Family Visa Approved after 3 years
By Ajyal_Maintenace • 5 years 3 weeks ago.

Today i am so happy.... After 3 years of stuggling and facing almost 4 appointments (lajnas) in labor minstry , finally i have been awarded family visa status for my wife and son...
Now since i have got the ID card and stamps on passport done , i sit and look back , its been really a hard journey. I am GM of an umpcoming company and live a good life here in Qatar, If i face all these struggles then HOW & When will a normal labor will be able to bring his wife here....
Its very hard to work alone here and live as a bachelor while you have your whole families waiting for you back in home countries ... may Allah help them all...
My happiness is not complete seeing all these guys waiting for t

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By anonymous• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

congrats! maybe u can help the other guys and give advices to them on how you struggle to get the visa!

By ajmani• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

Seems it was quite a challenge, but good luck with your work and enjoy every moment of the family life!! Congratulations!

By Elegance• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

And when they join you treat them like diamonds. Please do not take them for granted.. :-)

By Ajyal_Maintenace• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

I would love to help anyone in this regard,

The most important thing for ministry of labor to approve you is

1: your salary must be more than 7500 Qrs > 10000 plus is a safe case.

2: your occupation must be manager / engineer / management related etc

By Ajyal_Maintenace• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

The best part is that they were here with me always , on visit visa , i spent loads of money to keep them here with me on visit visas , paying 200 per month per person only for the visit for past 3 years

By smoke• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

These kind of posts of late are really reflecting badly on Qatar. We have people like GM's and people who say they fulfill all the requirements and are about to commit suicide coz they are refusing family visas. Seriously Qatar wake up please the world is watching every move and such kind of publicity is bad for business.

Think of all the people who might want to come work here but will think twice if they cant bring their family then why should they come?

By aneehs• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

Good things always happened to those who wait patiently.

Now enjoy every moment with your family.

By anonymous• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

No, good things always happen when you're sh*tting in the toilet. (Courtesy: smoke).

By smoke• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

LOL LP....thats good fortune...not good things. Good things come after you think you got something good something better comes along :p

By anonymous• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

Well, allow me that small variation. It's only temporarily.

By roseflower• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

can you please share your veiws the process..through which u got visa..wat kind of paper u of my relative is also trying for visa..maybe ur information could help him..

By Ajyal_Maintenace• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

I sumitted the same papers all the time, its just in the interview with 'Lajna' at labor dept. this time went in my favor... anyways here is the process.

I got a blank application from labor department (near american hospital) C- Ring Road. This applications need to be types in Arabic & English both .. You can find typewriter shops in Souq Waqif. You need one application for all family members

Now you need to attach copy of your passport + passport copy of your wife and kids (in case)..

ID copy of yourself

A letter from your company stating your salary .. It willhelp alot if your company can write in that letter that they also give you family accomodation.

Six months bank statement (in my case i submitted only 3 months, its enough if you get salary transferred to your account).

minimum salary must be 7500 Qrs... 10000 plus is a very safe case.

marriage certificate must be attested by your home country and ministry of foriegn affairs here in Qatar.

Copy of your electricity bill to prove that you have rented a house...

submit these documents along with the application to the same building at C ring road (labor department).

go back and check the status from the counter in 7 days , normally its rejected straight away . thats Normal routine..

But then you must ask for appointment with Lajna.

In meeting you have to convince the office that you make enough money and you are working on good post and bla bla.

If he is convinced he will approve your application..

After lajna you can check for result again from the same building after 3-5 days.

once approved they will print you a visa number and you can go to immigration for further process.

Good luck

By anonymous• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

Thanks ...

By nudge• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

Congrats Buddy!!!!!!!! have a nice time in Qatar with your family, though there are not much places for them to hang around but i hope they'll enjoy being with you.

By yv2r• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

All delays are not to be considerd as denials.

I am planing to submit by March as my daughter will complete her Engineering and son 12th Class(planing to admit son in CNA), I have salary transfered to Bank(it is more than base minimum),i can get a leter from the Company, i have W&E bill in my name with Rental agreement also in my name,another plus point my wife also here working in Govt company,hope it should support.

By anonymous• 5 years 3 weeks ago.


