Maximum period of a Visit Visa?

I'm currently in Doha on a 3 month Visit Visa. Anybody can please tell me, whether I can extend this futher more, maximum of how many months?



After 6 months you can get an extension also....

I am on tourist visa for 1 month.. can i also get extension? for how many months and how much? tnx a lot.

You can't get an extension, may be i could be wrong, but extension is valid for family visa holders, after they have cleared their medical.

no extension for tourist visa i think...

ok. tnx a lot.. do you know any company hiring for office staffs?

you can also extend your tourist visa but very costly as compared with extending a family visit visa. maybe what you can do is exit from qatar then, after three months, apply again for a family visit visa (if you have a relative here)

you can extend a family visit visa for a maximum six months, but in any case that you have to extend it again after your 6 months limit, you can do that, too. i think upto 1 month, more. you just have to submit application form again to immigration with your flight booking details.

hi rtaure..tnx.. what are the requirements in extending tourist visa and how much? if I exit, I can go back in qatar after 3 months?

you guys are mixing Family visit visa and Tourist visit visa.

Family visit visa (when you were sponsored by one of your family member)initially is valid for 1 month, and can be extended later for another 5 months (total 6 months stay) after undergoing Medical examination.

Tourist visit visa is is valid for 30 days and can be extended for another 30 days , 60 days stay in total.

tnx qatarisun.. do you know how much is the extension fee? what are the requirements? tnx a lot..

Extension fee is 200 qar per month... Just take your passport to Main immigration and go to booth no 4, and your visa will be extended...

is that applicable for tourist visa?

Nops... that is for family visa

i am not exactly sure how much is the extension for tourist visa, and yes, i think you can still go back after 3 months of exit.

i was planing to come in QATAR by visit visa but they have a new rules now. a visit visa will not be renewable. its good only for 1 month.then you must go back to your country and re-entry again after 3 months.

Hi there!

I need a tourist/Visit Visa, my previous working visa has been cancelled two-weeks ago, No NOC available yet, the purpose is purely visit. its urgent. thank you.

kindly PM me.

family visit visa = 1 month + 5 months + 1 month extension + 1 month extension.. this was how much we got so far..

In all you can extend it upto 6 months after that have to leave:(

after six months you can still apply for an extension of either 2 weeks or one month, depends how long they want to give you.

Judee...... Family visit visa is issued for a month, if you want to get it extended you will have to go through a medical check, and after that only you can get a extension for 5 months for immediate family members and two months for second-degree relatives).

There is no change in the rules....

if you're on a tourist visa, is it possible to change it to family visa if you have relatives here? what are the things to do?

i don't think it is possible. If you are on a family visit visa it is possible to convert it family visa without exiting from qatar at a cost of 500 QAR.

if you are on a tourist visa, you can convert it to a family visit visa.. I have done it with my daughter. She came here on a tourist visa, and then I applied for a family visit visa..

Yes but the family visa also costs an extra 700 riyals (500 + 200 for something else) per person as of july!!!

Hi All, I posted this elsewhere as there were two main topics where I found some info on extending tourist visa and now that I have done it thought I would share the info with everyone else having same problems!!!

I just HAD to share this knowledge as I spent days searching forums for the info as well as ringing Embassies - all giving me the wrong answer - or should I say the answer I did not want to hear!!!

I came to Qatar bringing a few family members on a tourist visa (to see a relative) which gives 1 months validity. However I needed to stay here for just over 5 weeks.

Whoever I asked i.e. immigration dept near airport, the main immigration area somewhere in Doha (don't know the place well enough to direct anyone but it is the main immigration dept in Doha), I was told that this tourist visa can not be extended!!!! However, as I had assumed that extending the visa would not be an issue (the UK Qatari Embassy in London says that you can extend this) I had booked my flight tickets for a duration of 5 weeks! Now being told by even the managers of the immigration dept.s that this type of visa cannot be renewed obviously caused a lot of problems. As even changing the flight dates to leave earlier would cost each ticket at least £100!!!

The only solution one manager came up with was to apply for a family visa by getting my relative who lives here to apply for us and get his company to sponsor. But this would cost me 700 Riyals per person!!! (equivalent to around £120 - ie more expensive than even changing my flight dates!).

