How to exit and return with Family Visit Visa

Hello Qatar Living.

I am sponsored by my wife under an extended family visit visa (valid until December). We are planning to go to UK on September and come back to Qatar. Do I need an exit visa from Qatar? Is it possible to re-enter Qatar with the same (extended family visit) visa? Can u please inform the steps on how to come about this ordeal.

Many Thanks.


your visit visa is good for 1 entry only not multiple entry, so u need to apply again for another entry once you're in UK.

You can go to immigration and request an exit and re entry on the same visit visa

Got it. Thanks!

Hey Vandelft

Was your wife able to exit Qatar and re-enter on the same family visit visa? If so Could you please let me know how you had gone about with it? I am quite in the same situation.

Thanks in advance.

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