How to renew an expired family visa ?


My wife left from Qatar for her delivery on Nov 2010 and still she is in my home country (almost 8 months). Her Resident Permit was expired on Dec 2010.

Now i am planning to bring her and my 6 months old baby to Qatar. I inquired some people about the procedure I should follow and each one of them have given different answerers as follow:

1. It can be renewed by paying Qr.500

2. It can be renew by paying Qr.500. But duration should be less than 6 months out of Qatar.

3. It can be renew by paying Qr.500 in the case if the person is out of Qatar more than 6 months   and visa should be still valid

4. I should re apply for RP from the beginning.

5. I should cancel my visa first and reapply again.


So kindly let me know the exact procedure what i should follow by posting your comments


Thanks in advance.


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