Family Visa renewal on your finger click

Hi QL friends,

Family visa renewal is now in your finger point now, no need to go to Labour dept. for any approval no need to submit any papers, just send sms to 92727
in text colum just type 7 then your family member's Visa number (Without any space after 7) you will get a file number within minutes by SMS after two, three days just go to

timebeing, unfortunatly this service only available in Arabic just click on the second one عائلي (Arabic in Circle) you will get another two columns to add the file number (which you need to type that you received by SMS) and in the second column your ID number (Sponsor) you will get approval online and take the print out and go to Post office/or any immigration office to stamp on the passport. This is really superb service of Qatar Government and thanks to Qatar Goverment for this wonderful service.


Thanks for the update biju. Sounds easy n quick.

thanks for sharing Biju, its such a wonderful service by the qatar government, we hope they will start in english also very soon.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Biju for sharing such a

wonderful information.

thanx for this infromation

thnx for sharing

thx for that...!!

That sounds simple...Thanks for sharing

hey biju .. thanks for sharing .. this is a great help .. but if there anyone who tried this ??? was it successful ?

by the way .. the visa number is same as the Qatar ID number ?? or the old visa number itself ?? :(

Has it ever worked for anyone? I would like to know some success stories before trying out something like this. BTW, thanks for sharing.

Ofcourse, another question. Does it work with QTEL, or Vodafone, or both. Short codes are usually provided by specific telco operators.

What about the payment for the visa renewal? how it works?

it's working, great..

I got sms, after 2 days I will see the web site (mol).

for ajmani and nachu, Yes one of my friend did the same and he only pass the message to me. Today I register for my son and I got file number and I need to check by sunday.

brightsun, Once you get approval, at the time of stamping the visa on the passport you need to pay otherwise it is null and void.

All the govertment deal only through Qtel not through private providers

Visa number and ID number is same.


Thanks for the info...

so for example, if the ID number is 123******* then i should type 7123******* and send to 92727 right??? and where do i specify if i need 1 or 2 years renewel ?

Nachu your format is right, you will get approval either for two years or 5 years, when you go to stamp the visa on passport you need to inform them only just to renew for how many years. This is for family visa renewal which only first get approves for 2 or 5 years, after this period you suppose to submit all the papers from the begining but now no need to do this formatlity.

This is great because before you have to get an NOC for family visa renewal tou your company so mr biju abraham its means no need for this formality?

Thank you so much for the info.. this is a great help ..otherwise getting all these procedure done again would be a hell..

What about the NOC from the sponsor?

Yes purely no need this formatlities but remember this is not for first application, once your family is there, these days they grant visa only for 2 or 5 years and after this period you need to submit all the papers and NOC from sponsor, now they get rid all this stupid formalities. (not applicable for first time applicant)

Because its the second year of renewal of my wife visa so it means no need for NOC from my sponsor and any formalities in labor dept. its a really big help.Thanks for the info mr biju

If that is the case...then it would be a great relief to the expatriates... Thanks for sharing Biju Abraham. :-)

Great Info, thanks

Today I got online apporval for my son, I just need to go and pay the fees to stamp on the passport, I applied on 23rd and today 27th it is ready, superb service.

Hi Biju,

thanks for the info. where did you go to stamp the visa on passport ??

I am still waitng for approval, its almost morethan sevan days pass now.

Any immigraton/passport office or Main post office, if you renew for 3 years you will get 20% discount.

Sanju1068, it should be ready see last after you type file number and ID number there are two option down to click in arabic ask someone to assist you.

Thank you so much :) been a great help

I already try to renew the visa of my wife and i follow the instruction already and i received sms from MOL indicates that i should use the same mobile number but im using the same mobile number and i try it again same message received from them, hope somebody can help me. Thanks in advance

carlo...may be because your mobile number is not registered in your name.

Register you new mobile with Metrash Service

Thanks Biju For such valuable information and it's success. My son visa is going to expire on 26th Nov.2010 and i am planning to renew now becasue i am going to annual leave on Oct - Nov period. Can i apply the renewal now through this new set up.

