Cancelling Qatar Visa How many years ban per present rule whether can enter on visit later after how much time


I have entered Qatar 5 6 Months back in a Company
in RASLAFFAN INDUSTRIAL CITY ( One of the Govt Companies )as an Engineer M Indian 36
and wish to cancel my visa and go back .

Can anybody tell
Cancelling Qatar Visa How many years ban as per present whether can enter on visit later after how much time .

Whether does the ban means not to come on business visa also ?? can anybody tell

Thanks a lot in advance for the replies.


It seems you cannot obtain a NOC from your present employer. If not there will be two years employment ban. You can come on business or visit visas. Upon expiry of the said visas, I think you will have to be away for 3 months to get a new visa again.


A person who rsigns or sent back by the company could have entered in Visit Visa or wait for two years to take up a new job with a new sponser,

but recent new regulations seems for 5 years a person whose Visa cancelled for any reason can not work for 5 years

just 2 days back i heard that one worker who had gone on leave had not come back,later his visa was cancelled,that person came back after 3 years to the same sponser.

This person had come back before March-08 and his visa was rejected,after certain clarification his visa is stamped as the new rule of 5 years ban has come in to effect after his arrival ie around mid May-08

Can any one update the correct information

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