Instead.... (sorry for the long story rather than just the important bit you all waiting for...) I went back to the immigration area near the airport in Doha and again asked the manager about which queue to join for Tourist Visa extension. Again I received the same reply that it CANNOT be done! Instead of listening though, I waited patiently in the long queue that is labelled Visa Extention (spelt wrongly lol). But this time, instead of using my normal phrase of "Hi, I would like to enquire how I go about extending my UK Tourist Visa" I just handed over the passports and said "I would like to extend our visas please".... I.e. I did not mention the word 'TOURIST'!!! The gentleman proceeded to enter some sort of details from the original visa sticker that was stuck in the passport into his computer and then asked me how long extension I would like... "2 weeks" I replied, and he proceeded to type something into the computer... I remained quiet throughout this time! He then gave me the 'bad news' that it would cost 100 Riyals per passport.... No problem to me as this is much better than 700 Riyals and loads of paperwork heh?! Especially as this is the equivalent cost of a tourist visa in the UK anyway (i.e. £20). 5 minutes later I had my tourist visa renewed on all passports!!!!

I suggest anyone else having this trouble does the same and hopefully it will work for you too!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!x

yes contrary to previous belief and to what the immigration lot tell you, IT IS POSSIBLE to extend a tourist visa!!!

i heard it will be upto 1month+5 months+1 month+1month+1month(upto 11 months(total)

hi guys, thanks for your clear information on the visit visa extension, also please tell me where we can be done it? whether where we r getting the visit visa or elsewhere?

I am planning to bring my family via family visit visa for 2 months,to bring along with them a nephew of my wife aged 23, can I sponsor the nephew of my wife too? Can anyone please advise. Thanks

Hello, if you come on visit visa and found a job in Qatar, do I have to exit from the country and re-enter to get the new sponsorship.

is it correct for a family visit visa initially 1 mo + 5 mos + 1 mo? is this the maximum extension, my husband sponsors me here but been rejected for our husband's sponsorship application thats why im askin till how long i can stay

chamara_pathum, you don't have to exit Qatar. Your company has to switch status of your visa from the visit to Work one.

potchai, in order to extend your visa you have to undergo a medical examination before your first month is expired and to apply for the visa extension. In majority cases then visa is extended for another 5 months. Sometimes, but rather rare, authorities limit stay till 3 months only.

Hi i read your comments. Im on husband sponsored visit visa and my visa wil expire by end of April. is it possible to extend? What are the reasons they wil accept for giving extension. Pls help!

QatariSun,I saw all your reply to others and your the one I trust..can you please give me idea on how can I extend my Visit Visa? I came here and booked to a hotel to look for some job opportunities but unfortunately I am running out of time since my Visa will expire this 09th May 2011. Can you please give me the best suggestions you have. Is there any specific place where I can deal with this matter? Please help! It will be much appreciated. I am Michelle from Philippines. Thank you in advance.

After going through all the posts I just want to know one simple information.

I want to bring my father on tourist visa (because I know I will not get Visit Visa due to his age) but I want him to stay here for two months.

So If I am not wrong the tourist visa will be for a period of 1 month. Is it possible to extend it for further 1 month. (may be going to Bahrain and coming back with the same flight).

Thanks in advance.

from my experience I paid QAR200.00 per month for 6 months only.

can u please confirm me sir. is it only 3months gap to re enter again by family visit visa?

Hi im Darnie and im new here...I would like to ask something about my situation. I finished my 2 year contract here in Qatar but unfortunately my employer wont give me an NOC. Is it possible for me to have a tourist visa even if i dont have an NOC? Reply is very much appreciated. Thank u....

hai there, i have been offered a job in qatar as a sonographer, but they say that they will issue me a family status only after three months. but i do have two small kids and i need to have them with me. can i know if they can come along with me on a visit visa and then after three months can that be changed to family visa having them with me there... please your reply would be really helpful and thanks in advance...

it is up to authorities to decide whether you can or can not sponsor your dependent children. I doubt, single female with low income will be able to get an approval to sponsor 2 persons. To me seems next to impossible. Unless your company has strong connections and will be willing to help you in this matter..

is there any option to renew visit visa after six months in qatar?

is there any option to renew visit visa after six months in qatar?

hi friend,

what is the procedure to extend the family visa again after 6 months?

Hi all,

Any one know if after medical examination during Visit VISA have to get the same done again during transferring to Family Resident Permit.

Thanks for the info in advance.


Hi qatarisun,

Im from the philippines and i wanted to comeback in doha i have my first cousin working in al fardan i would like to know if he can give me a family visa or visit visa?

Im just curious about tourist visa and visit visa, hope you can help me thanks alot

i am planning to bring my daughter in visit long i can have her with me to the maximum period.can u pls explain the maximum duration of new visit visa and maximum extention

i am working in qatar 3year 5 month .i am going exit and come back next job. next company

my question . how many days come back

after exit how many days come back in qatar

i am on a family visit visa under my husband extended until 6 months, is there any possibilities to extend even 1 more month?


my family visit visa 6 months completed,can i submit after one months for second visa

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