Filipinas banned to Qatar?

hi guys,


i just want to ask, is it true that  Qatar really banned filipinas because of the news that 3 girls where raped in different situation - i think they are filipina prostitute..


i am currently processing my visit visa going there but im afraid that this issue will affect it..i really need to go there to visit my boyfriend..


im gonna wait for you oppinions..tnx



it's just a rumors.


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dont believe anything you read on the paper or speciall just from people. its only rumors.


Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

you are processing your visa and they are letting you......I would guess it's ok to come here.

This country would grind to a halt. They are the ones that do all the work.


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What's the hala cards got to do with Filipina?    


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But that's just a matter of bureaucracy! some documents kept missing and lacking of supporting documents that cause the delays. like what happen to my friend they misplace her NOC after 3 weeks of waiting. this kind of processing always needs pushing or follow ups. Be patient your visa will come eventually.


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sad to say.. but i know some girls who take advantage of other by asking for "HALA" card to others... 


but the point is? whats the connection of the "HALA CARD" in this thread??






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Why would they ask for Hala cards?


The time has come to substitute caution for courage. Martin Luther King, Birmingham, Alabama 1963

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hi jeq_778, I believe those are just rumors. But if there is something you should be cautious about is being with your bf on the same place or room. if someone insanely conservative (or maybe envious or jealous) saw you come in to his flat or him to your hotel room or whatever, they can call the police and report you blah blah all those crap, and give you trouble. some might say its less likely, but i'd say its still a possibility, and its still best to be wary and cautious ;). This wont be a problem if you werent married.

oh sorry, i meat, This wont be a problem if you WERE married :)

coz lot's of filipinas here are some kind of frustitute, they going out with different guys, asking money,hala or just for the cars. And some of them even the guy is married they dont care. that's why lots of arabs people if they see filipinas in the way there asking if how much, and is really not good for the good filipinas.

No it is not true. Qatar is very safe place. Everybody is living here very nicely. You may be hear some rumour. Here all filipina girl feeling very safe. So no problem you can come to Qatar.

rumours just rumours

i heard about that news also. but for me, i still feel safe in Doha so if you still want to come, it is very much fine and it's still safe. i don't think the government will ban filipinas here. anyway it is in your own discretion. those bad things are just happening if you are dealing so much with people whom you don't know that much or if you are taking advantage of them.


hi! its not true that filipina are banned here in qatar, still u can process ur visa...


if ur filipina u have to observe thier culture and pratices. . so arab will not mis judge you. . .oftentimes filipina even good they mistakenly identify as prostitute. . . . sad to say because of some other kababayan.



hI I hope this would help. I work under government sponsorship. we just hired another filipina for our Printing department not two weeks ago.


If filipinas are banned i guess government offices would be the first to comply with that.



well what i can tell you is that there are some "holding" (business and visit/tourist) of visa issuance to filipinas on coming here (not unless working visa)....specially if you don't have any relative here working...not just relative, but has the same last name as yours....

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Yah they're right!I went to the embassy/MOFA today and ask regarding that matter because I want to get a visit visa for my cousin also , they said that it's not true...the fact is many companies like to hire filipino/filipina workers here in Qatar...and dont worry Qatar is safer than Philipines...but i still love my home

wer did u get ur visit visa? which agency?

hello there, just wanna ask...because I've been waiting for my working visa for 3 months now, and when I asked my agency and even my employer there in qatar they just kept on saying that my visa is "still on process". I ask them why it takes that so long? and they just said that it is hard to apply for a working visa for female it true? what is the normal time duration for application of a working visa? By the way, what is the requirements for getting a visa under sponsorship and under agency? Because after the result of our medical they just get a copy of our passport. Thank you in advance for your replies....

"i really need to go there to visit my boyfriend".......>>>if this is the only reason why you why u want to come here, better to put it on are only going to add to the ongoing rumors,,,they will think that u are also a prostiture...what is the reason then.,



is ur bf also a filipino? - Glitter Graphics

visit your boyfriend but dont stay in his place... culture here in qatar is different... we have no other choice but to respect their culture

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