CID Clearence Rejected

Dear ALL

My wife is under my sponsership. She got a job in Petrochemical company here in qatar as secretary before four months. She started as contract because she yet to complte her medical and CID clearence.
Company sent her for medical and CID clearence (finger prints) after one month.
When i went to collect the report CID told me to inquire in the HR section of the company. then company told my wife that her CID clerence is rejected. i was surprised with that. they didnt mentioned any reason for rejection. Now company telling that they will try to clear it. unless it will clear she cannot be taken as regular employee and her contract will exp. after one month

Did anybody experienced like this situation before? if yes what i can do to solve this?
is it worth to wait for the comany to clear it because they cannot tell the time limit and she already got an interview call from another company.

Please advice

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