How long it will take to get report from Hamad Hospital

Hii Friends,


I am an engineer working in Doha, to get Resident permit, I had my Medical exam on 7th feb 2008, they took the blood sample and
X-ray. After 2 days i got SMS that they have to re-do the blood test.

I gave blood test on 12th feb again... But till now i didn't get any
report of that. on enquiring they said they send my sample to Hamad
Hospital on 15th feb.


Can anybody tell me usually how long it will take to get the report
from Hamad hospital ? Is there is any online service to know the
result? and most seriously What might be the problem with my blood ??
My X-ray was fine and i donated blood in august and its fine that
time.. Undecided


Please give your comments !!!


you can follow up from the above link

in routine medical report ready within 3 to 4 days.



"Keep Smiling"

let your mandoop to follow it up with the medical, maybe they discovered that you are carrying a blood disease which you are not aware that's why they have to retest you.


Cool down dude!!...nothing to worry...


this is Qatar, here it takes time for everything....vary from 4 days upto a month to get the results...


How ever you could follow up with your PRO.




"Many people quit looking for work when they find a job"

Mandoob in Arabic is delegate....the person responsible...I have no clue what a mandoop is.


Stay safe.


Perfection does not exist. The question therefore, is: what level of imperfection are we willing to settle for?

but that's generally not 100% accurate, because aside from visa processing they do almost no public relations work lol


I was just correcting the arabic spelling/pronounciation.


Stay safe all.


Perfection does not exist. The question therefore, is: what level of imperfection are we willing to settle for?

Thank u friends..


Do you have any idea that what sort of test they carry on if they take blood sample 2nd time?

If there is any problem with my blood y didnt they inform till now?? 

There's absolutely nothing to worry, they called for a second test as they messed up in their first attempt or they suspect some disease need to be verified once again...


usually if they found a serious illness, they call you to come with your passport and will detain directly from the medical commision. But, its been almost two weeks since you did your second test  which transparently shows its ok. You can directly go to the finger print office. They inform or SMS you only if there's problem or else it is meant to be fine.

May be you have AIDS . thats the reason its delayed.


If he had had aids he would have been deported by now be sure. Don't scare him


i was just kidding, freind it usually takes only 2-3 days.



ha ha ha... I am not scared of ur comments but surprised


In Qatar is it possible to get AIDS without sex also??? If so please tell yaar.. ill avoid that... ha ha ha



they only check for HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B & C in your blood samples.

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