"Housemaid in Qatar "
By Ravihang • 2 years 9 months ago.

Hi Good evening Dear Ladies & Gentle Men

1. Housemaid in Qatar If Her Sponsor allowed Work Outside and give her passport after What about Visa Process ? I mean Can she Join To another House /Company For Work ?
May I know Sir/Madam : ' For Male its Enough When His Employee Give Him NOC But I want To Know about Female( Housemaid) about her Rule& regulation in Qatar ( Please kindly Give me Suggestion About Thi

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By idontknow11• 2 years 9 months ago.

if her sponsor will give an release and a NOC as well the Sponsorship will be transfered

By Ravihang• 2 years 9 months ago.

Hello I Do Not Know :D

I am Glad To Received Your Effective and Valuable Suggestion !!

Thanks A LOt !

Have a Nice Day :)