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I would like to know what are the required documents for applying for family visa, Already my wife is in qatar on visit visa. I need to change it to Family visa for RP. Please anyone tell me what all I require. * Regarding the bank statement , is three(3) months bank statement enough? cause i can give only for three months. I opened an account only this month.. Pls advice..


Thank you.


With regards. 



Requirements for Family RP visa .

1) Passport Copies of sponsor (husband), wife and children

2) Bank Statement with salary transfer transactions for 3 months, signed and sealed by the bank's authority.

3) Copy of marriage certificate attested by concerned embassy and MOFA

4) Copy of birth certificate (wife and children) attested by concerned embassy and MOFA

5)  Approved letter from Dept Head, showing occupation, salary and other details

6)  Immigration ID Card copy of sponsor ( husband )

7)  Copy of deposit receipt for the connection of water and electricity or W&E bill for the applicant's accommodation

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nice pwede ko n pala apply ng residence visa yung wife & son ko.. khit 3 months bank statement makita ko..?

hi my husband and i just went through the whole rp thing, we had to give 4 months worth of bank statements so you should double check, will save you alot of running around

I was going to add...

You better check with your company liason officer as to the bank statement. I think  it depends on your salary as well because a friend was asked for a 6 month bank statement.

It depends on your company's PRO'c connections with the authorities. I got family Visa with 3 months bank statements. No water or electricity bill were produced.



some say 3 months, some say, 4 months,, maybe i will take chances for 3 months..who knows, if they reject my application, ill try 4 months, up to six months, is it possible..?? 

Better ask first your PRO because some banks charge you per bank statement. CBQ charges 50QR per bank statement be it 6, 4, or 3 months. Since they will charge me anyway, I got 6 months statement instead of just 3 to be sure.


Is birth certificate of wife is really required??and bytheway...waht is MOFA?


Ministry Of Foreign Affairs..



Birth certificates are required. See list above.

Date Of Birth is clearly mentioned in the passport, rite, is there anyother proof more than the passport copy?? it's just my doubt, anyway I am going to face the situation very soon and will keep u updated guys...

Good day..

how much should the salary bracket be if you want to sponsor your family under your name?


Qr 4,500 or more

...The Oracle...




just want to mention somethings i know


iam sure the bank statement is required for the six months.

plus the birth certificate is not essential at all for wife. maybe only for kids.

minimum salary is above 4000 

you will also need your job contract (the one which is submitted to labour department) to show proof of salary 

i recently applied RP for my wife

so i guess no changes within one month 

Hi All,

I am new in Qatar and just got my RP this week. I want to apply for family VISA to get my wife and kid here. Now I dont have a 6 month's bank statement as I just got my RP and opened a bank account this week. Plus, I dont have a copy of Electricity Bills as the accommodation in which I am living, the owner pays it himself. So in this case, how can I apply? I need to apply next week, so your comments will be highly appreciated.

Thanks to All in advance.

Adeel Ali

If you do not have a bank statement to show.... you cannot apply... that's it. That's the requirement.

sorry but that's the requirement.

my husband is processing my husband sponsorship. do u think mga ilan days para ma release an entry visa ko kasi is tourist for only 1 month.

If all the requirements are complete.... usually within 2 weeks. But all the depends on the completed requirements specially the NOC from your husband's company.

my visa is ood for one month only. pude pa kaya i extend or i really have to exit? my possibilities bah na di ma approve even if the requiremnts is complete?

I don't know for sure regarding tourist visas. As far as I know it is up to 28 days only.

For my family I applied for family visit visa and this can be extended up to 6 months. For extension you have to go to the medical commission.

Please check the QL Filipino group.... this has been thoroughly discussed there...

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thanks so much for the advices. i will check it with my husband which visa he ot for me.

lalaki lang po ba pwede mag-sponsor? bakit ang mga babaeng asawa hindi pwede?

wives can also sponsor their husbands but they have to review their contract and company policy because there are companies that have clauses that state something to the effect that wives can sponsor their husband for family visa however if the husband gets employed here in Qatar some of the benefits (ex. vacation tickets, medical, education) get forfeited or discontinued because the husband is deeemed as the "main provider".

A friend of mine has this clause in her contract. Another friend is lucky that it is not so even if her husband is employed here she still gets all her benefits. So this depends on the company. They just have to check their contract and company policy.

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Please clarify me with this....My husband finished already fingerprinting and medical and is now waiting for his RP. My question, can he directly apply for a Family Visit Visa for Me(wife) for 6 mos after he receives his Card?

