How long it will take to get report from Hamad Hospital

Hii Friends,


I am an engineer working in Doha, to get Resident permit, I had my Medical exam on 7th feb 2008, they took the blood sample and
X-ray. After 2 days i got SMS that they have to re-do the blood test.

I gave blood test on 12th feb again... But till now i didn't get any
report of that. on enquiring they said they send my sample to Hamad
Hospital on 15th feb.


Can anybody tell me usually how long it will take to get the report
from Hamad hospital ? Is there is any online service to know the
result? and most seriously What might be the problem with my blood ??
My X-ray was fine and i donated blood in august and its fine that
time.. Undecided


Please give your comments !!!

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