medical question help on SGPT

Hi friends,


I want to ask question that, i have cleared all my medical test just my sgpt is little high around 80, when i go for re medical in qatar, will i got the visa. Rest my all tests are cleared only sgpt is high. Please provide detail and help me.


Please tell me how maximum values they can pass and issue qatar resident permit?
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it is bit high, not sure,
anyone else can answer this question...........
Dear dont worry.normalt it should b 45.sgpt will be high for some dont drink alcohol. do daily exercises. avoid fatty foods. take liverfavourite foods this is not a problem for qatar visa process.they will be seeing only hepatitis b and c and dont worry. do a ultrasound and see liver status for fatty liver .
My sgpt is going down, rest my all tests are clear, i am not suffering from any disease. I am Muslim, i don't drink alchol.
Any authentication that i will get RP with this problem. Any reference link?
Please Please give me detail. GAMCA is saying you will not get visa so what you advice. GAMCA is saying false?
Can some one tell me the answer in detail please.
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