Hope you can help me, coz what i've understand, the bankstatement and other requirements is for the processing of Family Visa (RP) na.

Thanks a lot.

Once he receive his Card(PATAKA)he can apply for your visa right away(Visit Visa for 6 months)and if your husband is planning to keep you here he must complete the above requirements..


thanks a lot titus.. i was afraid it will take me so long to be there...I am in Oman at the moment, worked

there in Doha for 2 years and resigned. I am under banned, that is why, only family visit visa is allowed for me under husband sponsor..i cant stay here for long.

Can he personally apply it by himself? where exactly is

the office where he can make it directly.

just tell your husband to prepare necessary following documents

1. Copy of his employement contract

2. Copy of his ID (PATAKA)

3. Copy of His passport

4. No objection Letter(NOC)- stating that the company

has no objection of bringing you here

5. mmmmmmmm

6. mmmmmmmm

7. hehehehe

8. Copy of your mariage contract(should be attested by

our Embassy of the Phils here in Qatar - 100 riyal

per stamp..tsk...tsk...tsk...And should also attested

by the Ministry of Foriegn Affair- MOFA - 20 riyal

per stamp)

9. Copy of your Birth Certificate(attested also)

10. Copy of your passport

11. mmmmmmmm

12. Complete all the required documents and tell him to

go directly to Immigration at Garafa or Abu Hamour

13. Once he reach there along with the documents

approach the receptionist and ask for a que no.

14. While waiting..prepared all the documents

15. Once he saw his quo no. flash

16. approach the immigration officer, smile and give all

the documents and tell your applying for visit visa

17. after they check the documents..they will ask for

visa card or any bank card for payment - 220 riyals

for the visa(for a month)

18. Wait for 4 - 5 days then take the visa from this


19. mmmmmmmm

20. Then ask your husband to send the visa to you

21. Sorry If i cannot continue, just leave your

message here..coz my wife is calling i have to go



hehehe, thanks a lot for the time, i know it took so long for you to enter all that informed once again ha, that I am on banned. "no problem ba talaga? will i not face problem in applying for job? wanna be back there...i missed the corniche and all..I am very lonesome here huhuhu...

i will tell my husband to read the conversation. so he

can do the necessary things.dohabank card will do? the visit visa is 1 month only right but to be extended up to 6 mos? and before the 6 mos expires, i will proceed with the RP formalities? hope things will be ok then.

God Willing, I will inform you and Treysdad when Im back.

Thanks to you Titus...

tenks so info..mabuhay ang qliving!

thanks a lot for the clarification. i've been so paranoid with my situation being on banned. that's why instead of bringing my husband in Oman, I've asked a help from my sisters to help him to be in Qatar and I

am very hopeful, He will be my guide back to Qatar.

Requirements for Family RP visa .

1) Passport Copies of sponsor (husband), wife and children

2) Bank Statement with salary transfer transactions for 3 months, signed and sealed by the bank's authority.

3) Copy of marriage certificate attested by concerned embassy and MOFA

4) Copy of birth certificate (wife and children) attested by concerned embassy and MOFA

5) Approved letter from Dept Head, showing occupation, salary and other details

6) Immigration ID Card copy of sponsor ( husband )

7) Copy of deposit receipt for the connection of water and electricity or W&E bill for the applicant's accommodation

thanks to your clarification....i hope it is clear to you that I am under banned at the moment....will I not

face any problem If I will come back there and work using

husband sponsor..

Your answer will help us...thank you

was at the same boat with u. was banned by doha because i was working here before. to be exact i resigned march this year. went home, and after a month my husband took a visit visa for one month. and when i arrived here he applied for a family visa.. thanks GOD it was all fine now. last month i already had my RP valid for one year. additionla info lang po. diploma ng husband mo and ur marriage contract should bear the red ribbon from the dfa philippines..i hope this would help

I would like to know that can I bring my parents on the residency permit here. I have to take care of them and as such have to bring them here. can anyone tell me the procedure.


thank u queenct, wow, that's the answer i wanted to hear...i also resigned last april and wants to be back to qatar..i supposed to bring my family here in Oman but my God, superlungkot here, at least in Doha, I have cousins and i sent my husband in Doha.He is now waiting for his RP and i am hopeful he can right away apply for a visit visa for me at first then will extend it up to six months then have my RP formalities.

Thanks a might be from Cebu City, I am also from Leyte but studied in University and Cebu and worked at PCIbank Cebu in my single years...

Thanks again

Hi, everyone.

