How To Check Whether I have Travel Ban or Not

I had a case against me in April and currently outside on Bail. There is an urgent need and I have to go to my country urgently.
Is there any way to find out whether there is any travel ban on my exit or not.
I went to the exit visa section (the office near airport mosque) and they checked in their system and told me that I can leave.

I checked with my sponser and he also confirmed that there is no problem for him to issue my exit permit from the e-Govermnment site (ministry of interiors site).
But, how can I be 100% assured that there would not be any problem when I go to the airport immigration for exit.
I would be travelling with my family, so just want to be 100% sure that there would not be any problem.

In case they stop me at the airport immigration, will they just deny my exit or will they refer to the police?



You will NOT get an exit visa if you have a travel ban.

If you get an exit visa you are allowed to travel.

Hi Rick,

Thanks for this feedback. In another thread "" I found that, even if there is no travel ban and you get an exit permit, there could be something called "Travel Hold", which I presume is different than the normal travel ban.

I am a bit nervous as I would be travelling with my family and if some problem happens in the airport immigration, then I will be nowhere.

Thenks for your kind feedback,

Apply for the visa as close to the travel time as possible to be sure. it only takes a few minutes.

I think if u get an exit, then there will be no problem for travelling. Before going for leave, try to check with your lawyer or any immigration staff. They can check with your ID number. Kindly check regarding the coming back also.

just to be certain, i suggest you inquire direct to immigration.

Would you be able to let me know how I can inquire with the immigration?


Hi just1s,

Can you help and let me know what is the procedure to check in immigration?

I checked with my lawyer and he said there is no way he can find out with my ID.


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