Chinese visa
By dashingwhitesergeant • 6 years 4 months ago.

I am a citizen and passport holder of both the UK and Canada. I want to visit mainland China sometime in October. Does anyone know if it is possible for me to obtain a Chinese visa from the Chinese Enbassy here in Doha, how long it should take and how much it costs

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By badaman• 6 years 4 months ago.

getting a visa for china is straight forward you can get one issued at the chinese embassy in doha.

you can obtain the application forms at the embassy you will need a letter from your sponser allowing you travel to china your passport, a passport photograph and approx 120 riyals. applications can only be submitted from 0930-1130 am sundays - thursdays. The visa can be collected a few days later. i have just retuned from my third trip to china all my visas have been issued from the chinese embassy here in doha with no problems at all.

By kumaran_63• 6 years 4 months ago.

Thanks Badaman good information.Me too want to ask this ,but you replied in QL.again Thanks