Family Residence Visa


I am an IT Professions and have been in Doha since May-2011. I have got a valid work permit and RP. Now i would like to apply & call my family (wife & 1 kid, 3.5 yrs) on Family Residence Visa from Pakistan. My gross Salary is 13500 QR. My organization is willing to provide any assistance in this regard.
Can anybody guide me out, what should be my way forward for applying for the Family Resisdence Visa? As far as my inquiry, following are the pre-requisite

1.      Filled Application Form (Attached)
2.      Salary Certificate
3.      Labor Agreement
4.      Passport, ID & RP copies
5.      Marriage Certificate
6.      Wife & Child passport copies
7.      Child birth certificate
8.      Six months bank statements
9.      Application fees QR 200

Anything else?

As it just 2 months now, i can only get 2 month bank statement produced. Would that be ok? If anybody could also share their relevant experiences, that would be a great reference.


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