How to file a complaint in Labour court?

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I am Kripesh K Nair, from India working as an accountant in Canter Group W.L.L. I am here for 4 months and 24 days. My visa yet to be stamped my employer and my salaries pending for the whole months of May, June, July and Augest till the date. Now my employer telling me that if I gave them 15000 Riyals they will give me visa and Change of sponsorship and I have to look for a new employer, or If I give my total pending salary, They will give NOC, I have to look for an employer who can provide me a visa and job. I need to go back to India, But my company not giving me exit permit, my pending salary, room and food. Now I am staying in my office room. Can anybody help me? I am now from my office internet. Please tell me the procedures, please help me friends/sirs/madams


Better approach the Embassy and ask for their help. National Human Rights Committee Souq al Rawdah, Salwa Road Tel: 44444 012 Fax: 44444 013 E: Human Rights Department Ministry of the Interior Al Markhiya Street Tel: 44866 322 Fax: 44866 311 Labour Department C Ring Road Tel: 44406 554, 44406 406 (Building and Construction) Fax: 44406 556 E:
Step by step 1. Get the telephone numbers and name of your company's Manager and the Mandoob (Representative). Also note the full name of company and their location. Take a copy of your passport with you. 2. Go to the Labor department located on Main Al Attiya Road, near to street 13. Most of the taxi people know about this location. 3. At the reception, they will give you a complaint form, fill up that, then look for a meeting with one of the labor inspectors who are always sitting there. Give your complaint to him and tell him the story. 4. The inspector may telephone to your mandoob or HR manager for his reply, and then he would ask your company to give you the salary and NOC or Exit permit.
My friend for newbies without RP were seldom help by this agencies as what I had experience with workers who had no records in the systems , you better go to your embassy talk to them make amicable settlement to your company and ask exit permit provide your plane ticket so you can go back.
Contact Indian Embassy or Human Rights
Hi Kripesh. I am also almost in a same situation. My visa got expired and company paid the fine. But now they want to deduct it from my salary. And many other issues. So have you followed any procedure mentioned above? Are those helpful? If you got your problem solved please share the solution with me. My email id is
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