Thanks for the wonderful idea & by the way.Congratulation 'coz u made it. But you didn't mentioned if it's QR7500 are package or basic salary. As we planned to bring our son here this summer. I want to apply for the main time for Visit Visa, as i arranged some document so far like to change my position on my ID & currently i opened for salary transfer. But unfortunately, i'm not the one who luckily received QR7500 monthly.But if my salary & my wife salary will combine we will hit the required amount?here my questions.Do you thinks we are able to apply a family Visa for our son even our individual salary are didn't meet their requirements?What the other option? I don't want to compromise my son education if we brought him here & after the expiration of visit visa we are denied because of our salary situation. Please help!

Thanks & regards,

A. Maclen

By Mandilulur• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

Adam, I'm so sorry, but the salary is a minimum of 7500 basic for one person. Not package or combined.


By KHATTAK• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

Adam...Salary range is for one person, as Mandi said. But, if the accomodation is provided by the company...then the authorities will consider even a lower salary.

By ashokvamadevan• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

Recently lot of news comes across me regarding the difficulty for getting family visa. But in my case, I applied on 2010 Jan and I got within 4 days. I just arrived Qatar on third week of October 2009 and I have submitted only 3 months bank statement. Its really surprising me such news..

By Cat Buys• 5 years 3 weeks ago.
Cat Buys

Well done for your patience ... really ... me and my daughter have arrived in doha with my husband 2 weeks ago ... he is awaiting his visa to get clearance and apparently we will then be cleared too.... no one told us it would take 3 years though they said it would take about 2 months max .... we have company flat and his salary is above the requirements ... though if you are a GM so is your salary... i wonder why it has taken soo long... it sounds a bit scary if there is a possibility that it will take thatttt long .... somehow disappointing.....

Hope you and your family have a wonderful time together here :)

By KHATTAK• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

Cat wont be an issue for you. Passport colour also matters.

By kanoo• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

Make a best life with ur family.

By britexpat• 5 years 3 weeks ago.


Hope your family arrives soon and you all enjoy your life together..

By Ajyal_Maintenace• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

I dont think it will be any difficult for you really ... As another friend said .. nationality also matters alot... if you are European and you fulfill all the requirements, its different than bieng a Pakistani... The reason behind this is NOT at all racism . BUT here the authorities try to maintain a balance between various nationalities. In my case there are alot of Pakistanis already here so applying a single visa will be so tough coz of 85000 existing Pakistanis... You have a SOLID case.. I am sure you will get it in max 2 months time...

Best of Luck

By Ajyal_Maintenace• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

If you are working for any big Oil & Gas company / Govt or Telecom companies directly... Then there are No issues.. private companies face such difficulties ..

By Ajyal_Maintenace• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

hey dude... As others mentioned.. your minimum basic should be 7500 Qrs to apply .. But these days there some elaxation if the company says in thier letter that they will provide you with family accomodation...

You can combine both the salries and make a good statement with the help of your company if they agree to take your wife salary and deposit it to the bank on monthly basis for atleast 2-3 months....

Regarding your son.. I would say its better you apply for Residence visa before bringing him on visit visa... Otherwise its too risky and not sure.... Do Not compromise on his education unless you are sure about residence visa...

Best of Luck

By operator1971• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

rigth after i've got my ID! my mandoob is wondeful and even without bank certificate guys!... it's depend on the avility of your PRO..

By anonymous• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

That's really great. Is it possible you introduce your PRO to me as we are tryng to get family visas for our kids who are already here on visit visa. Thanks.

By kanoo• 5 years 3 weeks ago.

Don't get angry with me. Pro(mandoob) can't issue family visa if somebody unqualified. if somebody qualified labor dept, issues visa.

By mary_yhet• 4 years 9 months ago.

Ajyal, what documents to bring during the interview?

please feedback. Thanks.

By acuna_sharon• 4 years 9 months ago.

Hi Ajyal,

I just want to ask if you are aware of the labour policy here in Qatar for husband sponsorship where plumbers are not allowed to sponsor their wives even their salary is 7500riyals up and also working in government company such in HMC. They said change the position but it could not be done because their id appears the position and it cannot be change also as it is recorded in the whole network of Qatar right? What is your view on this?

Thanks if you can reply me on this.