How To Check Whether I have Travel Ban or Not

I had a case against me in April and currently outside on Bail. There is an urgent need and I have to go to my country urgently.
Is there any way to find out whether there is any travel ban on my exit or not.
I went to the exit visa section (the office near airport mosque) and they checked in their system and told me that I can leave.

I checked with my sponser and he also confirmed that there is no problem for him to issue my exit permit from the e-Govermnment site (ministry of interiors site).
But, how can I be 100% assured that there would not be any problem when I go to the airport immigration for exit.
I would be travelling with my family, so just want to be 100% sure that there would not be any problem.

In case they stop me at the airport immigration, will they just deny my exit or will they refer to the police?


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