What documents do the Qatari Authorites require for my

children and I to join my husband in Qatar. We already

have permission from company he works for. I just hear

that we need a letter from Home Affairs stating we are

a family. Does the marriage certificate and birth

certificates of the children not prove this? Is the

bank statements necessary? Soryy I ask so many questions

I just miss my husband so much and want to join him

there. Thanks to all.

yep am a pure cebuana...goodluck sa visa mo.

Dear Sir,

I have all of the above papers but one thing i want to ask you is i have Bank stmt for 6 months.

My oldest salary was 3500 and it changed to 6000. I can show this from June,Jul and Aug.

But in June salary is House Cheque and Jul and Aug is salary transfer. why bcos our comp started salary tran from July.

Will it be a problem in my case. I have all other papers with me.

Please advce

Dear Jack01,

From what I understand on your post, you only have opened a Bank account in July since this was the start of your company's salary transfer to your account. Did I understand right?

If so, my advice is just try to wait by the end of this month (September) to get a bank statement or as soon as you have 3 months from date you opened your account. That way you have at least 3 months bank statement. Sometimes they do accept 3 months bank statement because what they check is your capacity to support your family here in Qatar.

As an added advise, make sure that your employment certificate states that you are receiving 6K QR per month.

Good luck and God Bless.

Hope this helps.


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No need 3 month bank statement if your RP stamped date less than 3 month duration. My RP Stamped 10 Days back, my bank statement only 1 Week old! I got the visa for my wife and kids today!.

Its all depends your position and salary!! yes if you are staying here for more than 3 months they may ask for 3 month bank statement.

LOL.. you dont need the biorthcertificate of you or your wife.. they dont care how young she is.. hahaha



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Is it hard to get a visit visa in the beginning? and then change it to the family visa? would I have to leave the country again? and for how long can I get a visit visa? lol questions over questions...

no u dnt need to exit the country to change.. just have to pay 500 qar as fee to change once the family visa is issued.


It Takes 72 Muscles to Frown...And Only 14 To Smile.

: ) Keep Smiling : )

It seems lots of pinoys sa thread na to... I'll be in DOHA next month for a business visa and later my company will apply for an RP for me... After I got my RP, I want to get my family back in the Phil's. Are they going to undergo medical examinations like what I have to do? I am not familiar w/ this and I don't think my company will shoulder the costs... Thanks...

Dear treysdad,

I have got the visa last week. Now medical and finger remaining.

Thanks all for your valuable advices



Glad to be of help...


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If you are asking about the medical exam in the Philippines, I believe up to now it is not required for family visit visa.

But they will have to go for the medical exam here in Qatar at the Medical Commission. (see previous posts) They will also go for Blood Group (Blood typing) here.

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They said Qatar is strict in medical exams... My wife is HEP B positive but her doctor said its inactive w/c means she can't spread it. Its true because I don't have HEP B, even our new born son... Can she qualify for the RP??? Thanks again...

try to find the thread posted by denbongerald or pm her.... she went through this also.

Is there any labour approval required before you get this Residence permit.

My family and I have been caught in a quandry, they are here on a 6 month visit visa and this expires on 1/10/08 right in the middle of the holidays.

Does some one know if the immigration dept is working on Sunday or not?



I struggled and got one a few years ago and now I am trying to find a way to return it back...

i got my wife's visa for 4 days.

they will require bank statement, i submitted a 1-month bank statement only but labor dept will ask you to attached your contract (from emploer)if that's the case.

TIP in getting your bank statement free of charge.

1. visit your online account

2. print your account details, transaction (that showing your name and account number, and status)

3. go to the bank, and present it.

4. they will just give you a cover sheet with stamp and their signature

5. if you dont have those printing itmes in item 2, they will print it for you and they will charge you at least 50QR..

good luck!

Hello Everyone ...

Having read this forum topic ... I have come to understand that its possible to change family visit visa to family R.P ...

Is it the same case for the family that has arrived on tourist visa ... It should be noted that my husband will come on work visa that his firm will issue while myself and our baby son will come on tourist visa ...

Thank You


In my case, I am receiving almost 7600 as my net salary. It includes my allowance for transpo, mobile and housing. But my main concern is, my contract says that my salary is only QR2000 but I have a proof from than bank that I am receiving more than 7600 a mos, and I have my bank certificate with me for almost 7 months. Will it be possible to sponsor my wife and daughter.


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Will my wife's salary considered while applying for a resident permit for our son?

I am earning a low salary and my wife is earning QR12,000 per month.