Hi Biju,

its started workin now properly?


nh nh

how do we register the mobile number with site, inorder to submit the application thru SMS request

First you go to and click on Metrash just send your request (follow the instruction) only need to enter your ID and Mobile number) it will be registered immediately and it is very good also they will remind you all your expiry dates of ID, Driving licence or any other relted documents

First you go to and click on Metrash just send your request (follow the instruction) only need to enter your ID and Mobile number) it will be registered immediately and it is very good also they will remind you all your expiry dates of ID, Driving licence or any other related documents

Is it must to have mobile under my ID to avail this service .or can i change my mobile to my ID





Better you send two different SMS

Thanks biju,anyway you are from which part of kerala???

Thanks biju,anyway you are from which part of kerala???

Hello everyone,

I tried using this service, but keep getting reply as "Must be a phone is the same as the registered phone when making treatment". I m already registered in metrash and I do get message when my wife exits the country on same number. tried unsubscribe and subscribe in metrash but still getting d same reply.... any suggestions would be appreciated.

Dear Biju,

Can you please advise how we can find when the labour approval expiring with the Qatar ID of the family. Then only we can send this SMS to renew the Labour Isnt it ? Please help




last monday (April 11, 2011) i went to immigration to renew my child's family visa... then they gave me a year renewal because it'll reach 5 yrs., the officer told me that next year...I should go to labor department for the renewal of another 5 years...

sorry to restart this thread.

i tried to send the message from 2 different mobiles but have got the same replies. i dont know what it means but its just 3 lines. the first message i sent 5 days ago.

im sure there are no numbers in the message though

no way to copy paste it to the computer :P

Register your mobile number in MOL.

Go to MOL customer service and register your mobile number

I did it, it works.

good luck.

maaher you are right..

Thanks a lot to biju for sharing this.

how to register mobile in MOL? is it thru website or you need to go there?

tnx this is a great help... no more hassles for us!

TFS dude. have nice weekend ahead.

I want to renew family wisa for my wife.I bought one new simcard from qtel.I subscribed to MOI web site.but still showing this number not registered to qid number.But i got sms from moi,saying they registered my number.I sent sms to 92727 as people told here. Now sorry where i should resgister to MOI or MOL? if it is Mol where and how i will resgister,can i do that online at their website or i should go to there?

how u registered ur mobile number to MOL?Did you use their website or directly u went to ttheir office? i try to register to metrash service at MOI website but still nothing.pls help me about that subject


same question with mine... answer pls., thanks

somebody try to help to other people but so many wrong information he/she is giving to other people.for that subject no need to register your mobile to metrash service or no need that qtel number registered to ur id. at the beginning when u filled form for family visa that time u wrote one mobile number.from that mobile number still belongs to u and u r using it is ok.u can use that service.if not go to labour department and update ur personel information like mobile phone number.thats all. please do not give wrong info to people.yes u want to help but this is not correct way.first u learn the way then inform to other people byeeee

@portena...but how? how can we obtain renewal in finger click.

we need the procedure on how to do it. My number didn't change since the time that I applied for family visa. What shall we do?

If we have to go to the labor department to ask or to clarify the procedure, then it's not " renewal in one finger click"...right? I can't find it through their website.

hidoes the ministry of labour website approval requires a  ' Y ' to appear for the family visa renewal?

I tried this sms service and it is so fast...first I registered our mobile personally at the labor's office then from there I sent the request right away. When i reached home and checked the status, it is already approved!  

Is it still valid? and can I apply through the above procedure?


does any body know how many months before we can renew the family visa?

sms will not work now,just go to immigration(madina kalifa) between 6.30-12.30 , gate 2 ,take token ,go to counter 1 for approval ,thereafter to next counter(AS PER TOKEN) to pay money ,everything will be over in 10-15 minutes . just carry the filled application ( arabic) with photo,Your id copy that is the sponsors id copy,passport ,previous card and and a debit/credit card .i had to pay 900 rials for 2 yrs resident permit for my wife and qar 800 for my son.........this is my experience on 5th may 2012.recived back the passports and new ID IN 15 minutes.......thanks to ministry of interior

Mr.Biju is it the same procedure for family visa renewal now

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