 2007. Am i ban for two yea

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By irrysa• 7 years 5 months ago.

ok, i don't think u will have any issues.

it is simply done to show that ur visa is no longer valid.

my RP expires every year, and each year when they r making a new RP sticker in my passport, they put the same Cancelled stamp on the previous one.

By MarcusIsaac• 7 years 5 months ago.


so i could find a job and the company can sponsor me anytime?

By aak• 7 years 5 months ago.

As of now. the 2 year ban will be enforced unless you get an NOC from your previous employer. There is a rumour that this ban can be for 5 years...

By islandrock• 7 years 5 months ago.

Yes, You will be banned for 2 years even though your visa was cancelled. Or better get an NOC so that you can transfer to other companies as you like.

By coelacanth• 7 years 5 months ago.

You resigned, they cancelled your VISA, you're DONE! 2 yrs banned, or worst 5 yrs (rumor has it that there's a new law such as this). If you can get a NOC to Transfer Sponsorship, then start looking for one before you go home, otherwise, the moment you step into the immigration, you won't be able to come back anymore. NOC to transfer sponsorship is what you need, not just NOC to work in other company.

By ZIAD FAHEL• 7 years 5 months ago.

by book, if you dont have NOC you cant come back before 2 years and now some news saying 5 years

By MarcusIsaac• 7 years 5 months ago.

WOW! thats ridiculous! it will take me two to five years! my previous company is not giving a NOC. but i can get visit visa right?

By TweetyBird• 7 years 5 months ago.

I think it best that you talk to someone in Qatari immigration for the most accurate answer as most likely no one answering your question is an immigrations expert. For what it is worth, my understanding is that as long as you fulfilled the terms of your original contract, which it sounds like you did, then there is no requirement for NOC or a time ban should you wish to return to Qatar with a different employer. This is of course assuming that you left your former employer on good terms. You completed your contract, chose not to renew your contract and have left Qatar - correct?

By coelacanth• 7 years 5 months ago.

NOC has different type, and there is NOC in almost anything. If you have NOC TO TRANSFER SPONSORSHIP, you need not worry coz all you have to do is find a suitable company, get a release paper from your old company (typed in Arabic), have them stamp it, then have the new company put their stamp, plus the NOC TO TRANSFER SPONSORSHIP, which will be used by immigration to verify the release. If you have NOC to WORK IN ANOTHER COMPANY, the VISA is still under your current sponsor. If they cancelled it, just like what happened to you, then the NOC is useless. you can come by VISIT VISA but you cannot work because the immigration will have to ask you to present a NOC TO TRANSFER SPONSOR for you to have an new Working Visa. There is NOC to apply for Driving License, NOC to apply for Bank loan. Be specific with the NOC coz there's a lot.

just my 2 cents.

By MarcusIsaac• 7 years 5 months ago.

You are absolutely correct! my boss and i were in good terms when i lfet the company and decided not to renew my contract. On the other hand, the NOC to transfer for a certain job has not been issued to me becuase the company is requiring me to pay certain amount for it. I am working in UAE at the moment.. seems that i have no chance to be back in Qatar but to wait and wait patiently till the right time comes..

Thanks to all your comments dude. It helped. Really.