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Labor Department
By seemi

Can i any body tell me how many days labor department approval "For Work" will take ... and i heard that we can check labor department approval online ... Can any body tell me the website where i can check


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By salaammk• 9 years 5 days ago.
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U heard it right, u can check it thru internet..but u must know arabic,,it is under services,,electronic,,,u have to put the application number and company computer no....if its under personel u have to put qatar id number. use the following link

when u get page 1st radio button is for company

second one is for personal visa tracking... then click on right side tab to see the status..ok

By anonymous• 9 years 1 week ago.
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go to and check under 'electronic services' column.

But the entire website is in arabic as the english version is under construction. So take the help of any arabic speaking mate of yourself and find out.

By DaRuDe• 9 years 1 week ago.
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they take mini time 4days and maxi 1month.

By macgyver426• 9 years 1 week ago.
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go to WWW.MOI.GOV.QA and click on the visa application/visa tracking section

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