How can I assist my husband in getting my daughter and I family visit visas or permits?

My husband is working and living in Qatar for the last 6 months. He earns a very good salary as a project manager in Doha. He has, with the help of his company, set up a flat for us. He has, in the last month, opened a bank account as he was unaware that he needs one. He was getting paid in cash. 

He was initially advised that we could enter Qatar, and be issued VISAS on arrival. As we are South Africans we have found this to be untrue. 

I have a job interview awaiting me in Qatar, and I am fearfull that I will lose the opportunity should this process take too long. 

Is there a way to speed up the process of getting a family visit visa or a permit for us. 

My husband works 16 hour days, and has no real time to run around. I want to help him, as he is also eager to be re-united with us. 

How do I get this done ASAP?

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