How to file a complaint in Labour court?

Dear friends,

I am Kripesh K Nair, from India working as an accountant in Canter Group W.L.L. I am here for 4 months and 24 days. My visa yet to be stamped my employer and my salaries pending for the whole months of May, June, July and Augest till the date. Now my employer telling me that if I gave them 15000 Riyals they will give me visa and Change of sponsorship and I have to look for a new employer, or If I give my total pending salary, They will give NOC, I have to look for an employer who can provide me a visa and job. I need to go back to India, But my company not giving me exit permit, my pending salary, room and food. Now I am staying in my office room. Can anybody help me? I am now from my office internet. Please tell me the procedures, please help me friends/sirs/madams

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