Please reply



What is the minimum salary requirement for a Family visa...Heard now its 7000+...

What is the minimum salary to get family visa in qatar?

what if my company does not provide NOC for me? Our application for husband sponsorship has alraedy been apporved by Ministry of Labor...Problem is, the immigration is looking for an NOC from my Company but I could not provide. advisable ba na cancelled ako ng sponsor ko at mag exit ako para ma print ung visa ko? Di kc nagproprovide ng NOC and employer ko..we did the application to Labor secretly but we cannot print the visa now..and is it true that the NOC is needed dahil may 2 years ban ang cancelled kaya di ma pring ung visa?at kahit na daw macancelled at mag exit ako, kakailangan pa rin daw ba ng NOC dahil sa ban? Anyone, please comment...

Hello, galing po ako sa immigration nung thursday (June 24,10) sabi nila basta ma cancel ang visa mo, makaabalik ka dito with a family visa. need lang ang NOC pag dito ka sa qatar mag ta-transfer. it only means that you have to resign so your visa would be cancelled, exit, i think you can print na your visa.

Pano ka naka apply sa Labor at approved na wala pa ang NOC mo? help... thanks

what is the salary requirement for family visa?

my wife is here on visit visa and i would like to transfer it to family visa. what are the requirements and procedures as of transferring to family visa?

same question as oliepogi,

anyone please answer, if it is possible to apply for family visit visa, while she is in Qatar on Tourist/Visit Visa.

And if yes then can it be converted without leaving qatar.

Anyone please Help?


I hope somebody can share me the latest updates about applying a family visit visa for sister-in-law. I heard that they are strict daw if it comes to visas for in-laws.I am under my husbands sponsorship and we are planning to get my sister sana to take care of our son kahit for 4 months lang..

Thanks in advance :)

from tourist visa to family visit visa, yes it is possible.. if you have salary certificate and a letter from your company stating no objection, then it should be ok..

if my husband coming 4 the first time on a work visa

can i go with him on tourist visa?

or should i wait 4 this bank statment ?even he will earn high salary

how many months should i wait to go with him?

drsama, if you can arrange tourist visa for yourself via someone in Qatar, you can come along with your husband.

Or else, once RP of your husband has been issued( normally takes around a month), he can get family visit visa issued for you and children. You can join him then. This can be extended for further 2 months so that you would have bank statement of at least 3 months after which he can apply for family residence visa for you and children. You need not exit Qatar to convert family visit visa to family residence visa.

tnx dr mana

but my kid is in kg2


when i go in visit visa,How my daughter will join the school?

will we find a school easily?

Sorry drsama, no idea about schools here. Wait for others to answers on that regards or better start a new thread with that question. You will get more replies that way.

My visa was cancelled and im planning to come back to doha through husband sponsorship under family visa in less than 4 months..My company didnt granted me the NOC,my question is can i work again under family visa and without the NOC to another company????? desparately need answers/help! thank you!

you can work under family visa

hi, i just want to ask if my husband apply for a visit visa for me how long will it take? recently he applied for RP but it was not granted but he is advised to re-apply after 2 months...if im in qatar for a visit visa and he applies for the RP, can it be possible? or maybe there's some conflict right?

I am a business man and soon I am going to open my company in Doha-Qatar, so first I’ll be coming to Qatar along with my family on a visit visa then after IT solutions company registration I will sponsor my wife. It is possible or what other prerequisites are there??? Please help…



Good day everyone.

I am presently here in Abu dhabi under husband's sponsorship. However, this June my husband will be moving to Qatar and my visa in abu dhabi will be cancelled but I have a sister working there already for 4 months. Can I come to qatar with my husband if my sister gets a family visa for me? is it possible to convert the family visa by my sister to RP to be sponsored by my husband once he has an RP? or do i need to go back to the philippines before i could enter qatar and just wait for my husband to sponsor me?

any one who could answer my questions, thank you so much in advance.

I am applying for a job in qatar and waiting for a call my hubby and i really want to satart a living in qatar since he had been there for less that two years as safety officer and has NOC.if ever I got hired with a single visa status and i will apply for sponsorship right away while still here in the Philippines would possible  that i'll leave wth my husband and daughter for qatar? without requiring such as bank statement?thanks a lot..hope to hear fr.anyone of u soon. thanks

I have Dubai attestation. But I don’t have Qatar Consulate (India) attestation in my certificate. Is it necessary for Indian Embassy attestation (Qatar)?...For answers Visit below link..

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